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Mobile Home Transport

Home on the Move: Mobile Home Transport Made Easy!

Ah, the joys of being a mobile home owner – the freedom to hit the open road, explore the great outdoors, and satisfy your wanderlust while enjoying the comforts of your own abode on wheels! But alas, every adventure demands a hero’s journey, and for you, dear mobile home owner, the villain is undoubtedly mobile home moving. Fear not! Easy Auto Ship swoops in just in time to save the day with our top-notch mobile home transport services!

So what makes our company stand above the average crowd of mobile home movers? For starters, we understand that hauling around your beloved domicile can be an arduous affair. Maneuvering your massive mobile home through tight spaces, navigating potholes that seem to conspire against your chassis, and fighting off every potential obstacle standing between you and your next destination - it’s enough to induce shivers down even the bravest traveler’s spine!

But wave goodbye to those frustrations, for our mighty team of professional mobile home movers, is here to rescue you from these perils. With over a decade of practical experience under our belt (and trust us when we say that belt is wide enough for a double-wide or even a triple-wide), our heroes are more than equipped to provide you with the best mobile home moving service available. All you need is that call for help – our capes are always on standby.

As every good superhero tale needs a twist, so does Easy Auto Ship offer a remarkable feature in our mobile home transport arsenal – transparency. Where others lurk in the shadows with hidden fees and unfathomable jargon, our company proudly operates in broad daylight.

Moving on a Budget? We’ve Got You Covered: Find Out How Much It Costs to Ship and Set Up Your Mobile Home!

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that moving homes can be a stressful and expensive process. If you’re a mobile homeowner looking for an affordable way to move your home, look no further! Our mobile home transport services are designed specifically to cater to your unique needs. But how it costs to move a mobile home? Fear not! We’re here to help you navigate the bewildering maze of relocation costs with our easy-to-use quote calculator. Just enter the specifics of your RV, and get a quote in minutes.

Still, if you want a general sense of the average cost involved in such moves, mobile home transport expenses can range from $4 to $9 per mile or more, depending on various factors. The total price typically falls within an average spectrum of $1,000 to $15,000.

So, how much to move a mobile home?

Several factors come into play when using our handy calculator for mobile home transport cost estimation. These include the type of your mobile home (single-wide or double-wide), its weight and dimensions, total distance, and time of year (vacation days increase costs). These aspects will impact how much you expect to pay for moving a manufactured home.

Mobile home moving companies like ours specialize in this niche, ensuring your home is transported efficiently and cost-effectively. We are a mobile home moving company that recognizes the value of partnering with qualified mobile home transporters to make every move successful.

At Easy Auto Ship, our mobile home movers are equipped with the latest transport equipment and extensive experience. This enables us to provide quality services catering to single-wide, double-wide and triple-wide mobile homes. As the industry’s most trusted mobile home moving company, we strive to offer competitive prices tailored to your budget.

Reach out to one of our friendly mobile home transport specialists today for personalized assistance and advice on how to relocate your beloved abode without breaking the bank.

The Clock is Ticking: How Long It Takes to Move Your Mobile Home?

When planning your mobile home transport, knowing how long the process will take is crucial. On average, moving a mobile home could take anywhere from 2-9 days, depending on factors such as distance, weather, and the availability of transport equipment. For Instance, relocating your mobile home over a shorter distance (around 500 miles) may only take a couple of days, whereas a 3,000-mile journey might require over a week of travel time.

Several variables can impact the speed at which your mobile home is moved. Here are some factors that could influence your move’s duration:

Weather conditions

Adverse weather can slow the transport process and pose risks to the movers and your mobile home. Severe storms, snowfall, or extreme heat may delay relocation and cause unexpected hiccups.

Transporter availability

The company you choose for your mobile home transport plays a significant role in determining how quickly they can pick up and deliver your house. Companies with smaller carrier networks may take longer than those with extensive connections nationwide.

Time of year

Believe it or not, the season can also impact your move’s timeline! Expect delays during summer vacations or holidays as people generally tend to move houses. This increased demand for transporters may result in longer waiting times.

