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Motorcycle Transport

Ship your motorcycle effortlessly across the country with our affordable motorcycle shipping services!

Save Time & Hassle With Our Convenient Motorcycle Shipping Options!

Don’t want to spend endless hours on the road, trying to transport your motorcycle to a new location? Do you dread the thought of navigating unfamiliar routes and dealing with unexpected challenges when moving on your own? If so, our motorcycle shipping services are perfect for you. We understand that transporting a motorcycle can be stressful and time-consuming, so we offer convenient and reliable motorcycle shipping options to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

With our services, you can have your motorcycle shipped directly to your destination, so you can avoid the hassle of driving and focus on enjoying your motorcycle once you arrive. So, if you want to save time and hassle, the best way to ship a bike is to take advantage of our convenient shipping options.

Our team of experienced auto transportation professionals will handle all the details, ensuring that your motorcycle is shipped safely and securely. Whether you’re moving to a new city, attending a motorcycle event, or just want to avoid a long road trip, our hassle-free motorcycle shipment options make it easy to get your bike where you need it to go. So, if you want to transport your motorcycle without the stress, be sure to take advantage of our reliable motorcycle shipping services.

What’s Motorcycle Shipping and How it Differs From Car Transport?

When you compare car shipping and motorcycle shipping, you’ll quickly realize that shipping a motorcycle is not as straightforward as shipping a car. While both a car and a bike are vehicles, the process of sending them is vastly different. Shipping a motorcycle is not as simple as shipping a car. Unlike a car, a motorcycle cannot just be driven onto a car carrier and shipped. A bike is delicate and requires special care during the shipping process.

A motorcycle must be appropriately secured and strapped to ensure its stability during transit. Additionally, it may need to be disassembled to fit a motorcycle onto a car carrier or shipping container. This task can be difficult for those who are not experienced with motorcycle mechanics.

Therefore, selecting someone with experience in handling motorcycles and ensuring that your bike will be secured appropriately and protected during transport is essential when choosing a shipping company. Like a car, a motorcycle is valuable, and it’s crucial to ensure that it arrives at its destination in the same condition as when it was shipped.

How Do Motorcycle Transport Services Work?

3 Super-Simple Shipping Steps

Step 1

Getting the Motorcycle Shipping Quote:

To get an estimated motorcycle shipping cost, you need to call Easy Auto Ship, use live chat or take the DIY approach using our motorcycle shipping calculator. You need to provide the following details:

  • Make, year and model of your motorbike
  • Weight and size of the bike
  • Pickup and dropoff location zip codes of distance calculation
  • Motorbike Pickup date

If your motorbike has some modifications, be sure to list them when getting the motorcycle shipping quote to ensure it’s as close to the final motorcycle transport costs as possible.

Step 2

Preparing the Motorbike for Transportation

Before the door-to-door auto shippers arrive to pick up your motorcycle, you must prepare the bike for the best and safest transport experience. Here’s how to do that:

  • Make sure your bike is clean by washing away any dust or dirt
  • Ensure the bike is in working condition without any mechanical problems. Ensure the tire pressure, battery levels, oil levels and other essential functions of the bike are up to the mark.
  • Take lots of pictures of the motorbike from different angles to document its condition before handing it over to the door-to-door auto haulers. These pictures will help you determine whether any new damages are present after the motorbike is delivered.
  • Also, ensure to leave a little bit of gas in the motorcycle tank (a quarter tank max), so you can easily start the bike after it is delivered.
  • Make sure to disable any bike alarms and unlock the handlebars. Also, ensure the motorbike’s tires have air-filled.
  • If your bike needs any special handling, make sure to give the auto shipper proper instructions beforehand.

Once your bike is shipped, you’ll get a tracking number to check the motorcycle shipper’s location status online.

Step 3

Be Ready for Motorcycle Delivery

The auto shipper will call you before arriving for motorcycle delivery. Make sure to be present at the bike delivery time, check your motorcycle, and compare its condition with the pictures you took before.

If the bike is in the same condition after delivery, you can sign the Bill of Lading and complete the motorcycle shipping process.

Factors That Affect Motorcycle Shipping Costs:

Several factors can affect the cost of shipping a motorcycle, including the type of carrier, distance, weight and dimensions, the value of the motorcycle, and fuel surcharge. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from several motorcycle shipping companies to compare prices and find the best deal:

Open Vs. Enclosed Carrier:

One of the most significant decisions when shipping a motorcycle is whether to use an open or enclosed carrier. Open carriers are the most common and cost-effective method of transportation for motorcycles. They are similar to flatbed trucks, with several tie-down points to secure the bike during transport.

