Open Air vs Enclosed Car Shipping

car shipping, Open Air vs Enclosed Car Shipping

Moving to a new state?

 If you recently were hired at a new job or planning to retire to a new location, you may need the service of an auto transport company. An auto transport company will aid you in shipping your vehicle from your former home to your new one, which will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about transporting your car yourself, saving you on the money you would have spent on gas. It will also stop you from putting unwanted mileage on your car, especially if your new home is halfway across the country from your current one.

But what happens once you choose the best auto transport company to complete your transport? Well, you have to then decide what kind of transport you would like to take place. One of the most important decisions you will make for your transport is choosing between open air and enclosed car shipping. The two choices are very different. To help you with understanding the difference between the two choices, we have compiled some detailed descriptions of both terms.

Open Air Auto Transport

car shipping, Open Air vs Enclosed Car Shipping

An open air auto transport is exactly how it sounds. Open air means that the trailer does not have outer coverage to shield your vehicle. Most open-air carriers are long, two-tier trailers that are suitable for all car types. This form of carrier is the best choice for any used vehicles or standard vehicle models. There are also other forms, such as single tier trailers or towable dully trucks.

Open air carriers are found on the road more often than enclosed carriers, so they are easier to book with a preferred pickup and delivery time. Open air carriers are also more affordable, due mostly to the fact that 7-10 vehicles can fit on them at any given time. They are also much lighter than enclosed carriers, which helps to aid in cheaper fuel costs.

The downside of open-air carriers is that they are exposed to the weather they travel through. They also have minimal protection from road debris. Cars could also arrive dirty, as they are not individually protected from a cover like enclosed carriers. If you want to protect your car from debris or potential leakage from other vehicles, request a top load transport. In a top load transport, your car is loaded onto a two-tier car carrier to ensure any damage does not find its way to your car, as it will be on the top of the carrier rather than the bottom.

Enclosed Car Shipping

car shipping, Open Air vs Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed auto transport is also exactly how it sounds. Your car is enclosed inside a carrier that has barriers covering your vehicle. Enclosed carriers come in various styles, such as multi car carriers and single or double car carriers. If you are choosing a single or double car carrier, understand that it will be significantly more expensive, as drivers are less inclined to want to transport a single vehicle and have to compensate for the loss of a multi-car shipment. Enclosed car carriers are typically used for luxury, antique, or custom-made vehicles, which is also a factor in why these carriers are more expensive.

Enclosed carriers protect vehicles from potential weather, debris or damage. They have a higher level of security and protection, including better insurance. In enclosed transports, fewer vehicles can be transported at once. Carriers want to be able to transport as many cars as they can to get the most money out of each transport. If they are only able to transport 2 to 4 vehicles at a time in enclosed carriers, they are going to rack prices higher. Enclosed carriers are also less efficient in gas, as they are much heavier than open air car carriers.

Which car shipping carrier is the best choice?

Overall, enclosed carriers offer better protection for your vehicle. However, they are more expensive than open air carriers. Open air carriers are more cost effective. However, they are not as easily protected from debris and weather. The choice is all up to what exactly you value about your car. If you have a luxury car, enclosed carriers may work better for you. If you have a basic vehicle that you’ve been driving for ten years, you may benefit more from open-air carriers. Understanding what matters most to you and your vehicle is the easiest way to choose between open air and enclosed transport.