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Here Are Some Customer Reviews About Our Car Moving Services And Why We're Among The Best Auto Shipping Companies

Highly Reviewed Cross Country Car Transport Services By Our Customers

Easy Auto Ship offers top-rated cross country shipping service with over 5,000 reviews online praising our reliability, affordability, and timely services.

What is Cross Country Vehicle Shipping?

Cross country car shipping is offered to move your vehicle from one state, city, or coast to another. No matter the distance between pick and drop points in the US, you can easily ship a car across the country. Once you hire our company, we’ll assign a carrier to pick up your vehicle, load it onto the most able trailer according to your vehicle (enclosed or open) and then deliver it to your preferred location in the country.

How Does Cross Country Car Transport Work?

Cross country auto transport is done in many different ways. When you hire a company to ship a car across the country, their team starts finding the nearest carrier to you that has the right trailer and fits your requirements. The carrier will move your vehicle from your location to wherever you need it in the US. You will be given periodic transit progress reports of the shipment until the vehicle is dropped off.

How Long Does it Take to Ship Cars Across Country?

Shipping a car across the US takes 1-10 days, depending on the distance. If it’s under 500 miles, it will take 2-4 days. On the other hand, if it’s 600 to 900 miles, it may take 3-5 days. For 1,000 to 1,999 miles, it will take 4-7 days. And beyond 2,000 miles, it will take 6-10 days when you ship a car across country.

For instance, moving a vehicle from Montana to Florida (2,480 miles) will take longer than moving a car from Florida to New York (1,151 miles). But besides the distance, many other variables affect the time of transit, including:

MilesDays In Transit
0 - 2001 -2
200 - 6002 - 4
600 - 10003 - 5
1000 - 15004 - 6
1500 - 20005 - 7
2000 - 24006 - 8
2400 and up7 - 9

Several variables affect the time it takes to move a shipment cross country, including:

OriginDrop OffDistance (miles)Days in Transit
New YorkCalifornia2,8006-10
ArizonaNew Jersey2,4006-9
North CarolinaCalifornia2,5006-9
UtahNew York2,2005-8
OklahomaNew Jersey1,4003-6

What’s The Cost to Transport a Car Across Country?

The cost to ship a car across country depends mainly on the distance. Since it’s a cross country car transport, the distances will be longer, so the per-mile charges will be lower. For shorter distances like 100-500 miles, the cost to transport a car will be around $1 per mile. On the other hand, for longer distances like 600 to 2,500+, the cross country car transport cost will range from $0.75 to $0.4 per mile.

DistanceBase Price Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

The cross country auto transport charges keep changing throughout the year depending on a few factors. Some of these elements to ship a car across country include:

