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We Put Our Household Moving Cost Calculator to the Test, and Here’s How Much Short and Long Distance Moving Costs

In the land of opportunity, many Americans face the inevitable task of moving homes for various reasons – a new job, a change in scenery, or perhaps the pursuit of their dreams. But as thrilling as it may be, relocating can also be quite stressful. Trying to estimate expenses, dealing with car transport, and choosing the best moving company can all be a bit overwhelming! 

Fear not, fellow Americans, because Easy Auto Ship is here to relieve some of that pressure! We’ve spent countless hours deciphering the average cost to move across various states in the US. With our handy moving cost calculator, we aim to make your relocation experience smooth sailing from start to finish.

Confused about how much it would cost to move across the country? Our cost calculator gives you an accurate estimate tailored to your unique needs and destination. Whether you’re moving within your state or looking for the cost of long distance moving services, our cost calculator will help you better understand the financial aspect of relocating across America.

But wait, there’s more! We understand that not all moves are equal, and neither should the services provided by moving companies. That’s why Easy Auto Ship has handpicked only the best companies in each state to ensure your move is nothing less than exceptional.

We know leaving your car behind isn’t always an option (or a pleasant thought), so we have included car transport costs in our calculations. This ensures that every aspect of your move is accounted for and transparent.

Should You Use a Moving Company or Take a DIY Approach?

When moving homes, choosing between hiring a professional moving company or going the DIY route is essential. To help you weigh your options, we’ve outlined five cost-related points of comparison between these two approaches:

Factors to ConsiderProfessional Moving CompanyDIY Approach
Time InvestmentMore efficient and saves timeIt can be cheaper if you have extra time
Hidden ExpensesAll expenses included in the package dealHidden expenses such as fuel costs and packing materials are to be factored in
Security & InsuranceProfessional moving companies provide insuranceNo guarantees of insurance, potential unexpected costs
Car TransportMay offer car transportation as part of the package dealSeparate car transportation services may be more expensive
Tailor-Made SolutionsPersonalized services based on unique requirementsLittle flexibility for specific needs or circumstances

Picking Your Movers - Which Moving Company is Right For Your Relocation?

Every move is unique, and so should the moving company handling it. Since we’ve got 50 states (and countless cities!) in this diverse land of ours, finding the perfect fit can be challenging. With so many transport options available, how do you know which moving company is the best for your relocation? Let’s dive into three main types of movers and when to pick each one for a hassle-free and efficient move!

Local Movers

Ideal for: Those moving within the same town or city

Whether you’re hauling your household belongings from NY to another part of NY or moving from downtown Tampa to a suburb in FL, local movers are perfect for short-distance relocations – typically up to 100 miles. These professionals might charge on an hourly basis or provide flat rates based on specific factors like the size of your move.

For instance, suppose you’re from Tampa, FL, and moving to a bigger house in Tampa. Your best option would be hiring a local moving company capable of facilitating moves within FL.

Interstate Movers

Ideal for: Those moving between two different states

Interstate movers specialize in smooth transitions across state lines. If you’re looking to move from Miami, FL, to Atlanta or another US state altogether, these are the moving experts you need on your side. They’re well-versed in state-to-state relocation regulations and often provide comprehensive services like packing, loading, transport, and unloading.

Let’s say you’re from Orlando, FL, and you land your dream job in New York City. You will benefit most from hiring interstate movers who can make your cross-country move as seamless as possible.

Long Distance Movers

Ideal for: Those moving more than a few hundred miles (Coast to coast, North to South, within the same state, or between states)

For long-haul moves that extend beyond the realm of local and interstate movers, long-distance moving companies come to the rescue. These professionals are adept at covering long distances while adhering to strict safety measures and providing additional services such as car transport – crucial when you’re moving across state lines or all the way from the East Coast to the West!

For example, if you’re from Los Angeles, CA, and you get accepted into an NY university. To ensure a stress-free move of nearly 3,000 miles, you should opt for a long-distance moving company that specializes in cross-country relocations.

Knowing all of these things, you can now confidently choose the right moving company for your relocation needs.

Remember that cost-effective, tailor-made solutions are just a quick online search away with Easy Auto Ship’s moving cost calculator, long-distance moving cost calculator, or even our cost of moving calculator.