However, they do not offer the same level of protection as enclosed carriers. Enclosed carriers are fully covered transport trailers that provide the best protection for your motorcycle shipment during transit but also come with higher costs.

The best way to ship your motorcycle is by selecting a suitable carrier. If cost is your top concern, an open carrier is the cheapest motorcycle shipping option. If you have a high-value, classic, or luxury motorcycle like a high-end Harley Davidson or Royal Enfield that you want to keep in pristine condition, an enclosed carrier may be the better option.

Motorcycle Transportation Distance:

Another factor that affects motorcycle shipping costs is the distance of the transport. The longer the length, the higher the motorcycle transport cost.

Motorcycle shipping companies typically charge by the mile, so the farther the destination, the higher the quote. If you’re shipping a motorcycle overseas, be prepared for even higher quotes due to the added logistics, customs charges and regulations of international motorcycle shipping.

Motorbike Weight and Dimensions:

The weight and dimensions of your motorcycle also play a role in determining the cost of shipping. A larger, heavier motorcycle will require a larger carrier and more fuel, resulting in a higher shipping cost. Motorcycle shippers will need this information to provide you with an accurate quote, so be sure to have it readily available when requesting a quote from motorcycle shipping companies.

Classic or Luxury Motorcycle:

The value of your motorcycle can also affect the cost of shipping. Classic or luxury motorcycles may require specialized handling and transportation, which can add to the cost of shipping. It’s also important to consider your motorcycle’s value when choosing the carrier type. Enclosed carriers offer the best protection for high-value motorcycles and may be worth the added cost.

Fuel Surcharge:

Fuel surcharges are another factor that can affect motorcycle shipping costs. Motorcycle transport companies often include a fuel surcharge in their quotes to account for fluctuating fuel prices. This surcharge can vary depending on the transport’s distance and the fuel price at the time of transportation.

When you’re ready to ship your motorcycle, choose a reputable motorcycle transport service to ensure it arrives at its destination in the same condition it was shipped. Easy Auto Ship’s motorcycle transportation services are the best nationwide motorcycle shipping options for those looking to ship their motorcycles safely and securely.

Move Your Bike Anywhere With Our Custom Motorcycle Transport Services

When it comes to shipping a motorcycle, there are a variety of options available. These include Classic Bikes Auction Transport, Adventure & Touring Motorbike Transport, Motorbike Dealership Transportation, Online Motorbike Sale/Purchase Transport, and Motorbike Tradeshow Transportation. Depending on your motorcycle type and destination, different motorcycle shipping companies may be better suited to handle your needs.

Classic Bikes Auction Transport

A classic bike auction transport service may be the best option if you’re looking to transport a classic motorcycle. Motorcycle shipping companies like Easy Auto Ship specialize in handling the unique needs of classic vehicles, including arranging for enclosed trailers and proper insurance to protect your motorcycle during transit. Getting quotes and reviews from multiple motorcycle shippers is essential to ensure you get the best deal.

Adventure & Touring Motorbike Transport

For those who own an adventure or touring motorcycle, a specialized motorcycle shipping company like Easy Auto Ship that caters to these vehicles may be the way to go. These shippers understand the specific requirements for shipping these larger motorcycles and may offer services such as enclosed transport for added protection.

Motorbike Dealerships Transportation

Dealership businesses that need to transport motorcycles can benefit from a motorcycle shipping company that specializes in dealerships transportation. We are among these companies and can handle multiple vehicle deliveries for businesses at once across the country while protecting the bikes with insurance coverage.

Online Motorbike Sale/Purchase Transport

Finding a reliable motorcycle shipper is essential when buying or selling a motorcycle online. Many motorcycle shipping companies like Easy Auto Ship offer services specifically for online sales and purchases. You can request a quote and check our reviews before making your decision for ease of mind.

Motorbike Tradeshow Transportation

Finding a reliable motorcycle shipping company can be crucial for those participating in motorcycle tradeshows. It’s best to research multiple motorcycle transportation services and check quotes and reviews before deciding on motorcycle shippers.

Open Motorcycle Transportation

Open motorcycle transport service is a popular and often cheaper option. Motorcycle shipping companies transport shipments on open trucks, which can be more cost-effective than enclosed transport. However, this option may not provide as much protection for the motorcycle when transporting.