From/ToRoute TakenEstimated CostDays in Transit
Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY2,776 mi via I-40 E$1,1107-9
San Francisco, CA to Miami, FL3,045 mi via I-40 E$1,2188-10
Seattle, WA to Miami, FL3,297 mi via I-90 E$1,3188-10
San Diego, CA to New York, NY2,759 mi via I-40 E$1,1037-9
Portland, OR to Miami, FL3,259 mi via I-80 E$1,3038-10
Seattle, WA to New York, NY2,851 mi via I-94 E$1,1407-9
Los Angeles, CA to Miami, FL2,732 mi via I-10 E$1,0927-9
San Francisco, CA to New York, NY2,905 mi via I-80 E$1,1627-9
Seattle, WA to Boston, MA3,045 mi via I-94 E$1,2188-10
Los Angeles, CA to Boston, MA2,983 mi via I-80 E$1,1937-9
San Diego, CA to Augusta, ME3,152 mi via I-40 E$1,2608-10
San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA3,099 mi via I-80 E$1,2398-10
Portland, OR to Boston, MA3,088 mi via I-80 E$1,2358-10
Las Vegas, NV to Raleigh, NC2,330 mi via I-40 E$1,1656-8
Los Angeles, CA to Washington, D.C.2,668 mi via I-40 E$1,0677-9
San Diego, CA to Washington, D.C.2,651 mi via I-40 E$1,0607-9
San Francisco, CA to Washington, D.C.2,812 mi via I-80 E$1,1247-9
Portland, OR to Washington, D.C.2,801 mi via I-84 E$1,1207-9
Los Angeles, CA to Chicago, IL2,015 mi via I-80 E$1,0076-8
San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL2,132 mi via I-80 E$1,0666-8
Seattle, WA to Chicago, IL2,064 mi via I-94 E$1,0326-8
Las Vegas, NV to Richmond, VA2,405 mi via I-40 E$1,2026-8
Portland, OR to Chicago, IL2,121 mi via I-84 E$1,0606-8
Los Angeles, CA to Houston, TX1,547 mi via I-10 E$9285-7
San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX1,928 mi via I-10 E$1,1565-7
Seattle, WA to Houston, TX2,333 mi via I-84 E$1,1666-8
Portland, OR to Houston, TX2,267 mi via I-84 E$1,1336-8
Eugene, OR to Trenton, NJ2,898 mi via I-80 E$1,1597-9
San Francisco, CA to Atlanta, GA2,473 mi via I-40 E$1,2366-8
Seattle, WA to Atlanta, GA2,634 mi via I-90 E$1,0537-9
Portland, OR to Atlanta, GA2,597 mi via I-84 E$1,0386-8
Los Angeles, CA to Philadelphia, PA2,709 mi via I-40 E$1,0837-9
San Francisco, CA to Philadelphia, PA2,875 mi via I-80 E$1,1507-9
Seattle, WA to Philadelphia, PA2,821 mi via I-94 E$1,1287-9
San Diego, CA to Philadelphia, PA2,692 mi via I-40 E$1,0767-9
Portland, OR to Philadelphia, PA2,864 mi via I-84 E$1,1457-9
Los Angeles, CA to Detroit, MI2,280 mi via I-80 E$1,1406-8
San Francisco, CA to Detroit, MI2,397 mi via I-80 E$1,1986-8
Seattle, WA to Detroit, MI2,349 mi via I-90 E$1,1746-8
San Diego, CA to Detroit, MI2,342 mi via I-80 E$1,1716-8
Las Vegas, NV to Albany, NY2,550 mi via I-80 E$1,0207-9
Anchorage, AK to Las Vegas, NV3,372 mi via I-15 N$1,3488-10
Los Angeles, CA to Annapolis, MD2,427 mi via I-70 E$1,2136-8
Charleston, WV to Las Vegas, NV2,099 mi via I-70 E$1,0496-8
Carson City, NV to Columbia, SC2,597 mi via I-40 E$1,0387-9
Seattle, WA to Portsmouth. NH3,093 mi via I-94 E$1,2378-10
Lincoln City, OR, to Dover, DE2,984 mi via I-84 E$1,1937-9
Harrisburg, PA to Long Beach, CA2,622 mi via I-40 W$1,0487-9
Las Vegas, NV to Providence, RI2,700 mi via I-80 E$1,0807-9
Is There a Door-to-Door Cross-Country Car Transport?

Absolutely. We understand that you want to save time and hassle with auto transport service, so our drivers transport cars from your doorstep and move them to any specific point you want. However, if the pick-up spot is not safe or illegal (restricted for big auto transport trailers), then we’ll choose an alternative spot closest to your provided spot.

Is It Possible to Ship Multiple Vehicles Across Country?

Yes, it’s absolutely possible to do cross country auto transport with fleets, and EAS offers multiple-car shipment hauling throughout the US. Whether you need to move your cars more safely with an enclosed trailer or on a budget with an open carrier, we’ll ship them nationwide.

How to Ship a Car Across Country in the Cheapest Possible Way?

Driving your car may seem the cheapest way to move it throughout the US but what about the time, hassle, and risk of an accident? Plus, the wear and tear and mileage increase on your car will reduce its market value, so not really cheap, is it? You can save good money if you ship the car across country.

Our professional drivers will collect your ride and haul it to the drop point you provide, ensuring you ship a car across country without any hassle.

