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Nashville has the feel of a 'little big town' with a very active music scene. The creative talent pool in Nashville is second to none, and many hopeful artists flock to Nashville in order to launch their music career. Cutting through the noise in Nashville is difficult, but the very best often rise above as they pave their way to fame.

Brief History:

Nashville was founded in 1779 and is older than the state of Tennessee itself, with the state entering into the union in 1796. Nashville served as the state's first capital, but the capital was then was moved to Knoxville in 1815. Tennessee's economy was driven by agriculture and became a prosperous river city in 1860. It experienced growth during the early 1900s with upcoming businesses and a growing country music scene.

Today, Nashville is home to 658,602 people. It's known for its music scene with many well-known artists getting their start in The Music City, otherwise known as Nashville, TN.


Nashville, Tennessee has a moderate climate with variable seasons. It also has moderate humidity considering that it's situated in the southeastern portion of the country. Nashville receives its heaviest precipitation in the winter and early spring, but its snow accumulation is seldom disruptive.

Reasons to Visit:

While you're looking for fast and easy ways to ship a vehicle, you can request an auto transport expert to assist in your adventure to Nashville. These 5 good reasons to visit (or move to) Nashville will have you packing your bags in no time:

Nashville is home to an array of cultures that have decided to enjoy living life in The Music City

Jobs are on the rise and the unemployment rate is around 4-5% since 2014

You can live amongst the stars and bump into a celebrity while getting your morning coffee

There's restaurants galore

Nashville is ranked #11 for lowest cost of living according to Forbes

Government, Education, & Tourism Links:

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Vanderbilt University

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