Make your move across America an enjoyable experience by entrusting your precious belongings to only the top moving companies around!

The Long Haul: Cost to Move Long Distance Across America

Long-distance moves can make anyone anxious, especially when you’re planning a move across the United States. However, if you know the costs involved in your across the US moves, you can plan your budget and moves better. Here’s what we came up with using our long distance moving cost calculator:

Distance (Miles)1-Bedroom2-Bedroom3-Bedroom4-Bedroom5-Bedroom
250$1,500 - $3,000$2,000 - $4,000$3,000 - $6,000$4,000 - $8,000$5,000 - $10,000
700$2,500 - $4,000$3,500 - $5,500$5,000 - $8,000$7,000 - $10,000$9,000 - $12,000
1,500$3,500 - $5,000$5,000 - $7,500$7,000 - $11,000$9,000 - $14,000$11,000 - $16,000
2,500$4,500 - $6,500$6,500 - $9,500$9,000 - $14,000$12,000 - $18,000$15,000 - $22,000

Factors Affecting Long-Distance Moving Costs

Companies charging for long-distance moving consider various factors in determining the costs. These include:

Move Size

This typically depends on the number of bedrooms or overall square footage of your house. The larger the house, the more costly the move.


The longer distance you need to move, the higher your moving costs will be. For example, moving from Los Angeles to New York will cost more than moving from Chicago to Houston.

Additional Services

Packing, unpacking, disassembling, and reassembling furniture all play an essential role in the final cost estimation.


Peak moving periods (such as summer) tend to have higher moving rates due to high demand.

Car Transportation

Shipping your car adds extra expense to your long-distance move. Prices vary depending on various factors - keep reading to learn more about this!

Cost of Moving Your Car Across America

Car shipping rates for long-distance moves depend on multiple factors such as distance, type of vehicle (sedan, SUV, or truck), open vs. enclosed transport options, and current fuel prices.

Easy Auto Ship’s long-distance car transportation averages around $0.75 per mile for distances 500 miles or more and can drop down to about $0.4 per mile for moves spanning over 2,000 miles.

Number of MilesPer Mile Car Transport Cost
500 - 999 Miles$0.75
1,000 - 1,999 Miles$0.6
2,000 - 2,499 Miles$0.5
2,500 - 3,000+ Miles$0.4
For example:

Moving from FL to NY with a 1,100-mile distance to cover and assuming a rate of $0.6 per mile will cost you about $660 ($0.6 x 1100) for open transport or about 40% higher than the amount ($920) for enclosed transport.

As mentioned above, the cost of moving long distances across America with your car varies based on several factors. To get the most accurate estimate for your move, try out our online moving cost calculator and long-distance moving cost calculator, which consider all these factors to provide transparent and tailor-made quotes. And let’s not forget – Easy Auto Ship works with only the best movers and shippers in the US to ensure your long haul is smooth and reliable from start to finish! Happy moving day!

Note: The cost can increase further if you are in a rural area or are moving to a rural area where there’s not much road access, and the moving trucks will have to go through beaten paths.

The Short and Sweet: How Much Will Your Local Move in the US Cost You with Car Transport?

Short-distance moves may not involve packing up and relocating to another state, but they can still be quite taxing on your budget and energy levels. Local distance moving companies primarily charge based on an hourly rate (between $50-$150 per hour) and the number of movers required to complete the job. But what else should you know about short-distance moves, and how to do car transportation costs factor in? Let’s start with some actual estimations:

Cost per HourNo. of MoversNo. of Hours1-Bedroom2-Bedroom3-Bedroom

Factors Affecting Short Distance Moving Costs

While hourly moving rates are relatively straightforward, keep in mind that additional costs may come into play depending on various factors such as:

Packing Materials

While some local movers provide packing materials as part of their service charges, others might bill these separately.

Furniture Disassembly & Assembly

If your move requires disassembling large furniture items or appliances, be prepared to incur extra fees for these services.

Storage and Van Rentals

Although not typical for short-distance moves, there might be instances where you require temporary storage or van rental services – both of which will impact your moving costs.

Stairs & Obstacles

Complexities in navigating staircases, elevators, or narrow hallways can result in additional labor time and, consequently, higher moving costs.

