3 Things to Consider When Shipping a Classic Car

Whether you're the owner of a classic car or buying from states away, there might come a time when you need to ship your vehicle. While the actual concept of transporting a classic car from one point to another is the same as any other car, you'll likely have extra consideration or worry. This is to be expected with any classic car owner, and the same goes for owners of luxury and antique vehicles.
So, when you're ready to ship a classic car by using auto transport services, these are the 3 things to consider before signing on the dotted line.

1. Open or Closed Carrier

The traditional method of auto shipping involves an auto transport truck with an open carrier. The open carrier exposes all of the vehicles to the elements and potential rocks that might come up off the road. It's also generally cheaper to ship a vehicle via open container.
However, when shipping a classic car, it's a smart idea to opt for enclosed shipping. This adds extra protection to your vehicle, whether it is from a sudden hailstorm or a dent from a rock.

2. Position on The Trailer

Many people don't need to worry about the position of their vehicle on the trailer. But with a classic car, you might want to pay a little extra and have it stored at the top. This ensures that other cars in the carrier don't leak any oil or fluids that can damage the body of your car.

3. Ask About Insurance Policies

If you're dealing with a reputable auto shipping company, you likely won't have anything to worry about when it comes to insurance. However, it pays to be safe. Ask your auto shipping company about their insurance policy, and if there are any special procedures that pertain to classic cars.

Classic Car Shipping via DIY

When you're ready to ship a classic car, DIY Transport can get your valuable vehicle from point A to point B. Please feel free to reach out regarding our insurance policies or any other questions or concerns that you may have. From classic cars to the everyday sedan, DIY Transport takes special care of our customers and their vehicles at every step of the process.

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