People Who Used Us To Ship a Car Across Country - Case Studies:

2023 Chevrolet Corvette

Shipped From Watertown, WI to Milton, FL

When Joanne’s condo was reduced to ashes in a fire, her 2023 Chevrolet Corvette was miraculously spared. With eight great-grandchildren to dazzle in her new red Corvette, Joanne reached out to our representatives. We sprang into action, arranging for an enclosed auto transport to ship her car from Watertown, WI, to her second home in Milton, FL. The car delivery was executed as smoothly as the Corvette’s engine purrs, ensuring Joanne the instant thrill of hitting the open roads in her beloved car.

1990 Buick Reatta

From Los Angeles, CA, to Palm Springs, CA.

Kris, the proud owner of a 1990 Buick Reatta, was left high and dry by another broker with abysmal customer support. On reaching out to our representative, Christie, she found herself dispatched within an hour. We took the reins and shipped Kris’s car across the country, ensuring an open transport from Palm Springs, CA, to Los Angeles, CA. The car shipping process was as sleek as Kris’s Buick, with the car picked up the very next day. It’s no wonder that Kris left a glowing review, appreciating the efficient service and care taken in the transportation of her cherished Buick.

2019 Toyota Yaris

From Lawrence, KS 66049 to Boca Raton, FL

Abby at EAS helped the owner of a 2019 Toyota Yaris navigate the auto transport process. The client from Lawrence, KS, needed to ship a car across country to Boca Raton, FL. Abby provided honest and transparent advice on car shipping and arranged for an open transport truck. She explained how low quotes from other places were not an ethical option, ensuring the customer was well-informed. The car was picked up on the desired date and hauled in perfect condition. No wonder the client exclaimed, “10/10 would do it again!” and pledged to use our car transport in the future.

2022 Kia K5

Shipped from the vibrant city of Miami, FL, to Ballwin, MO

Here is a tale of a car trip across country that defied the odds. This particular client landed in a pickle with a competing company and was about to give up on the idea of shipping car across country. But then our team grabbed the reins and made car transport look like a walk in the park. In an astonishing time frame of less than 36 hours, the 2022 Kia K5 was safely transported from the coastal city of Miami to the breezy plains of Missouri. The customer’s review was simple, “Absolutely fantastic.”

2017 Volkswagen Jetta

Auto transport from quaint Hopedale, MA, to sunny West Palm Beach, FL

Imagine being a first-timer with a myriad of doubts about whether to ship my car across country, and witnessing this team turn those doubts into assurance. This 2017 Volkswagen Jetta journey was not just about auto transport but about exceeding customer expectations, from clear pricing to amazing communication to an offer to hold the car until the client arrived. The delivery even faced a hiccup with a truck challenge, but the driver, being the superhero that he was, personally delivered the car on time. The client was 110% satisfied, and that is an understatement.

2020 Mazda MX5

Hauled from Aurora, CO, to Chicago, IL

This whole experience was about more than just car shipping. The 2020 Mazda MX5’s journey was a testament to our team’s dedication to their job. A loyal client, swayed by their high rating on Forbes, decided to ship a car across country with us. From friendly phone interactions to prompt delivery, the service was top-notch. The car was moved in just 24 hours, a feat that left the customer in awe. Imagine not having to rent a car because your own arrived on time and in perfect condition, right on your doorstep. This case was another feather in Easy Auto Ship’s cap - and they did it while being about $800 cheaper than their competitors. Now, that’s truly delivering happiness on wheels!

1985 Chevrolet Corvette

Moved this Classic from Hayyatsville, MD, to Fernandina Beach, FL

Our dedicated staff member Anthony was on hand to ensure a seamless experience, accommodating last-minute changes with a smile. Our driver, Andre, took exceptional care while loading and unloading the low-ground car, avoiding any potential damage. Andre’s promise of moving the car within a specified time frame was just icing on the cake. Our customer was left extremely satisfied, trusting us with his precious cargo.

2015 Toyota Prius

Hauled from Hoffman Estates, IL, to Cypress, CA

We were called upon to transport this 2015 Prius from chilly Illinois to sunny California. After a flurry of negative reviews from various other shipping service providers, our customer found relief in our transparent and helpful support. Our team members, Mark and Abby, were there to guide our client every step of the way. Yes, our price might have been a tad higher, but in the end, the car arrived safe and sound in just three days, making it worth every penny. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and our service was worth every cent!