Enclosed Motorbike Shipping

Enclosed motorbike shipping offers the highest level of protection for a motorcycle during transport. The bike is placed in a fully enclosed truck, protecting it from the elements and potential road debris. However, shipping a bike enclosed costs more than open transportation, but it is worth considering if someone ships valuable or rare motorcycles.

Expedited Motorbike Shipping

Expedited motorcycle shipping may be the best option for those who need to get their motorcycle delivered quickly. Many motorcycle shipping companies like Easy Auto Ship offer expedited delivery services, but it is essential to remember that these services can be more expensive than standard delivery.

Multiple Motorbike Shipping

Whether you move two bikes together or combine car and motorcycle shipping, it dramatically saves costs because companies save more money by transporting multiple vehicles to a single place.

Overseas Shipment

If you want a bike shipped to or from another country, we can help! Our shippers will move it to and from the port, airport or railway across the country.

Across-country Shipment

We offer state-to-state motorcycle transportation services across the country. Our motorcycle shippers will pickup your bike shipment from your door and move it to any place across the country.

Intercity Shipment

Whether you need to move a bike shipment across your city or to another city, feel free to give us a call or use our motorcycle shipping cost calculator to get free quotes and get started right away.

It is essential to consider all these options and factors when deciding how to ship your motorcycle and find the best motorcycle shipping company for your needs.

We Move all Kinds of Motorcycle Shipments

Our motorcycle shippers are well-equipped and experienced in hauling all types of motorcycles. Whether you move one or multiple shipments, you can count on us to make safe and timely delivery across the state or country every time.

Sport bikes


Touring bikes

Dirt bikes



Classic motorcycles

Custom motorcycles

Electric motorcycles

Side-by-side motorcycles



Utility vehicles

Whether it’s Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati, Kawasaki, BMW, Triumph, KTM, Harley Davison, Indian Motorcycle or any other brand’s motorbike, we have the expertise and equipment to move it.

How to Save Money on Motorcycle Transport Service?

At Easy Auto Ship, we work hard to provide you with free quotes and information on the best motorcycle transport companies in your area so that you can save money on shipping costs. Simply use our motorcycle shipping cost calculator to estimate your bike’s weight, size, and destination address to get started. However, if you are unsatisfied with our motorcycle transport service quote, you can always ask us for a discount. We typically offer a good price cut if you move multiple motorcycles with us.

Plus, if you’re a veteran or an active army service personnel, let us know so that we can give you a further discount. Moreover, you can ship terminal-to-terminal to reduce further costs, where you drop and pickup the bike from the company’s terminal instead of them coming to pickup and drop off the bike for you. You can also save costs by getting open motorcycle transport instead of an enclosed carrier.

How Much Does Motorcycle Transport Cost?

Every motorcycle shipping company has different estimates, but generally, shipping a motorcycle costs between $400 and $700 for 1,000 miles. The general motorcycle shipping cost estimate per mile is between $0.4 and $0.7 per mile. As the distance increases, the cost decreases. That said, here’s a table to give you a general idea of shipping a motorcycle like a Harley Davidson 600cc:

From City, StateTo City, StateDistance (miles)Cost per mileTotal costShipping Time
Los Angeles, CANew York, NY2500$0.7$17507-9 days
Los Angeles, CAMiami, FL3500$0.6$210010-12 days
Los Angeles, CAChicago, IL2000$0.6$12007-9 days
Los Angeles, CADallas, TX1500$0.6$9005-7 days
New York, NYMiami, FL1000$0.5$5004-6 days
New York, NYChicago, IL800$0.5$4003-5 days
Miami, FLChicago, IL1500$0.5$7505-7 days
Miami, FLDallas, TX2000$0.5$10007-9 days
Chicago, ILDallas, TX1700$0.5$8506-8 days
Los Angeles, CASeattle, WA800$0.7$5606-8 days
New York, NYSeattle, WA3000$0.6$18009-11 days
Miami, FLSeattle, WA3500$0.5$175012-14 days
Chicago, ILSeattle, WA2700$0.5$135010-12 days
Chicago, ILSeattle, WA2700$0.5$135010-12 days
Dallas, TXSeattle, WA2600$0.5$13009-11 days
Los Angeles, CAAtlanta, GA3200$0.6$192011-13 days
New York, NYAtlanta, GA1500$0.5$7506-8 days
Miami, FLAtlanta, GA1700$0.5$8507-9 days
Chicago, ILAtlanta, GA1300$0.5$6505-7 days
Dallas, TXAtlanta, GA2200$0.5$11008-10 days

