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How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Sailboat

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Sailboat

Transporting a sailboat is no small task, and understanding the associated expenses is crucial for anyone planning such a venture. The price isn’t arbitrary; numerous elements come into play, from the method of transport to the size of your sailboat, and each can significantly impact the final cost. Awareness of these expenses can help you budget effectively, avoid unpleasant surprises, and ensure that your sailboat reaches its destination safely and in prime condition.

This guide aims to thoroughly understand ‘How Much To Transport A Sailboat’ and the many factors that influence the final cost. We’ll go through each element in detail, providing practical bits of advice to guide you through the complexities of boat transport. So, whether you’re contemplating a move across the country or planning an international sailing adventure, you’ll have all the information you need in this detailed guide on how much does it cost to transport a sailboat to make an informed decision about your sailboat transport.

Sailboat Transport Options Compared:

Sailboat Transport Options Compared


Venturing into self-towing? It’s a practical option, but it’s essential to understand the towing requirements based on the size of your sailboat. For instance, boats under 2.59 meters wide can usually be towed by standard vehicles, whereas larger vessels may require special permits or even a professional trucking service. Furthermore, your trailer and vehicle must meet certain specifications. Your trailer should be robust, equipped with a winch, lights, and brakes, while your towing vehicle needs to have sufficient horsepower and torque to haul the boat safely. Preparing and securing the sailboat is another critical step - the boat should be weatherproofed and strapped securely to the trailer to prevent movement or damage during transit. On the price front, the total can vary depending on factors like distance, the size of the boat, the rental expenses for a tow truck or trailer, and gas expenditures.

Professional Towing Services

If self-towing seems challenging, professional towing services might be the answer. There are numerous benefits to hiring professional towers for boat transport. They offer expertise, efficiency, and - significantly - insurance coverage and protection for your prized vessel. However, they can only move your boat to shorter distances like within your city or to a nearby city. If your destination requires boat crane services, the professionals can arrange these, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish. The price of professional towing can be steep. For example, towing a 30-foot sailboat to 100 miles can cost anywhere between $500 and $800, which depends on the distance. Still, considering the peace of mind you’ll have to know that your boat is safe, many view this as a worthy investment.

Shipping a Sailboat on a Cargo Ship for International Moves

For those pondering how much does it cost to transport a boat internationally, cargo ship transport might be the way to go. This process typically involves hiring an agent to handle all the shipping arrangements. They’ll handle the logistics, including transporting your boat to the shipping yard and arranging for it to be loaded onto the cargo ship. Be prepared for additional expenses like insurance, customs, taxes, and import fees. Once your boat reaches its destination, unloading, and transportation to a marina will be required. Estimating the price of this type of transport can be tricky, but you can expect prices to start from around $2,000 for a 30-foot boat and go up depending on distance, time of year, and additional services.

Hiring Auto Transporter for National Road Moves

When considering how much does it cost to transport a boat across the country, hiring an auto transporter can be the most convenient option. These companies specialize in long distance boat transport and will ensure your sailboat is prepared adequately for the journey. They’ll drain all fluids, remove any loose items, and properly secure the boat for transport. The boat transport cost can vary based on your boat’s distance and size. For example, the price to ship a boat for short distances (500-1000 miles) can range from $1 to $2 per mile, while longer distances (1,500 to 2,500 miles) can cost between $0.75 to $1 per mile. Ultimately, the choice between self-towing, professional towing, cargo ship transport, and auto transporting will depend on your budget, distance, and personal preference.

How Boat Transport Cost Per Mile is Calculated?

In boat transport, a combination of variables determines the price per mile. One of the primary factors is the size of the boat. For example, houseboat transport expenses may differ from a yacht even if the total distance remains the same. This is primarily due to the disparity in size between the two types of boats.

The boat’s dimensions, width, and height significantly influence the boat transport cost. Bigger boats often demand specialized equipment or handling, increasing the price. Furthermore, the boat’s point of origin or the location from where it is being shipped can also impact the price. The base rate per mile might fluctuate based on the shipment’s origin.

To ascertain your boat’s size, you’ll need to measure its length, height, and beam width:

  • Length: Measure from the bow’s tip to the stern’s center along a stern line.
  • Height: Measure from the boat’s highest point to the base of the keel, ensuring the highest point is non-removable.
  • Beam Width: Measure the widest part of your boat, typically mid-ship.

Once you have these dimensions, you can provide them to the auto shipping company to acquire precise boat shipping rates.

Now, to give you an idea of how to calculate expenses on your own: boat transport expenses usually range between $2.5 and $3.5 per mile for a boat with a beam width of 12 feet. Smaller boats generally cost less to transport. For instance, if you’re shipping a 12-foot yacht from the East Coast to the West Coast over a distance of 2,500 miles, and the base rate is $3 per mile, the price to transport a boat like this would be (2,500 miles x $3) = $7,500.

So, the question, “How Much Does It Cost To Transport a boat?” is not straightforward to answer as it depends on numerous factors. Keep in mind the variables involved. Each aspect is crucial in determining the boat transport cost, from the boat’s size and dimensions to the distance covered. Here are some examples of how much to transport a sailboat from the east coast to the west coast:

Beam WidthBoat Transport expenses Per MileExample Boat Transport DistanceExample PriceTotal Boat Transport Rate
Under 9 Ft$1.50-$2.50 per mile2,500$2$5,000
9 Ft$1.75-$2.75 per mile2,500$2.25$5,625
10 Ft$2-$3 per mile2,500$2.5$6,250
11 Ft$2.25-$3.25 per mile2,500$2.75$6,875
12 Ft$2.50-$3.50 per mile2,500$3$7,500
Over 12 Ft$2.75-$3.75 per mile2,500$3.75$9,375

Boat Transport Case Studies and Cost Estimates of Moving 40’ Sailboat

We’ll kick off with the Per Mile Cost for different sizes. For instance, the price of transporting a 40ft boat per mile would fall from $9.50 to $10.50. If you own a 35ft boat, the per-mile cost would be slightly less - roughly between $8.25 and $9.25. For those with a 30ft boat, the per-mile price would be more affordable, between $7.00 and $8.00.