Cost of Shipping a Car for Short Distances

While long-distance car shipping rates decrease as the total distance increases, short-distance moves follow a slightly different trend – the shorter the distance, the higher the cost per mile average ($0.75 to $1 per mile).

These car shipping rates fluctuate due to fuel prices and vehicle type – for instance, transporting a compact car will cost less than moving a large SUV or truck.

For example:

Moving your car from Tampa, FL to Miami, FL, covering a 280-mile journey and assuming a rate of $1 per mile, will cost you around $280 ($1 x 280) for open transport, while enclosed transport is likely to cost almost $290 – 40% higher than open trailer cost.

Be diligent in exploring your options before selecting a moving company for short-distance relocations, and don’t forget about car transport if required. To make the entire process more manageable, use our online moving cost calculator for accurate quotes tailored to your specific needs.

At Easy Auto Ship, we collaborate with the top moving and car shipping companies in the United States – guaranteeing a stress-free and cost-effective experience no matter the distance!

Best Tactics to Save Costs When Moving Household in The US:

Relocating your household across the United States can be both an exciting and a littly scary experience. With so many things to consider, such as packing, transportation, and overall logistics, it’s crucial to find cost-cutting ways without sacrificing quality. The following section covers the top tactics to save money when moving your house within America.

Plan and start early

Planning ahead is crucial to avoid last-minute expenses that can significantly increase your moving costs. Secure the best deals by researching and comparing various shipping and moving service providers in your area. Start by obtaining quotes from different companies based on your specific requirements. Use a moving cost calculator to get estimates on the average costs of relocating within the US, and choose a top-rated company with positive reviews.

Declutter and downsize

One proven tactic to save money during a move is to declutter and remove unwanted items from your home. This would reduce the volume of items being transported and lower your moving costs. Sell or donate items you don’t need or use and lighten the burden on your move.

Pack smartly

Investing time in proper packing can save you money by preventing damages during transit. Create an inventory of your belongings, collect packing materials like sturdy boxes, bubble wrap, and packing paper in advance, and label each box according to its contents. By doing so, you can significantly reduce damage-related expenses while making it easier for movers to place boxes in their rooms at your new home.

Choose the right moving method

Depending on your move’s distance and size, consider various methods like full-service moving companies, mobile storage containers (also known as “You-Pack-We-Drive”), or truck rentals for a DIY move. While calculating costs for each option, factor in factors like fuel costs for long-haul drives, insurance coverages, and potential hidden fees.

Shop around for movers

To find the best possible deal, research and compare local and state-to-state moving companies based on their pricing, reputation, and quality of service. Use online resources like Google to read customer reviews and narrow down your options. Obtain quotes from multiple movers within your local area or those servicing coast-to-coast relocations within the US. Remember to bargain with companies by presenting quotes from their competitors.

Move during off-peak seasons

By moving during off-peak seasons or weekdays, you can save significant money. In the United States, the busiest moving periods are during late spring and summer, when families with children prefer to relocate before the new school year begins. By scheduling your move outside these times, you can often secure better deals and discounts with moving companies.

Be strategic with your move timing

Timing is essential when planning a cost-effective move. For instance, if you currently reside in NY and plan to move across the country to another state like California, consider factors such as weather conditions and regional pricing fluctuations. By strategically planning your move around these issues, you can potentially save money by avoiding unforeseen transit delays or surcharges.

Save on packing materials

Buying new packing materials can be expensive but is often unnecessary. Instead of purchasing new supplies, consider asking friends or family members for extra boxes or inquire about leftover shipping materials from local businesses or retailers (eBay is also a good option). Using blankets, towels, or clothing as padding for fragile items can also cut costs on specialized packing supplies.

When moving your household across states, saving money involves careful planning and smart decision-making. By considering factors such as time of year, shipping method, regional pricing fluctuations, efficient packing techniques, and diligently comparing quotes from multiple moving companies, you can pull off an affordable yet quality relocation experience in the United States without cutting corners.

Getting Affordable Car Shipping Quotes for Your US Household Moves:

If you’re an average American, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of moving over your lifetime. In fact, a survey by Census.Gov shows that Americans move approximately 11.7 times in their lifetime.