Company specialization

Not all companies specialize in transporting mobile homes or have the necessary experience and proper equipment to handle them. Working with experienced mobile home transporters who understand the intricacies of moving manufactured homes will likely lead to a faster and smoother relocation experience.

To ensure that you have enough time for everything involved in your move – from packing to settling into your new place – it’s vital to consider these factors when choosing a mover for your mobile home transport.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand the importance of being aware of such variables and strive to provide customized solutions for your moving requirements. From single-wide to double-wide mobile homes, we ensure that you have an efficient and timely move with our support.

Using our comprehensive mobile home transport service, you won’t have to worry about how to move a mobile home or how much to move a mobile home. Our team of professionals movers caters to every aspect – from disassembling your house and transporting it safely to its new location to reassembling and setting up your home so that you can focus on what matters most, enjoying your new haven.

To better understand the time it takes to move mobile homes or receive a personalized quote for moving a mobile home or a manufactured home, please feel free to contact our friendly experts at Easy Auto Ship. We’ll closely work with you to devise the best transport plan for your specific needs, ensuring that your beloved abode reaches its new home in record time!

Big or Small, We Move Them All: Your Go-To Mobile Home Transport Pros!

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that each mobile homeowner has unique needs when relocating their beloved abodes. Our mobile home transport services cater to various mobile homes, including Single-Wide, Double Wide, and Triple Wide homes.

Mobile Home TypeSizes (in sqft and feet)Number of Rooms
Single Wide – Small500 sqft, 14 x 37 ft1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
Single Wide – Mid-Size747 sqft, 14 x 56 ft2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom
Single Wide – Large1,178 sqft, 16 x 76 ft2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Double Wide – Small972 sqft, 27 x 42 ft2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Double Wide – Mid-Size1,404 sqft, 27 x 52 ft3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Double Wide – Large2,304 sqft, 36 x 76 ft4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
Triple Wide – Regular2,810 sqft, 43 x 76 ft4 or more bedrooms, 3 bathrooms

But that’s not all! At Easy Auto Ship, we proudly move other types of homes, offices, and buildings on wheels, including:

Container Homes:

Compact and easy to assemble, these trendy homes have become popular for many folks. We can help you move them safely and efficiently across the country!

Container Offices:

Not confined to living spaces only, containers can be used as spacious offices too! Let us deal with moving these innovative workplaces for you.

Modular Buildings:

One-of-a-kind structures designed for efficiency and adaptability! Trust us to ensure your modular buildings get to their new location without a hitch.

Modular Homes:

The eco-friendly design and functionality have made modular homes quite popular. We handle their move with care so you can continue enjoying your modern abode.

Mobile Offices:

Made specifically for those who need a flexible work environment or are constantly on the go, we can ensure that these unique spaces reach their new destination safely.

Precast Buildings:

These durable structures thrive on the ability to move quickly. And our team is well-equipped to handle their transport smoothly.

Mobile Medical Vehicles:

Always on hand to help save lives, moving these nifty medical units is no problem for us.

Prefabricated Booths:

Cashier booths, equipment booths, parking booths – whatever type of prefab booth you’ve got, we can be relied upon to move it seamlessly.

Screening Booths:

Health and safety always come first! We have the experience and know-how to transport screening booths with precision.

Bus Shelters:

Communities depend on these little shelters for protection from harsh weather while waiting for buses — let us transport them with care!

Guard Houses:

Need a sturdy house or those red towers at the beach for your security personnel? We can move prefabricated guardhouses with ease.

Prefabricated Garages:

Car enthusiasts, rejoice! Our team can help you move your tailored garages, ensuring safe delivery at your new location.

Prefabricated Mantraps, Vestibules, and Smoke Shelters:

We have the expertise to transport these specialized facilities for added security and smoking areas.

Our diverse portfolio proves our commitment to providing customizable solutions to clients from various walks of life. Regardless of the type of mobile structure you must transport, know that Easy Auto Ship is your go-to company for a professional and hassle-free moving experience.

As experts in mobile home transport, our team’s dedication to meeting the unique demands of each client sets us apart from other companies. Our mobile home movers operate with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that every move –a modest Single Wide trailer or a massive Triple Wide home – is handled with exceptional care and attention to detail.

