3 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave Items In Your Vehicle During Transport

When your vehicle is being shipping from one place to another, it's never really a good idea to leave items stowed away in your car during shipment. Sometimes pillows and blankets can be left in the trunk, but there are several reasons why you should avoid leaving belongings in your car during transportation.

1. Extra Weight Can Make You Wait Longer To Receive Your Car

When people attempt to load their car with heavy items to ship from state to state, the extra weight can throw a wrench into delivery plans. When auto transport trucks go through weigh stations, they have to be under a certain amount of weight to be able to pass. If they exceed the weight limit, they are pulled off to the side and can't continue to the destination until the problem is resolved.

In the mean time, your items will get tossed out of your car so the crew can detect the problem. So, if you don't want your stuff sitting by the dumpster-which will happen-it's best that you take your personal belongings with you or leave them at home.

2. Auto Transporters Can't Legally Ship Items That Aren't Motor Vehicles

Laws limit auto transporters to shipping motor vehicles-not motor vehicles with items stored inside. You can usually get away with storing things in your trunk, as long as the items aren't heavy and they hidden from sight. Trouble tends to happen if you attempt to conceal heavy things like bowling balls, sports equipment, etc. By law, auto transport companies aren't allowed to search your car. They're only allowed to drive your car onto the truck bed and drive it back off.

3. Your Items Won't Be Insured During Transport (Other Than Your Car)

Although your vehicle will be insured during transportation, the items remaining in your car will not. This means that if anything were to happen to expensive personal belongings during transportation, they unfortunately will not be able to be replaced by your auto transport carrier. This goes for items from a pair of shoes to a stereo system.

Play It Safe And Keep Household Items At Home

When in doubt, keep your belongings with you as you travel or leave them at home. If you're moving, you're better off packing your items up on a moving truck then stashing them in your car for transportation. If you have any questions about leaving items in your vehicle during transportation, contact us today at 800-266-2202.

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