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Kansas Overview: The Sunflower State

Kansas is a very flat state with lots of fields and crops. It's a hub for agriculture in the United States and has large feed fields for cattle that stretch on for miles. It's the leading producer of wheat in the US and is referred to as "The Wheat Capital of The World." Most of the population resides in east Kansas, where major cities such as Kansas City and Wichita are located.

If you're wondering how to ship a vehicle to Kansas, auto transport services can get you to The Sunflower State quickly and efficiently.

Brief History of Kansas: Then & Now

Kansas became an official state in 1861. The state has been long known as America's agricultural heartland and has a famous appearance in the movie Wizard of Oz. Kansas is also noted for its contributions to jazz museum and barbecue.

Today, 2.9 people call Kansas home. Its most populated cities include Wichita, Overland Park, and Kansas City.

Kansas Climate: Continental

Kansas has a climate that's known for changing on a whim. The average temperature is 55 degrees, with normal annual precipitation averaging around 40 inches per year. Kansas has experienced periods of drought, but receives most of its precipitation from April through September. Kansas receives around 36 inches of snowfall per year in the northwest and only 12 inches per year in the southeast. Tornadoes are a fact of life in Kansas, and unfortunately have resulted in devastating consequences in years past.

Shipping From State to State? 5 Reasons to Visit (or Move to) Kansas

While you're looking for fast and easy ways to ship a vehicle, you can request an auto transport expert to assist in your adventure to Kansas. These 5 good reasons to visit (or move to) Kansas will have you packing your bags in no time:

  • You'll live in a state where everyone knows your theme song—home on the range
  • Pizza hut was invented in Kansas
  • Kansas' nickname is ‘The Sunflower State.' Who doesn't like sunflowers?
  • You can ride the world's tallest water slide in Kansas
  • Kansas has notoriously friendly people

Government, Education, & Tourism Links For Kansas

Need a bit more information before using auto transport services to ship your vehicle to Kansas? Check out these links:

State of Kansas Official Website

Visit Kansas

University of Kansas

The Best Auto Transport Company to Get You in (or Out) of Kansas

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