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San Jose, California is a very large city with a population of over 1 million people. There are many clearly defined neighborhoods including Evergreen, Berryessa, Almaden, and East San Jose. Each neighborhood has its own distinct personality and populations, mixing with white, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Mexican. San Jose is a secure city generally speaking, but it all comes down to the neighborhood that you're setting your sights on. The downtown area is perfect for students and you can easily find a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle in San Jose.

Brief History:

San Jose became an incorporated city in 1850, and it served as California's first state capital. It served as a city of pioneer inventions during the early 1900s, and IMB established its headquarters in the city in 1943. Silicon Valley triggered more population and economic growth, and San Jose serves as a bustling metropolis in California

Today, San Jose is home to 1.1 million people.


San Jose is a mild and semiarid climate. Humidity stays around 67 percent during January and 57 percent in July. The Coyote and Guadalupe rivers and the Santa Cruz Mountains roughly influence its climate.

Reasons to Visit:

While you're looking for fast and easy ways to ship a vehicle, you can request an auto transport expert to assist in your adventure to San Jose. These 5 good reasons to visit (or move to) San Jose will have you packing your bags in no time:

San Jose has loads of different neighborhoods for singles and families

It's a great location for a day trip

There's plenty of employment opportunities

You'll have access to an eclectic food scene

San Jose has one of the top minor league baseball stadiums in the country

Government, Education, & Tourism Links:

Need a bit more information before using auto transport services to ship your vehicle to San Jose? Check out these links:

San Jose Official Website

Visit San Jose

San Jose State University

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