Moving on to some real-life boat transport case studies:

Let’s start with a 30ft sailboat transport.

  • If you plan boat transport for a short distance, say, 100 miles, expect to shell out between $700 to $800.
  • For a 200 miles journey, the price doubles, i.e., $1400 to $1600.
  • If the distance is 400 miles, you must budget between $2800 to $3200.
  • the price further escalates from $4900 to $5600 for 700 miles
  • For 900 miles, expect to shell out $6300 to $7200 on boat transport.

If you’re doing a 35ft sailboat transport:

  • the price for 100 miles would be between $825 to $925.
  • For 200 miles, the price would be $1650 to $1850
  • For 400 miles, moving can cost $3300 to $3700.
  • For longer distances like 700 miles, it would cost you between $5775 to $6475
  • For 900 miles, the expense would range from $7425 to $8325.

For a 40ft sailboat transport:

  • the price for 100 miles would be between $950 to $1050.
  • For 200 miles, the price would be $1900 to $2100
  • As for 400 miles, expect to pay $3800 to $4200.
  • For 700 miles, you should budget between $6650 to $7350
  • For 900 miles, the price would be between $8550 to $9450.

However, it’s important to note that these are just rough estimates. The actual price of boat transport can fluctuate based on several factors.

For instance, you may have to pay additional taxes, oversize fees, and permits. Also, loading and unloading using specialized equipment like cranes, equipment to secure the boat in place, etc., could add to your overall boat transport expenses.

Tip: For long-distance boat transportation, if the distance is over 1,000 miles, it might be more economical to consider selling your current boat. Add the thousands of dollars it would’ve taken to transport it to the money from the sale and buy a new boat from a local dealer at the destination.

Remember, the conditions, sizes, weights of boats, transport distances, and state laws vary greatly. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for a customized quote that fits your specific needs.

Preparation for Sailboat Transport

Boat Preparation Responsibilities of Owners

Owners are tasked with getting the boat ready for transport, ensuring that every part is appropriately secured and the boat is cleaned and emptied of all excess materials.

This protects the boat during transport and aids in maintaining its value. The responsibility also falls on the owner to ensure that all hatches and windows are securely closed and that all water tanks are adequately drained.

Moreover, the owner must disconnect all batteries to avoid unnecessary electrical drains during transport. These are crucial responsibilities that every owner must undertake to ensure safe and efficient boat transport.

  • Photographing for Reference: One of the most recommended steps in boat transport preparation involves capturing detailed photographs of the boat. This serves as a reference for reassembly and helps to prevent oversight of any damages during reassembly. It is a crucial step in understanding ‘How Much To Transport A Sailboat’ as it helps protect you from potential disputes and misunderstandings.
  • Exterior Cleaning: Cleaning the boat’s exterior before transport helps maintain the boat’s appearance during transit. This is beneficial for both the boat owner and the transport company as it enables easier handling and can reduce the price of transport.
  • Securing Loose Gear: It’s essential to stow loose gear securely, both above and below the deck. This prevents damage to the equipment and the boat during transport. It’s a small but vital step in the process of boat transport.

Additional Preparations:

  • Hatch and Window Closure: Closing and locking boat hatches provide added security during transport. Additionally, tightly shut cabin windows prevent potential water or wind damage.
  • Water Tank Draining: Emptying all water tanks on the boat prevents sloshing or leakage during shipment, which could cause damage or create unnecessary weight, impacting the transport cost.
  • Battery Disconnection: Disconnecting all batteries before transport helps prevent any electrical drain that might cause battery depletion during transit.
  • Cable Securement: Securing all cables is crucial to avoid tangling or damage, thereby maintaining cable integrity during the journey. This step can save significant time and effort during the reassembly process post-transport.

Parting Words:

It’s important to remember that the price of boat transport, particularly sailboat transport, can vary significantly based on many factors. Sailboat size, transport distance, route complexity, and additional required services are significant in the final quote. For instance, a small sailboat transported over a short distance on a straightforward route would typically cost less than a larger sailboat transported over a long distance or on a complex route.

With boat transport, there are also additional expenses to consider. These could include fees for special permits and escorts, expenses associated with preparing your sailboat for transportation, or even insurance premiums. Every boat transport company has its pricing structure and might offer different services. For instance, Easy Auto Ship includes insurance coverage in its quotes, but other companies might charge extra.

Here’s a quick recap of the factors affecting the price of boat transport:

  • Sailboat size: Bigger boats require more transportation resources, which increases the price.
  • Transport distance: Longer distances mean more fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle, hence higher expenses.
  • Route complexity: Routes with challenging terrains, narrow roads, or high-traffic areas increase the job’s complexity and, thus, the price.
  • Additional services: Special services like shrink-wrapping or winterizing your sailboat will add to the total cost.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Sailboat? There’s no single answer to that question. the price can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on variables we discussed above. We advise getting quotes from a few reliable boat transport companies and comparing them carefully, considering not just the price but also what’s included in the service.

Remember, the cheapest quote might not necessarily be the best option if it doesn’t cover all your needs. Quality and reliability of service should be key considerations when choosing a boat transport company.

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