1989 GMC C3500

We Moved this Rugged Beast from Hodgenville, KY, to Plant City, FL

Don’t let the year fool you; this 1989 GMC C3500 is as sturdy and reliable as any new model on the road. When our customer needed to ship a car across country, they turned to Easy Auto Ship. After a few false starts with other shipping providers, they were immensely thankful for our service. From pick-up in Kentucky to delivery in Florida, our auto transport team went above and beyond to ensure their vehicle was handled with the utmost care. Our client praised the easy and efficient process in an online review, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional service.

1999 Subaru Outback

The journey began from Willow Street, PA, and culminated at Caldwell, ID.

This particular customer was moving to the wilderness to live in his camper. Shipping his 1999 Subaru Outback across country was a bit of a challenge, but we managed to pull it off with flying colors. The client was utterly relieved and overjoyed to see his beloved Subaru arrive safe and sound after its long journey. This is a great reminder that auto transport is not just about cars; it’s also about the dreams and aspirations of our customers.

2020 Subaru Forester

Allegheny Forest in Port Matilda, PA, to Santa Barbara, CA

The customer found herself in the middle of nowhere, needing to ship a car across country! A challenge? Absolutely! But nothing we couldn’t handle. We managed to get her booked and dispatched on the same day. It was a tight schedule, but the car shipping process was as smooth as a breeze, thanks to our robust auto transport system. The customer was thrilled to have her vehicle moved just in time for her new adventure!

2022 Kia K5

This car was shipped from Miami, FL, to Ballwin, MO 63021

The customer had a rough time with another company, and we were more than willing to assist. We took over the auto transport process with our usual professionalism and efficiency. By Friday, we had the car booked, and within 36 hours, it had been dropped off in Missouri. The customer was ecstatic, leaving us a glowing review, and we were just as pleased to help him ship a car across country. It’s these success stories that make our work so rewarding!

1933 Ford Coupe

Moved from Saint Augustine, FL 32080, to Rehoboth, MA 02769

Our team at EAS executed flawless auto transport for this classic gem. The owner had some reservations about hiring someone to ship a car across country. However, our friendly team was there to assure her, explaining the process clearly and straightforwardly. The owner was particularly relieved when Ben, one of our team members, was transparent about the price and how other shipping providers might have hidden costs. This level of honesty sets us apart. Despite delaying the pick-up, we were flexible and accommodating, ensuring a seamless car transport experience.

1982 Corvette

Transported from Berthoud, CO, to Prescott Valley, AZ.

When the owner of this vintage beauty decided to ship his car across country, he chose Easy Auto Ship for our reliable car shipping service. From the moment he contacted Gary at EAS to when his car arrived in Arizona, he was well informed. He was thrilled to receive timely updates, including a text with a link to track his vehicle, making the entire auto transport process a breeze. It was a great review for us when he applauded the punctuality of our driver, Georgii, and the perfect condition of his Corvette upon delivery.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Collected from Des Plaines, IL, and Dropped off in Folsom, CA.

The customer needed to ship his beloved bikes across country and chose our enclosed auto transport to ensure their safety. Colin took the time to walk the client through the process, providing helpful tips and reassurances. The driver, NE56, was punctual and meticulous, taking 80 photos of each bike before shipping. The customer appreciated the daily updates and the care taken during the journey. Despite the bikes arriving with dead batteries, they were delivered to a Harley dealership, where everything worked out well. He praised our service and declared he would definitely use EAS for future transport needs.

3 Steps to Shipping a Car Across The Country

It’s as simple as asking for a quote to shipping a car across the US and booking our service, and we pick it up and drop off the car as fast as possible.

Step 1

Ask For a Quote and Make the Booking:

You can use our free instant auto transport quote calculator for this. Just make sure to provide the basic information including:

  • Pick-up and dropoff zip code
  • Car make and model
  • Vehicle dimensions and weight
  • First available shipping date (date when your car will be available for us to pick up)
  • Service you need (open or enclosed)

Provide our instant quote calculator with these things, and you’ll get an auto transport quote in a few minutes.

And, if you want a personalized quote for reasons such as you’re moving a whole fleet, having a customized car, or something else that’s not provided on our calculator for you to put in, contact us via live chat, phone call, at (888) 687-3243, email at, or even SMS. We’ll get back with a customized cross country vehicle transport quote.

