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Minnesota Overview: Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minnesota is a state that is full of hip, forward thinking people that boast self-confidence. Backyard cookouts and weekends at the lake are a few of Minnesotans favorite activities. Small farms are scattered throughout the state as well as mining communities. The landscape is full with flat fields and crops, dotted lakes, and endless skies. If you're wondering how to ship your vehicle to Minnesota, auto transport services can get your automobile to the Land of 10,000 Lakes quickly and efficiently.

Brief History of Minnesota: Then & Now

Minnesota is the most northern states in the continental United States. It joined the union in 1858, making it the 32nd state in the country. The first successful open heart surgery was performed in Minnesota in 1952, and the famous Mall of America opened in 1992. The mega mall attracts 40 million visitors per year and contains 400 stores.

Today, 5.4 million people live in the state of Minnesota. Its most populated cities include Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Rochester.

Minnesota Climate: Continental

Minnesota has a continental climate with remarkably bitter cold winters, with mean temperatures hovering around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are mild and temperatures average in the mid-70s during July. Minnesota typically receives two blizzards and eighteen tornadoes per year.

Shipping From State to State? 5 Reasons to Visit (or Move to) Minnesota

While you're looking for fast and easy ways to ship a vehicle, you can request an auto transport expert to assist in your adventure to Minnesota. These 5 good reasons to visit (or move to) Minnesota will have you packing your bags in no time:

  • The cost of living is affordable and there's tons of space to build your home away from neighbors
  • Love water? Minnesota has 90,000 miles of shoreline
  • Shopaholic? You won't want to miss the Mall of America
  • The nearest state, city, or county park is normally only blocks away
  • Best Buy and General Mills are both headquartered in Minnesota

Government, Education, & Tourism Links For Minnesota

Need a bit more information before using auto transport services to ship your vehicle to Minnesota? Check out these links:

State of Minnesota Official Website

Explore Minnesota

University of Minnesota

The Best Auto Transport Company to Get You in (or Out) of Minnesota

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