Now let’s talk numbers – if we consider the cost of car transport for these moves, the average cost for intercity moves is around $700, while across-the-country moves can cost up to $1,200. So if you multiply these figures by 11.7, you may spend around $8,190 for intercity moves and a staggering $14,040 for state-to-state moves. That’s a considerable chunk of change! Coupled with yearly increasing gas prices and inflation, these costs can escalate considerably just for moving cars.

Worry not! This is where you need to work smartly and hire a car shipping company that offers maximum value at minimum costs – and Easy Auto Ship is among the best companies to offer this.

At Easy Auto Ship, we pride ourselves on keeping car transport costs to a minimum through a variety of methods:

Unlike general movers, we at Easy Auto Ship specialize in car transport alone. With over 10 years of experience, we know the ins and outs of shipping cars across the United States. Besides being equipped with the proper tools and equipment, we also have the expertise required to handle your precious vehicles with the utmost care during household moves.

From ensuring that your car is protected from damage during transit to offering comprehensive insurance coverage, Easy Auto Ship has got you covered every mile of the way. So when considering a moving company for your car transport needs in America, look no further than Easy Auto Ship!

Don’t wait any longer – get started by visiting our website and using our moving cost calculator today! Compare our quotes against other top car shipping companies and read up on reviews as well. We’re confident that by choosing us, you’ll be making a wise decision for your US household moves.

Remember that Easy Auto Ship offers the ultimate solution for all your car shipping needs across the United States – we’re the best choice when it comes to an affordable, reliable, and efficient service for all your intercity and state-to-state moves! Let us help guide you through this process so you have one less thing to worry about during your move.

Factors That Affect Car Transport Costs in The US When You’re Moving Houses

Several factors affect car shipping costs, from time of year to vehicle size and weight. Let’s examine each of these factors in greater detail:

Time of Year

The cost of shipping a car can fluctuate depending on the season. For example, moving during peak seasons like summer when school is out or during winter holidays can be more expensive due to higher demand. If you’re on a tight budget, try scheduling your move during off-peak months (fall season) to avail the best bargain possible.

Vehicle Type, Size, and Weight

Bigger vehicles like SUVs and trucks typically incur higher shipping fees as they take up more space on transport carriers and have greater weight. Shipping a compact car is generally more affordable as it occupies less space and weighs less, leaving more room for other vehicles on the carrier.

Total Distance

Longer distances will require more fuel expenditure and extended working hours for carriers, which will bump up the transport costs compared to shorter local moves.

Gas Prices

Fuel prices fluctuate constantly across the US, affecting transport expenses generally. Higher gas prices mean higher transportation charges.

General Movers vs. Specialized Car Transporters

Opting for a specialized car transporter is usually the better choice when moving your vehicle. While general moving companies provide comprehensive solutions for your entire home, their fleet might not be equipped to cater to specific car transport requirements. Moreover, hiring a specialized company like Easy Auto Ship will ensure that your vehicle is handled with expertise and care.

Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal

Door-to-door service tends to cost more as it involves additional labor and expenses for the carrier. Terminal-to-terminal shipping can help you save money; however, it requires you to drop off and pick up your vehicle at designated terminals.

Open or Enclosed Transport

Enclosed carriers protect your vehicle from weather and road hazards, but they are often 40% more expensive than their open counterparts. If you’re not worried about potential exposure to the elements, opting for open carriers will help lower moving costs.

Expedited Shipping

If you need your car delivered quickly, expedited shipping is essential. Keep in mind that this service will incur additional fees due to prioritizing your vehicle over others in the line.

State Regulations and Taxes

Different states impose varying taxes and registration fees, which can impact overall car transport costs. Research the state regulations applicable to the states involved in your move.

Insurance Coverage

While most car shipping companies include basic insurance coverage in their quotes, opting for extended or full-value protection may result in higher costs. However, considering the value of your vehicle and potential risks during transit, it’s always best to choose adequate coverage.

The key to ensuring an affordable and hassle-free move is to research all pertinent factors affecting car transport costs and choose a reputable company like Easy Auto Ship that offers a quality service meeting your budgetary constraints. Don’t forget to compare quotes by using our moving costs calculator and checking out reviews online! Keep these aspects in mind, and happy moving!