The rate you receive includes all the taxes, fees, and insurance. This means there will be no nasty surprises later. Yes, the quote may change slightly because on-road conditions are always different, but there will be no additional charges or taxes than what we’ve already added to the cross country vehicle shipping quote you provided.

If you’re still unsatisfied with our provided quote, contact us, and we’ll see how we can add any discounts and reduce the price for you. Once you are happy with our quote, you can book the service.

After confirmation from you, we’ll get to work and comb through our network of 15,000+ carriers to find the best match for your needs, budget, and preferences. Once done, we’ll contact you with the driver information and brief you on how to do your cross country car transport effectively.

Remember, we do not take any advance payments. Just a tiny booking fee to assign carrier. Still, you can get a refund if you cancel before the carrier is assigned. However, if the assignment is done, there will be a small cancellation fee.

Step 2

We’ll Arrive for Car Pick-up:

At this point, you’ll get a call from the driver assigned a few hours before arriving for car pick-up. He will confirm your pick-up information and ask whether the location is safe, legal, and accessible for large commercial trailers.

If there are any issues with the pick-up location, you will decide on an alternative pick-up spot, such as a nearby parking lot, a wider street, a relative/friend’s house, or your place of work. You can also deliver the car at the nearby terminal of the car shipping company.

Make sure to be there during car pick-up or designate someone of legal age, such as a friend, relative, family member, or neighbor, to release the vehicle on your behalf. They will inspect the vehicle along with the shipper, note down any existing damages and signs of wear such as dents, scratches, dings, and peeling of paint, etc., take photographs, put everything in the Bill of Lading, and sign it. Keep a copy of this document with you as proof of shipment being sent to us. This will also be required if the car gets damaged and you need to file a damage claim.

Step 3

Our Carrier Delivers Your Vehicle:

Once the driver is on his way to make your car drop off, you’ll be provided with live tracking information, including periodic updates from our company about your car shipping. You’ll also have the phone number of the phone number of the truck driver so you can call and get instant updates.

When the transporter is near your location, he’ll call you to confirm your availability for the delivery. If you cannot receive the vehicle from him, you can designate someone aged 18 or over, such as a relative, friend, neighbor, or colleague, to do it for you.

At the time of delivery, you will have the opportunity to closely inspect the car and ensure everything is in proper order. Once that’s out of the way, you can sign the Bill of lading and accept the car delivery. If there’s any final balance to pay, you will give that amount to the carrier via cash. You’ll receive the car and drive away if there’s no final balance.

Want to know the cost of shipping a car with us?

Easy Auto Ship will handle all the details from pickup to delivery.

Get an instant quote

Cross Country Car Shipping Services That Speak VALUE From Miles:

Our services, each backed by a robust infrastructure and professional expertise, are designed to satisfy diverse transport needs and provide our clients with much-needed peace of mind.

Door-to-Door Convenience

Experience the convenience of our door-to-door service, where we pick up your vehicle from the doorstep and deliver it to the specified location, no matter how remote. Be it a bustling city or a secluded mountain retreat, your car will be transported to you as long as our mammoth trucks can navigate the terrain. For instance, if you recently purchased a car online and need it delivered to your home in another state, we’ll pick it up from the dealership and deliver it to your driveway.

$0 Advance Payment

With us, you enjoy the benefit of zero upfront payment. We value our clients’ trust and show our commitment by not asking for any money until your transport order is assigned to a driver. Once your order is dispatched, we will notify you, and only then will you be charged.

Ship Anywhere in the US

Our cross country car transport service is available throughout the US. Whether you need to ship a vehicle to Hawaii or Alaska, we’ve got you covered. We assure you of the same high-quality service to ship and professional commitment, regardless of the drop location.

Ship All Kinds of Vehicles

Our comprehensive shipping services cater to a broad range of cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, boats, yachts, golf carts, oversized farming or construction equipment, and more. Regardless of the type or size of your vehicles, we have the resources and expertise to transport them safely throughout the US.