So, whether you’re curious about how much it costs to move a mobile home or need assistance navigating the complexities of moving your office on wheels, reach out to Easy Auto Ship. We’re more than happy to help you get started on your relocation journey!

Price Tag 101: Get the Lowdown on What Determines the Cost of Mobile Home Transport!

Route Taken

When you move a mobile home, the route taken can significantly impact transport costs. Factors such as traffic congestion, roadwork, and the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations all come into play when calculating the overall cost of moving a mobile home.

Take, for instance, someone relocating their mobile home from Texas to Florida. If they choose a route that goes through congested cities like Austin and Atlanta, they may face considerable traffic delays, which could lead to increased fuel consumption and longer transportation time. Similarly, if someone wanted to move a mobile home from Louisiana to Texas but encountered construction detours and road closures, their moving costs could increase due to added mileage.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that moving a mobile home can be challenging and expensive. That’s why we work diligently to ensure our clients receive top-notch service at competitive prices. Our approach begins with planning the perfect route for your mobile home transport well in advance. We achieve this by partnering with local mobile home transporters who are familiar with nearby routes and can optimize the path taken for minimal congestion, no roadwork interference, and faster delivery times.

Furthermore, our trucks come equipped with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), so you’ll know precisely how many miles were traveled during your mobile home transport. The shorter the route taken by our transporters, the more money they save in fuel costs—savings that we pass directly onto you!

Size, Weight, and Type of Mobile Home

When doing mobile home transport, different types of homes have unique specifications that influence overall costs. The three main categories are single-wide, double-wide, and triple or multi-wide mobile homes. Let’s explore each one in detail.

Single Wide

A single-wide mobile home is a compact and smaller-sized manufactured residence that typically measures around 14-18 feet wide and 37-76 feet long, or 500 sqft to 1,178 sqft on average. Due to their smaller dimensions, they weigh less (roughly about 25,000 to 40,000 pounds or more), making them easier and more affordable to move.

The ease of moving a single-wide mobile home also means that it takes less time to disassemble and reassemble at the new location. The total cost for this type of move might range between $1,000 and $8,000, depending on distance, permits required, and other factors.

Double Wide

Double-wide mobile homes are larger than their single-wide counterparts, with widths ranging from 27 to 36 feet and lengths spanning approximately 42 to 76 feet. Their areas in square feet can range from 700 sqft to up to 1800 sqft. Consequently, these homes weigh more (around 30,000-60,000 pounds) and require specialized trucks for transport.

Moving a double-wide mobile home involves disassembling the two halves of the home for travel purposes, followed by putting them together on-site at the destination. This process is more time-consuming than single-wide moves—increasing labor costs due to the extra effort needed. Prices for moving a double-wide mobile home could vary between $2,000 and $14,000 or more.

Triple or Multi Wide Mobile Home

Triple or multi-wide manufactured homes are the largest among the categories - boasting widths of over 43 feet with lengths reaching up to 76 feet. As you might expect, these expansive homes weigh significantly more than their smaller counterparts (upwards of 80,000 pounds) and may take longer to assemble and disassemble.

Moving a triple or multi-wide mobile home demands considerable attention to detail, as its large size and heavyweight translate into a more complex and expensive transport process. The total cost for moving such a property might range from $5,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on factors like distance, permits, and other related expenses.

By understanding your specific situation and partnering with experienced mobile home movers like Easy Auto Ship, you can ensure a successful and stress-free relocation experience tailored to your budget.

Before you move a mobile home, you must be aware of the various permits and legal requirements involved. Here, we will discuss the top five things you need to know.

1. Obtain a Moving Permit

First, you’ll need a moving permit issued by your state or county. To apply for this permit, you’ll have to visit your county treasurer’s office and provide them with a statement showing that you have no overdue or unpaid taxes on your property. Additionally, you’ll be required to present your property’s certificate of title. Different states have their own legal requirements, so check with the local authorities in your area.

2. Hiring a Professional Mobile Home Mover

When it comes to mobile home transport, companies should be hired. The moving laws require you not to take a DIY approach and instead hire a professional, bonded, insured, and licensed auto transport company. Working with mobile home transporters is necessary to ensure that your move goes smoothly and is under all relevant regulations.