Best Tactics to Save Money When Moving Your Car in the US

Moving to America can be expensive, and when moving your car, you definitely want a quality service without breaking the bank. Here are some insights for saving money when moving your vehicle without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

When moving your car in America, you should strive to save money without sacrificing quality or protection. Remember to research thoroughly and narrow down any potential savings before making a decision – with trusted companies like Easy Auto Ship at your disposal, there’s no need to cut corners while ensuring safe and efficient transport for your vehicle.

Top States to Move House in The US

This section highlights some of the top US states people are moving to. Each state is unique, offering its residents a host of opportunities and a high quality of life.


Texas has a thriving economy with a low cost of living. It also boasts an attractive employment market, diverse culture, and excellent universities. With no state income tax and affordable housing options, it’s no surprise that Texas ranks high among the states that people are moving to in America.


The warm weather and an abundance of recreational activities make Florida an appealing choice for people looking to move within the US. The state offers various job opportunities in the tourism, agriculture, and aviation industries. Additionally, Florida does not impose a state income tax on its residents.

South Carolina

South Carolina attracts people with its beautiful landscapes and rich history. The state’s growing manufacturing and technology sectors offer abundant employment opportunities. Coupled with affordable housing options and a low cost of living, South Carolina is a prime choice for relocation.

North Carolina

North Carolina features picturesque scenery, world-class universities, and a thriving technology scene. The steady job market attracts many professionals who want to build careers in technology and life sciences.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is popular for those who love nature and outdoor activities. It consistently ranks among the top states for quality of life and has some of the lowest crime rates in the country. This state also boasts excellent schools and a strong economy, with no sales tax or state income tax imposed on its residents.


Utah offers a high quality of life with stunning landscapes and fantastic outdoor activities. The state’s thriving economy features industries like information technology, aerospace, and health care. Residents enjoy a low cost of living and affordable housing options.


Vermont is known for its picturesque landscapes and tight-knit communities. The state offers a high quality of life, drawing people who desire a slower pace of life and appreciate nature. Vermont’s stable job market is primarily driven by industries such as health care, education, and green energy.


Connecticut boasts an excellent education system, beautiful coastlines, and a rich history. The state is home to several well-known universities and offers various job opportunities in sectors like finance and manufacturing.


Virginia is an attractive option for many movers due to its well-rounded appeal - from beautiful scenery to its diverse technology, defense, and government services job market. It also maintains some of the nation’s top-ranking schools.


Massachusetts is well-known for its prestigious universities and a strong economy. Many people are drawn to this state for its thriving scenes in biotechnology, information technology, and finance industries.


Idaho offers an affordable cost of living and a beautiful natural environment. The state’s economy is growing, with burgeoning industries like technology and manufacturing.


Georgia boasts a vibrant economy, affordable housing, and temperate weather. Job opportunities are available in film production, health care, and technology industries.


Washington offers beautiful sceneries and a thriving job market driven by industries like technology, aerospace, and clean energy.


Nebraska offers a low cost of living, a stable job market, and excellent quality of life. The state’s diverse economy includes agriculture, finance, and transportation/logistics industries.


Oregon is popular for having stunning landscapes and green initiatives. The state’s growing technology sector draws many movers to the region.


Arizona offers a warm climate year-round and a relatively low cost of living. The state has various job opportunities in manufacturing, tourism, and technology.