Best Cross Country Car Shipper According to Forbes

Recognized by Forbes as one of the best cross country car shipping companies, we are also proud recipients of the Forbes Home award for vehicle shipping. This recognition only backs up our unwavering commitment to providing top-notch services and our steadfast dedication to client satisfaction.

Free Cancellation

We understand that plans can change. That’s why we offer free cancellation before the carrier is assigned, without charging any fee or asking any questions. Our goal is to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience, which extends to our cancellation policy.

Hiring EAS Means No More Worrying About Those Lengthy Cross Country Moves

With a focus on client-centric service, we offer an array of advantages designed to make the process to ship a car across the country as seamless and worry-free as possible.

Multiple Shipping Options

Our auto transport service prides itself on its versatility. We offer both open and enclosed shipping options, allowing you to select the one that best fits your budget and your vehicle’s needs. For instance, if you’re shipping a high-value car, you might opt for enclosed shipping to provide maximum protection. Alternatively, if you’re looking to minimize the cost of shipping a car across country, our open shipping option could be the ideal pick. Additionally, we cater to corporate and dealer fleets with our large flatbed haulers. If you prefer your vehicle to be free from road-level grime and potential oil leaks from other parked cars, we can arrange a top load for your ride.

Ship Multiple Vehicles

Whether you’re a car dealer needing to transport a fleet of vehicles from one state to a different state, or a corporate fleet owner, we can collect the fleet from your lot and deliver them to their respective destinations. To sweeten the deal, we offer a substantial discount if you’re shipping more than one car across country.

Free Rental & Car Wash

We understand that delays can happen. We will cover your rental costs if your car transport takes more than 2 weeks from pick up due to unforeseen circumstances like bad weather or mechanical issues. Also, if your vehicle is delivered in less than pristine condition, our auto transport service includes a free car wash. This way, you can start driving your freshly transported car without any added hassles.

At Least $100k Coverage

Our primary concern is Ensuring safety when we ship a car across country. That’s why we verify that all our auto transport carriers always maintain active cargo insurance. Easy Auto Ship also carries its own contingent cargo insurance policy, offering double coverage during car hauling. For example, if your truck is damaged during cross country car transport, you can rest easy knowing we’ve covered it.

Flexible Solutions

We offer flexible hauling solutions tailored to meet your specific cross country auto transport needs. Our services accommodate complicated shipping routes with multiple stops along the way.

Decades of Experience

With a collective professional experience spanning decades, our team and shippers have shipped over 1,25,000 automobiles with utmost efficiency and professionalism. This vast experience allows us to handle any unexpected situations during the journey, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of your vehicle.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional cross country auto transport specialists, give us a ring at (888) 687-3243 today!

When Should You Consider Cross country Car Transport?

You’ll most likely need cross country car shipping when you relocate from one side of the country to another. For instance, you’re moving house or going to college from the East Coast to the west coast. Or maybe going to warmer south regions towards Florida from Alaska or Minnesota in the North to escape winter. For such moves, you need to ship a car across country.

A distance of 1,000-1,500 miles or more calls for cross country car shipping.

We can pick up your ride from your doorstep and ship a car across country wherever you want. With our cross country car transport service, you can be totally hands-off and keep going about your daily activities while we ship it for you.

Trailers for Every Budget and Vehicle: Open and Enclosed Choices

Navigating the cross country car transport landscape can be tricky, but with our flexible solutions tailored to every budget and vehicle type, it’s a breeze. Whether you’re shipping a car cross country or need to transport a car cross country, Easy Auto Ship offers a range of services to meet your needs.

Open Car Transport

The Budget-Savvy Choice For Moving Car Across Country

When you ship your car across country on an open trailer, it’s like getting a friendly neighborhood auto transport. By friendly, we mean it’s kind on your pocket, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious clients.

It’s like hitching a ride with a friend, but your car gets to enjoy the journey instead of you. But don’t worry; your vehicle isn’t left out in the open. We’ve got it covered, literally! We can wrap your vehicle in a cozy tarp, offering an additional barrier from dust and debris.

