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You maybe thinking about shipping a car from California to Florida and how to go about doing that.  This is one of Easy Auto Ship’s busiest routes and we have a preferred network of carriers that give us great rates for this route.  Many people that live in California also have homes in Florida and ship their cars back and forth throughout the year.  One thing you will want to consider is whether to ship open-air or enclosed car transport.  Of course, going enclosed is always the safest and cleanest way to ship a vehicle however it does usually cost about 40% more than shipping on an open trailer.  It is generally a little less expensive shipping to Florida from California than Florida to California.  The main reason for this is more people are going to California from Florida than California to Florida.  Many carriers will make stops in Texas for pick up and drop off as they can make a little more on that entire route if the take something from say Los Angeles to Houston then Houston to Florida vs just a straight trip from California to Florida.  A lot of time people want to put personal items in the car during transport.  Most drivers are generally ok with about 100 lbs of stuff if it’s in the truck of the car.  Keep in mind, no personal items are covered under the cargo insurance policy just the vehicle itself is covered.

The Car Shipping Process with Easy Auto Ship

There are 3 ways you can get a quote to ship a car from California to Florida with Easy Auto Ship.  You can call us speak live to a transport specialist that handles that route, you can start a chat, or you can just go online and fill out our car shipping calculator at our website and it will give you and instant quote.  Once you book and order with Easy Auto Ship, we will start sending out text’s and emails to drivers in our preferred carrier network that have previously ran that route for us.  If a driver does not book the load there, we will post your vehicle shipment to the national load boards to find a driver on that route willing to take the job for the price listed.  Once we have a driver, we verify that they have current cargo insurance as well as have them list Easy Auto Ship as a policy holder as well.  We will then call you to make sure the day the driver wants to pick it up works for you.  Once we go into contract with that driver you will get a text and email with the driver’s name and direct phone number.  Also, at that time a small deposit will go on your credit card to reserve that spot on the truck.  That is not in addition to the quoted price it comes off the quoted total and the balance is due to the driver upon delivery certified funds.  Our drivers will try to give a 24-hour notice of when they will approximately be there to pick up the vehicle and call when they know they are a couple hours out.  Once the gets there they will go over a vehicle inspection report called the BOL (bill of lading).  This is very important to fill out accurately and both you and the driver sign off on.  Then on drop off the driver will go over the same BOL to make sure that the car is in the same condition as when picked up.  The process is very simple, and we walk you though the entire thing from start to finish.  If you need to ship a car from California to Florida, Easy Auto Ship is your best choice.  Call us today at 888-687-3243.

ship a car from California to Florida, Ship a Car from California to Florida

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