House Moving Costs in The US - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is moving so expensive in the US?
Moving costs can be high due to household size, distance, labor costs, transportation fees, insurance coverages, and additional services such as packing or storage. Moreover, different states may have varying living costs, impacting local moving providers’ prices.
What are the most expensive states to move in?
Hawaii, NY, California, Vermont, Alaska, and Maryland. These states are known to be expensive for a variety of reasons. Hawaii is an island state, making shipping and transportation costs higher than most other states. NY and California have high populations and high demand for moving services. Other factors include increased labor costs and local taxes.
What state is the cheapest to live in?
The cost of living significantly varies across the United States. According to recent studies, Mississippi has the lowest cost of living compared to other states.
How are moving costs calculated?
Moving costs are typically calculated based on factors like the distance of the move, the weight or volume of your belongings, labor charges for loading and unloading your household items, insurance coverages, and any additional services such as packing or assembly.
Should you hire movers or take a DIY approach?
Hiring movers is ideal for long-distance moves or large households with substantial belongings. However, a DIY approach can save money for smaller moves or short distances through truck rentals and self-packing.
Should you move your car with general movers?
It’s generally recommended to use specialized car transport companies like Easy Auto Ship for shipping your vehicle rather than general movers because they provide additional benefits like comprehensive insurance coverage and greater expertise in handling vehicles during transit.
How much it costs to move a mobile home?
Mobile home moving costs can range from $1,000 - $20,000, depending on factors such as distance, size of the mobile home, permits required, and transportation fees.
What is the best way to save money on long-distance travel in the United States?
Some top ways to save money on a long-distance move include decluttering and downsizing your belongings, gathering free packing supplies, comparing quotes from several moving companies, scheduling your move during off-peak seasons, and efficiently packing your household items.
How can I find an instant moving quote?
There are multiple online resources available that provide instant moving quotes. These websites usually require inputting basic information like the origin and destination zip codes, move size, and desired move date. Moving cost calculator, tools can also help estimate costs based on these parameters.
How can I ensure I'm hiring reputable movers in the US?
To determine a mover’s credibility, research customer reviews, verify their USDOT number (if applicable), inquire about insurance coverages, and make sure they provide clear information on fees and additional costs. You can also consult industry organizations like the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) for recommendations.
Is shipping your belongings via sea or air freight in the United States more cost-effective?
Shipping via sea freight offers a more cost-effective solution for transporting large household items or vehicles within the United States compared to air freight. However, air freight offers a faster transit time but is significantly more expensive. In addition, land-based shipping options like trucking are often considered more practical for most moves within the US due to overall flexibility and affordability.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Movers Transportation

⭐Review From Steve Prentice

“Moving a family of four across the country requires much planning, appointments and scheduled events. Easy Auto Ship made the process of shipping 2 vehicles simple, and worry-free. Very friendly staff, and competitive pricing helped make our move that much easier. No doubt I’ll use EAS again for my auto shipping needs.”

How We Shipped Steve Prentice’s Vehicles from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina

Steve was moving his family of four across the country from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina, so he needed to move 2 vehicles. He required a transporter that’d free him from all the hassle so he could focus on other areas of his cross-country move. He contacted East Auto Ship Easy Auto Ship, and being the customer-friendly auto transport company we are, we made the entire move of his multiple vehicles completely hands-off and at an affordable price. Steve was left fully satisfied, and he even said that he’d use Easy Auto Ship again if needed.

⭐Review From Jackie

“Overall great experience! I found it cheaper than other places I quoted and it was so easy! We moved west coast to east coast and were so thankful to not have to drive our cars middle of winter. Great driver, great experience! Would recommend.”

How We Hauled Jackie’s Family Cars From West Coast to East Coast on a Budget:

The key to finding the best carriers with the lowest possible rates is negotiation skills, and that’s what our reps at Easy Auto Ship are best at, resulting in cheap quotes for our clients. When Jackie approached us to move multiple vehicles for her in the dead of winter from Salt Lake, Utah to Maine, it was a little tough to find a driver with cheap rates because we all know the condition of roads to Maine in the middle of winter. However, we did find an expert carrier who was willing to take one for the team and ensure our customer was satisfied with the rates, service, and professionalism. He completed the route, and Jackie was more than happy with the service and glad her family didn’t have to drive all the way.

⭐Review From Megan M

“I recently moved from Washington State to Illinois I worked with Omar Elsheik and his team during the booking process he was wonderful I called him many times with questions always happy to answer and quick to respond and explain the process never having transported cars before I had no idea really about the process I researched and chose easy auto-ship I’m glad I did as the whole world of shipping cars is confusing to a customer they dispatched my order with Roadrunner my driver’s name was Anthony I would say he was been the most professional and courteous part of my entire move not knowing what to expect I was so happy he kept in contact and showed up when he said he was going to I truly had Door to Door Service if I have to do this again I will not be so scared the next time as everything was smooth and on time payments were processed when they said they were going to be and no extra charges thank you very much to the team that helped me and my family get across country payments were processed when they said they were going to be and no extra charges Thank you very much to the team that helped me and my family get across country Sincerely “

How We Helped With Megan M’s Cross-Country Move from Washington to Illinois

Megan was moving from Washington to Illinois and wanted a transporter to take care of her vehicle shipping so she could focus on her move without any worries. Since she didn’t have any prior car hauling experience, she was a little worried about trusting a stranger. However, when she contacted Omar Elsheik from Easy Auto Ship, her worries were alleviated quickly. Omar guided her through the process, booked the best available carrier for her, answered any questions Megan had, and was responsive throughout the transit. Megan’s driver, Anthony, was super courteous and kept her updated throughout the move. With our door-to-door service, we ensured Megan’s complete auto shipping experience was hands-off.