You can use our quote calculator to get a more exact cost to ship a motorcycle but make sure to provide every single detail to the calculator for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the cheapest way to ship a motorcycle?
Open carrier freight is the best way to move your motorcycle cheaply and affordably. Moreover, motorcycle shippers offer discounts that you can avail to get a further price cut on your overall bike shipping service.
How do I ship my motorcycle to another state?
You can transport a bike to another state through a car and motorcycle transport company. These motorcycle shippers like Easy Auto Ship use special crates, straps, paddings and other equipment to safely load the bike onto the trailer and move it across the country.
What's the best way to ship a motorcycle?
Hiring motorcycle shippers nearest to your location with the best online reviews and prices is the best way to move the bike. Instead of taking the DIY route where you get a dolly or trailer, load the bike and drive it to your destination, hire professional shippers. You can save time and effort and avoid the risk of moving the bike without adequate safety equipment and experience.
Should I hire motorcycle shippers that move bikes only?
That’s not necessary. Moving motorcycles is better with a car transport company because they have experience moving all kinds of cars, whether expensive, large, small or classic. This means they are versatile and have the trailers and team to work with all vehicles. So whether you’re shipping a Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati or any other brand’s motorcycle, car transporters have the expertise, insurance coverage and technology to move them safely.
How do you transport a motorcycle long distance?
If it’s going to another country, use ocean freight to move your motorcycle long distances. If you’re shipping it across the country, open carrier freight is the more affordable way to do that. However, for expensive motorbikes, you can use container shipping for land transport and ocean freight.
Does a motorcycle transport company have insurance?
Yes, a motorcycle shipping company must have insurance coverage for all cars, trucks, bikes and other vehicles. The estimated quote from Easy Auto Ship also includes insurance coverage, and all of our carriers are verified for having at least $100k cargo insurance coverage.
Can You Ship Personal Belongings With a Motorcycle?
No. Unlike cars, you cannot ship any personal items with your motorcycle, mainly because of its small size. A car has space where you can put your personal things. However, a motorbike doesn’t have that space. So every transport company that moves cars and motorcycles will refuse to ship anything else with the bike. Easy Auto Ship also ships cars and up to 100lbs of personal items with them but for motorcycles, we have the same stance. It’s just not possible. Also, even if you manage to sneak some things into the motorcycle’s seat, side covers or somewhere else, they won’t be covered under cargo insurance, so if they get lost or damaged during freight transport, the company is not responsible.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Motorcycle Auto Transport

⭐Review From Dean Lonskey

“I needed someone to ship my Yamaha FJR1300, saddlebags & all, to my nephew in Minnesota from California. After entering info into a search website, Brandon from Easy Auto Ship was one of the operators replying back with an affordable quote. It took me a few weeks to get things finalized and when I was ready, so was Brandon. I had some reservations due to some of the horror stories I read in shipping vehicles in general but he assured me those are very rare and that he’d help if any issues arose. Once ready, setting things up was quite easy and painless and was willing to work with me regarding pick-up time. The drive showed up, actually about an hour early but he was very willing to wait until I was off work then got it loaded up. Driver was also very meticulous on how he strapped down my motorcycle, knowing how “precious” it was to me and my family. Delivery was just as easy and driver arranged pickup with my nephew, albeit showed up a little earlier than expected…I’d rather have a driver show up reasonably early then late. I’d highly recommend Easy Auto Ship if you need your vehicle shipped…I will if I need something again!”

How We Relocated Dean Lonskey’s Yamaha From CA to Minnesota

Our website is meticulously integrated with tools that make it super easy for visitors to simplify their auto shipping process. One such tool is the car transport calculator. Users can enter information about the vehicle and get quotes in minutes. Dean Lonskey also used our calculator. He entered all the information and was contacted by Brandon from our team. Dean needed to move his Yamaha FJR1300, saddlebags, and other stuff from his place in California to his Nephew in Minnesota. At first, Dean was a little skeptical about using a vehicle hauling service because of the horror stories that many of us have heard. However, that’s exactly why Easy Auto Ship was launched, to make things easy. Brandon took care of everything from finding the carrier to ensuring the motorcycle was delivered on time. The driver ensured it was properly secured on the trailer with tight straps, which further ensured the full safety of the motorbike.