3. Ensuring Your Manufactured Home Meets HUD Codes

Before your move, a mobile home must meet the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) codes of your destination state/county. It’s important to consult with your local county office to verify their specific requirements for HUD codes and the age of mobile homes. Being up to code will help with the moving process and ensure that the building has a legal presence in its new location.

In addition to ensuring your mobile home meets HUD codes, it’s also essential to check the legal requirements of your destination city/town, as they may have stricter regulations regarding property age and building standards than your current residence. For example, some states like Florida require that mobile homes undergo inspections before being legally set up within their borders. Special zoning restrictions may also apply, particularly if your mobile home is 10-15 years old, so be prepared to do some legwork to prove its system and structural integrity.

5. Obtaining a Setup Permit

Finally, you’ll need a setup permit to install it legally after you move a mobile home to its new location. This permit ensures your mobile home is safely installed according to code and allows you to begin settling into your new space.

Remember that getting all of these permits, getting an inspection, and meeting legal requirements will likely cost you between $1,000 and $3,000, though costs can vary greatly depending on your location. When choosing a company for moving services, select the one with experience with these regulations and can help guide you throughout the process.

Setup Services: No More Worries about Utility Disconnections and Reconnections

Before you move your mobile home, a bunch of necessary nitty-gritty must be handled to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. One of them is Setup Services. Here’s a quick rundown of some essential tasks you’ll need professional help with:

Water connections

Disconnecting the water supply for the move and reconnecting it once the mobile home reaches its destination.

Toilet and gas systems

Ensuring all essential utilities like gas supply and toilets are safely disconnected for the move and reconnected correctly at your new site.

Electricity setup:

Disconnecting the power supply and ensuring all electrical appliances (such as your cooking range and air conditioner) are ready to be transported.

Attaching axles and wheels

to your mobile home and adding a hitch if needed are essential steps for a safe move!

Securing foundation

(blocking, leveling, and tying down) before the move as well as handling water and plumbing issues.

Dealing with skirting

during the entire process of disconnecting and reconnecting utilities.

Overseeing removal and reinstallation of skirting

or foundation and dealing with interior features such as cabinets, fixtures, or paneling.

Expertly managing reassembly

and reconnection of double-, triple-, or multi-wide trailers for a seamless move experience.

Taking care of exterior features

like porch or patio, ensuring they’re removed and reinstalled without a scratch.

Now, you might be thinking that handling all these tasks could break the bank. But don’t worry! Although hiring professional plumbers and electricians can cost $1,000 to $5,000, our team is here to help you hire a crew specializing in setting up mobile homes specifically for transport. This ensures that you’re only paying for what you need and getting the best possible service.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand the complexities of moving a mobile home. We’ve got you covered, from hiring the right companies to choosing the ideal truck and service to maneuver your prized possession.

Relocation Materials

When preparing to move a mobile home, certain materials are required to ensure the safe transport and preservation of your belongings. These materials include:

Furniture pads and blankets

Protect furniture and other delicate items from damage during the move.

Average cost

$10-20 per pad or blanket.

Plywood sheeting

Used for covering windows and fragile surfaces that could be damaged during transport. Average cost: $20-30 per sheet.

Shrink wrap

Used to secure doors, drawers, and cabinets during the move. This helps prevent damage to the interior of the mobile home. Average cost: $20-50 per roll.

Ratchet straps

These are essential for securing your mobile home to the trailer bed during transport.

Average cost

$10-40 per strap.


Covering your mobile home with a tarp can help protect it from weather elements during the move. Average cost: $30-60 per tarp.

Escort Vehicle:

An escort vehicle is necessary when you move a mobile home, as they accompany the truck transporting your mobile home to its new destination. The escort vehicle will ensure other road users know what is happening, making a move safer for everyone involved and displaying warning signs indicating an oversized load ahead.

Vinyl vs. Metal:

The material used in constructing your mobile home’s skirting or siding also plays a role in determining the moving cost. Metal siding tends to be heavier than vinyl, which could increase transport expenses.