What’s more? With our Open Car Transport service, you don’t just send your car across country on a road trip; it’s insured with Cargo insurance. So, while we move your car across country, you can relax, knowing it’s in safe hands.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Premium Protection for Your Precious Wheels

Enclosed Auto Transport is the VIP of across country car transport services. If your car could talk, it would probably demand an enclosed transport tip. Why? Because it’s perfect for those high-value rides that deserve some extra pampering.

We’re talking about your exotic, classic, vintage, luxury, collectible, and supercars. Enclosed Auto Transport lets your vehicle get a private, covered space shielded from road debris, dust, and weather elements.

It’s like your car gets to travel in its personal rolling garage! Yes, it costs a bit more - about 40% more than our Open Cross Country Car Transport. But hey! The higher price also comes with higher insurance coverage.

You can pick the cross country car shipping that best suits your requirements and budget. Our reviews will guide you in making an informed decision. You can also use our calculator or talk to us via phone, SMS, live chat, or email to get a free instant online quote to understand the cost of shipping a car.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I ship personal stuff in the car when doing cross country car transport?
Most drivers will allow up to 100lbs secured in the trunk while the vehicle is in transit at no additional cost or for a small fee. They will need to know ahead of time when you book your order, and any fees charged will be by the driver, not Easy Auto Ship. Please remember that items should not be hazardous, illegal, or dangerous. We aim to ensure a smooth and safe auto transport experience for all our auto transport clients.
Do you offer expedited car shipping for cross country car transport?
Yes, we do! We understand that sometimes, you might need your car picked up in a jiffy. Our highly reviewed cross country car shipping ensures your vehicle is picked up within 24 hours, effectively speeding up the overall auto transport process. We’re dedicated to providing timely and efficient cross country car transport to meet your urgent needs.
Can I get my car transported to any state with cross country car transport?
Indeed, you can! We provide cross country car transport to every state. We’ve got you covered regardless of where you need to ship your car across country. Our extensive auto transport network and experienced truck drivers ensure your car is shipped safely and efficiently to your desired auto transport drop point.
Can I track the auto transport progress of my car?
Yes, when you ship with us, we allow you to easily track the auto transport progress of your shipment. Our support team will provide regular auto transport updates, and you can also check the status online. We believe in open communication and ensuring clients are informed at every step of the auto transport process.
What makes cross country auto transport different from local shipping?
Cross country auto transport involves a greater distance, inherently requiring more planning, resources, and time to ship. However, at Easy Auto Ship, we’ve streamlined the shipping process to alleviate any potential stress. We don’t just ship the cargo and forget. Instead, we handle all the logistics to ensure safe, efficient shipping throughout the state lines.
How safe is my car during auto transport?
At Easy Auto Ship, ensuring the safety of your vehicle during shipping is our utmost priority. We employ a comprehensive insurance coverage plan that offers protection against any unforeseen damages that might occur during shipping. Moreover, our experienced drivers utilize state-of-the-art equipment and follow strict safety protocols to guarantee the secure handling of your vehicle. We also offer clients the option to ship between open and enclosed auto transport trailers, depending on their specific shipping requirements and budget.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our RV Hauling Solutions

⭐Review From Mark Goodall

“I am a classic car dealer and travel all over the US buying cars! So we have shipped 12 plus cars with Lynsey and easy auto. No problems at all. Thank you”

How We Help Move Vintage Vehicles For Mark Goodall’s Classic Car Dealership:

Mark is a traveling classic car dealer, so he travels across the US, buying classic cars and shipping them back to his location. Since classic cars are super expensive and require expertise and careful handling, as they are also very vulnerable, we connected Mark with Lyndsey. She’s one of Easy Auto Ship’s most responsive and responsible transport agents. She has helped Mark move 12 classic vehicles without a single complaint.

⭐Review From Alise

“We moved from California to Massachusetts this May. I originally scheduled 1 car to be shipped, but then added 3 more cars on short notice. Gary Nichols took care of everything quickly and efficiently while dealing with my brand of crazy. The prices were good, the cars delivered sooner than expected. Not that I ever want to move again, but I would definitely call Gary.”