⭐Review From Ed Nakiso

“I needed to ship 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles from California to Chicago. I booked the load with Colin Saad of Easy Auto Ship. Colin walked me through the process and booked the load. The carrier assigned to haul the load was NE56. The driver was on time to p/u the bikes and did a complete inspection of both motorcycles and took 80 photos of each bike. He sent the photos to me showing the condition they were in before shipping. The driver was accessible via phone and updated me every day the truck was in transit. The truck arrived on time to its destination and both motorcycles were inspected again and found to be in the same condition as before they were shipped, other than having dead batteries. Fortunately, they were dropped off at a Harley dealership and the bikes were put on battery chargers and everything worked out well. I am very pleased with the way Colin and Easy Auto Ship handled my shipment needs as well as the carrier being on time and taking care of our motorcycles. I would definitely use Easy Auto Ship again as they got the right carrier to ship our bikes. Great job!”

How We Moved Ed Nakiso’s 2 Harley-Davidson From California to Chicago, Illinois

Harley Davidson motorcycles are not cheap and carry a good amount of weight as well. So it was a good decision by Ed Nakiso to move his 2 Harley Davidson from California to Illinois via a transport company specializing in moving motorcycles. Ed approached us. Colin Saad from our support team walked him through the process and found just the right carrier for the job. The driver arrived at Ed’s provided location on time and thoroughly inspected the motorcycle. He took several photos of each bike to go in the inspection report and sent the photos to Ed as well. Once our driver hit the road, he was available to Ed via phone, giving timely updates throughout the transit. The motorcycles arrived in Chicago on time, but the batteries were dead (this typically happens when the person sending them doesn’t prepare the bikes before pickup, which involves disconnecting the batteries). Fortunately, we dropped them off at the Harley dealership to recharge the batteries, ensuring Ed received them in ready-to-ride condition.

⭐Review From brian peters

“I was a little uneasy at first because the price seemed low. To my surprise they were very informative and kept me in the loop all the time. They coordinated everything with the pick up location. I didn’t have to do anything except sign for it when it got here. Covid-19 and a tropical storm here in louisiana didn’t stop them from delivering before scheduled date. My motorcycle arrived in great shape with no new damages! Thank you Easy Auto Ship and Gary!! Brian P”

How Easy Auto Ship Moved Brian Peters’ Motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas

When you come across a deal that’s too good to be true, it mostly is, and that’s why Brian was at first hesitant to hire us because our offered rate to move his motorbike was super competitive. He wanted to move the motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas, and it was also the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so there were already restrictions on travel and transport. This made Brian reluctant to trust our low prices. However, he decided to trust us and booked the transport of his motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas. Gary from our transport department handled everything for him from start to finish. Even though there was a tropical storm in Louisiana, Gary ensured the delivery schedule stayed intact, and ultimately, the motorcycle was delivered on the promised date.

⭐Review From Eric Garavito

“They were able to work with my schedule to get me a driver to deliver my motorcycle from CA to NY. It only took about 5 days and then it was here! Although the wait time can vary since you have to wait for someone to pick up the request if they are headed in that direction. Overall, VERY SATISFIED.”

How Easy Auto Ship Ensured Eric Garavito’s Swift Motorcycle Transport from CA to NY

Eric wanted someone to move his motorcycle from California to New York, so he contacted our team at Easy Auto Ship. Our team guided him through the transport process and provided him with a detailed quote. Eric was impressed, and he booked the shipment. We found the driver who was closer to the pickup location and dispatched him to pick up the motorcycle in California. The transit went smoothly; Eric was in the loop throughout the journey, and the motorbike was delivered in New York within 5 days.

⭐Review From Craig Smith

“I highly recommend DIY transport. Nathen Huk made my move from Pittsburgh to Seattle very easy. DIY transports moved a car and motorcycle on time and with no hassle with reasonable prices, honestly don’t know how I would have done it without you guy. thank you Nathen Huk and DIY transports.”

How We Shipped Craig Smith’s Car & Motorcycle from Pittsburgh to Seattle

Craig was transporting his car and a motorcycle from Pittsburgh, PA, to Seattle, WA, and needed a reliable broker who could take care of both of his assets responsibly. Since we’re a popular name in the auto transport industry, Craig reached out to us as well, talked to our rep, Nathan, and felt heard, so he decided to talk to our services. Nathan made the long-distance move easy at a reasonable price. The transit of his car and motorcycle from Pittsburgh, PA, to Seattle, WA, went buttery smooth with no hassles. Craig was thrilled with the service and prices.

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