Extra Luxuries:

If your mobile home includes additional features such as an awning, deck, shed, or air conditioner, these luxurious add-ons will also increase the moving cost. In many cases, these items must be disassembled and packaged separately before being reinstalled at your new location.

Home Condition:

The overall condition and age of your mobile home also factor into the costs associated with transport. A well-maintained mobile home may require less securing material from movers, ultimately leading to a lower moving cost. In contrast, older or worn-out mobile homes might require extra precautions and materials to ensure safe and secure transport.

Liability and Insurance:

Mobile homes are valuable assets, and the last thing you want is an unpleasant surprise during the move that leaves you with a dent in your pocket. While our experienced team takes every measure to ensure the safe transport of your home, having proper insurance in place can give you total peace of mind.

Here’s the lowdown on liability and insurance to help safeguard your mobile home move:

Your mobile home move is in good hands when dealing with quality companies like Easy Auto Ship. However, we highly encourage you to double down on protection by selecting the right insurance policy for your needs.

Ready to Hit the Road? Let Easy Auto Ship Handle Your Mobile Home Move with Ease!

Help with Permit Obtaining

Before you move a mobile home, permits are often required; these vary depending on the size and weight of your mobile home and state regulations. Navigating the bureaucratic paperwork alone can be daunting. Easy Auto Ship helps simplify this process by guiding you through the permit-obtaining steps, ensuring you are ready to hit the road with all the necessary permissions in place.

Helping With Escorting

Moving a large trailer can disrupt normal traffic flow, especially in busy urban areas or narrow roads. With Easy Auto Ship, we’ll assist with escorting services to guarantee a smooth and safe journey. Our experienced drivers will use pilot cars or flaggers when needed to prevent potential hazards and ensure the safety of your mobile home during transit.

Help With Disassemble and Setup

When preparing to move a mobile home, disassembly is an essential step that requires expert knowledge of both the trailer’s components and safety measures. Our team at Easy Auto Ship is transparent in providing expert advice and help with disassembling tasks – from removing skirting or disconnecting utilities to preparing for reassembly at the destination.

You Save Time, Stress, and Energy

At Easy Auto Ship, we prioritize minimizing the time and effort spent on moving your mobile home from one location to another. After safely packing your trailer, our expert drivers take over, leaving you free to attend to other important tasks or simply relax during the moving process.

A-Z Mobile Home Transport

Easy Auto Ship provides comprehensive A-Z services to ensure hassle-free transportation. This means we will help with every process step, from permit obtaining and disassembly to final setup at the new location. Our top-notch service guarantees worry-free transportation while you settle into your mobile home’s new site.

We’re BBB Accredited 

Easy Auto Ship has earned accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with A+ rating, highlighting our commitment to ethical business practices and exceptional customer service. This achievement gives you the confidence that you’re working with a professional and highly-rated company when moving a mobile home.

Have Nearly 5,000 Positive Reviews Online

Our thousands of satisfied customers have given us nearly 5,000 positive reviews online! Don’t take our word for it – see the glowing testimonials on Google, BirdEye, and our social media profiles for yourself! These reviews showcase our reliability, competence, and dedication to providing excellence in mobile home transport services.

Transparent Pricing Using ELDs

Easy Auto Ship uses Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) to move a mobile home for transparent pricing. This enables you to track your mobile home’s journey in real-time, ensuring timely delivery while giving you a clearer understanding of transportation costs. ELDs are yet another way we strive to offer top-quality service while keeping our customers well-informed at every stage of the moving process.

Don’t settle for less-than-stellar service when you move a mobile home. Trust Easy Auto Ship for seamless transportation that prioritizes your mobile home’s safety and peace of mind. Let’s get your journey started today!

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Mobile Home Transport

⭐Review From Mary Garner

“I bought a 2021 LGT MeerKat camper trailer in San Diego (I live in Boise, ID). Since it was a used model, I had to pay for shipping. I was referred to Gary, Easy Auto Ship, to handle shipping. They picked up the camper trailer 02/22/2023 and I received delivery at 10:30 am the next day! I was thrilled! The very nice delivery driver (Nika) hauled it to my house in my gated community and even rolled it himself into my garage. The camper is so small (13’x5’ wide), it fits in my garage! It’s wintery now, but I cannot wait to use it. Easy Auto Ship could not have been easier to work with. The cost was about what I expected and the service was excellent! I appreciate their professionalism in handling the entire process.”