⭐Review From Harmony

“I moved my 82 yr old parents from FL to WA which is in itself stressful, I did due diligence and called numerous companies and even had another 1 booked, which charged me to cancel after one of the cars ended up In The shop. When I tried to rebook with Sherpa 3 weeks later after car was fixed they doubled the price. So i cancelled. I called Easy Auto Ship and Samantha answered and was the only person who was honest about how the industry works. She walked me through the whole process step by step, then when our other car had to be in the shop on the first day of pick up she changed it and helped me out. Our cars got picked up on her day off and still the company communicated with me everything and the next day when she worked we spoke. I was informed every step of the way and when Carrie and Dallas showed up from Showtime Motorsports with their beautiful enclosed truck and helpful service and professionalism. I had not 1 worry the entire transport, and they were there days before delivery date. Samantha and Easy Auto Ship was my first transport service ever used, and it was easy, effortless, and flawless. Other companies tried to charge me double the price and they couldn’t even take the time to explain the process. Don’t do yourself a disservice and Not Use Easy Auto Ship, If you want to feel SECURE during this process, Then Easy Auto Ship will give you all the professionalism and security you need.”

How We Helped Harmony Move Her Parents’ Cars From Florida to Washington

Harmony was moving her 82-year-old parents from Florida to Washington, which in itself is a challenging task she had to oversee everything herself. She called numerous transporters and booked one but had to cancel after one of her cars had to go to the shop for some mechanical work. After the car was fixed, she again tried to book with the same transporter, but they doubled the price (not uncommon among many brokers). Frustrated, she called Easy Auto Ship and talked to Samantha, one of our pro reps, and was educated about how the industry works and the whole step-by-step transportation process. Harmony booked our service right then and there. However, when it was time for the pickup, one of her cars again ended up in the shop, but instead of canceling, Samantha rescheduled for her. The next pickup date was when Samantha had a day off, but we handled the case pretty smoothly, ensuring there were no delays because we understood Harmony was already busy with moving her parents. We contracted the move to Carrie and Dallas, and they arrived with their enclosed truck to pick up the vehicles in Florida and safely moved to Washington days before the delivery date. Needless to say, Harmony was more than glad she hired Easy Auto Ship.

⭐Review From Jenifer Mcwilliams

“On Wednesday, October 14 I researched the top rated auto shipping company. I made it to & that’s where I found Easy Auto Ship. I immediately called & was connected with Samantha (seriously the sweetest woman). I explain that I needed a truck transported from south Mississippi to Maine. She asked when and I said “like yesterday” 😂 she immediately got on it. She did explain that sometimes it is difficult to find a driver for that route, but ensured me that she would get it done. That was at 5pm on Wednesday. At 9am on Thursday, October 15 I got a call that a driver was selected and he would be here the next morning! He was! The driver picked up from my home on Friday, October 16 at about 11am & delivered the truck at 4pm on Sunday October 18! Needless to say, we had a GREAT experience. I will use Easy Auto Ship every time and will be asking for Samantha! Samantha, if you see this. Thank you so much for going above & beyond for me!”

How We Urgently Transported Jenifer Mcwilliams’ Truck from South Mississippi to Maine

Like many of our customers, Jennifer came to us after she did a thorough research on top-rated auto shipping companies and found us recommended by Move.Org. She contacted us immediately and talked to Samantha, one of the top transport agents. She explained the urgency of the move as she had to move her truck from South Mississippi to Maine ’like yesterday’. Being a people-first company, we immediately got onto Jenifer’s case and started finding a capable driver. Although there are not many bookings being done for that route, so it’s a bit difficult to find a carrier, we still managed to find one the very next day. The driver arrived to pick up her truck in South Mississippi the next morning and delivered it to Maine within 48 hours. Jenifer was happy and thankful for such a rapid delivery.

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