How We Relocated Alise’s Family’s Cars from California to Massachusetts

Alise had to relocate her family from California to Massachusetts and wanted to move just one car initially, but as a last-minute decision, she added 3 more cars, so we had to move 4 vehicles across the country, which was handled well by our excellent agent, Gary Nichols. Gary provided Alise with a competitive rate, booked her transport, and assigned the driver. The driver picked up her 4 family cars and moved them from California to Massachusetts ahead of the expected date, leaving Alise happy with the service. Although she hopes never to move again, she said if she does in the future, she will hire Easy Auto Ship without a doubt.

⭐Review From **D.Y Yanko **

“Hi everyone. These folks did an absolutely tremendous job ! Lindsay is probably the most patient and understanding lady on the planet. My hearing is gone, and she was great at articulating every word so I completely understood. Two thumbs up to Lindsay, Easy Auto Ship, and the Driver who was so careful delivering my SS Monte Carlo right to my door. May this be your best New Year ever. Thank you.”

How We Hauled D.Y Yanko’s SS Monte Carlo from Massachusetts to Wisconsin

Mr. Yanko had a specific requirement to move his SS Monte Carlo from Massachusetts to Wisconsin. What made things a little difficult for him was his hearing impairment, making it challenging for him to have a thorough discussion with transporters over the phone and properly convey his requirements. However, when he discovered Easy Auto Ship and talked to Lindsay, things became super easy for him. Lindsay patiently communicated with Yanko, helped him understand the complete transport process, and booked his shipment. The driver ensured the SS Monte Carlo was delivered cross country from Massachusetts to Yanko’s door in Wisconsin with meticulous handling.

⭐Review From Elaine Williams

“We worked with Anthony to get our Toyota Prius C from Maui Hawaii to Santa Fe, NM. Everything went smoothly, timely, and no damage to the car. Anthony kept us updated on each event since Matson was used for shipping across the Pacific and then a trucker was contracted to carry the car from the port of LA to our front door in Santa Fe. I will mention the port requires car Title, registration, & Driver’s License be emailed to the port by the assigned day. I had paper copies, but they quickly helped me email everything last minute. Also I was going to pay by credit card but last minute decided to pay the trucker cash. Changes were made 2 days before delivery & of course that saved me money. Anthony was helpful with each step of the journey and stayed in very close contact. He was also easily available for any question or request. I have previously transported 3 cars between the mainland USA & Hawaii and this is by far the best service I have received. And the price was very competitive. Please note: Easy Auto Ship arranged the entire car transport from door to door. Meaning I did not have to arrange the ship with one company and then the truck with another company. Other brokers don’t do that. For HAWAII RESIDENTS this company is awesome! And ANTHONY is the one to ask for!”

How We Transported Elaine’s Toyota Prius C from Hawaii to New Mexico

Ever since Easy Auto Ship was launched, our main focus has been to make it ’easy’ for everyone to ship vehicles with us by offering a completely hands-off approach. Elaine Williams needed someone to take care of the complete movement of her Toyota Prius C from Maui, Hawaii, to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Anthony from our support staff helped with the process. Matson was used to move the car across the Pacific, and then at the port of LA, a trucker was sent to carry the vehicle to Elaine’s home in Santa Fe. The port required several documents, such as car title, driver’s license, and registration, and we helped her email everything to the port authorities. Our trucker also helped her pay the port fees in cash, which usually requires payment via credit card. As mentioned before, we try to make people’s lives easier, and Elaine witnessed this firsthand. Even though she had previously transported 3 cars with other transporters, she mentioned this was the best experience for her by far, and that’s what Easy Auto Ship is all about.

⭐Review From Steve Prentice

“Moving a family of four across the country requires much planning, appointments and scheduled events. Easy Auto Ship made the process of shipping 2 vehicles simple, and worry-free. Very friendly staff, and competitive pricing helped make our move that much easier. No doubt I’ll use EAS again for my auto shipping needs.”

How We Shipped Steve Prentice’s Vehicles from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina

Steve was moving his family of four across the country from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina, so he needed to move 2 vehicles. He required a transporter that’d free him from all the hassle so he could focus on other areas of his cross-country move. He contacted East Auto Ship Easy Auto Ship, and being the customer-friendly auto transport company we are, we made the entire move of his multiple vehicles completely hands-off and at an affordable price. Steve was left fully satisfied, and he even said that he’d use Easy Auto Ship again if needed.

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