How We Relocated Mary Garner’s LGT Meerkat Camper From San Diego, CA to Boise, ID

Mary bought a 2021 LGT MeerKat Camper trailer from a seller in San Diego, California, and since it was a used fifth wheel, the dealer required her to pay for the shipping and was referred to us. One of our transport reps, Gary, attended to Mary, listened to her transport needs, and handled all aspects of the shipping. The camper was picked up from a dealer in San Diego, CA, quickly and delivered to Mary in Boise, Idaho, the next day. Since Mary lives in a gated community, our delivery driver, Nika, went the extra mile to roll the camper into her garage, ensuring she doesn’t have to lift a finger; that’s how hand-off we like to keep our customers.

⭐Review From Maggie Targoni

“We were very pleased with our experience with Easy Auto Ship. My husband bought a used RV in Texas and we live in California. The original plan was to drive it home, but it needed mechanical work. We looked online and chose Easy Auto Ship. Gary was so nice and reassuring. We expected it to take longer, but a driver was assigned to the job the next day and our motorhome arrived 3 days later. Great job… We highly recommend them!”

How We Hauled Maggie’s RV from Texas to California:

Maggie’s husband purchased a used RV in TX, and they needed to get it transported to their home in CA. The Recreational vehicle required mechanical work, which made it impossible for them to drive it back home. The RV was picked up from Texas and delivered to California. Gary from Easy Auto Ship reassured them about the entire process. The team quickly found a driver the next day, and the Recreational vehicle was delivered within three days.

⭐Review From John Popowski

“So glad I used there service to move my rv from Florida to New Jersey. Abby was awesome in setting everything up and keeping in touch. Josh and Tj went above and beyond picking up our rig . Left old site spotless. Drop off timely and efficient. Kept me posted the whole trip. These guys are 5 star. Reasonably priced with no surprises. Highly recommend”

How We Shipped John’s RV from Florida to New Jersey:

John needed to move his Recreational vehicle from FL to NJ. The RV was picked up from FL and transported to New Jersey. Abby from Easy Auto Ship managed the process, staying in touch with John throughout. Josh and TJ handled the pickup and drop-off, ensuring the old site was spotless. They also kept John updated throughout the trip.

⭐Review From Rod Allmon

“I spoke with Anthony concerning the transport of a small RV I purchased in CA. As it was an odd size he had to find a open bed truck or trailer for transport. He found it within two hours of contact. We made arrangements and the drive noticed me with in one day of transport arrangement. They ran into a small problem with trailer during transport but kept me posted and advised it had nothing to do with RV. Ezekiel and Joseph were sharp and professional at the time of delivery. Absolutely no issues (other than the trailer) from start to finish. Thanks to all three of you.”

How We Transported Rod’s RV in California:

Rod purchased a small Recreational vehicle in California, which was an odd size and required a specific type of transport. Anthony from Easy Auto Ship managed to find a suitable transport option within two hours of contact. Despite a minor issue with the trailer during transit, which had nothing to do with the RV, Ezekiel and Joseph maintained professionalism throughout the delivery.

⭐Review From Mike Courtright

“Outstanding communication. Transported class B motorhome from Fort Lauderdale to southern Ohio in less than two days. Zinmo Transport LLC also had outstanding service. Scheduled arrival for 11 AM, arrived 10:55! couldn’t have been better. Thanks”

How We Hauled Mike’s Class B Motorhome from Ford Lauderdale, Florida, to Southern Ohio

The south of Ohio includes many cities, including Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus, so we get many requests for moving vehicles there. Mike Courtright needed us to move his Class B Motorhome from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Southern Ohio. The job needed responsible handling and specialized trailers because moving something as heavy and oversized as a class-B motorhome is not what most carriers do. So we hired Zinmo Transport carrier, which ensured the RV was picked up on time and delivered fast. The arrival time was 11 a.m., and the motorhome was delivered at 10:55 a.m. sharp.

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