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Shipping classic cars can be strenuous. These cars mean everything to their owners, so it is only natural to want to ship their precious car with expert care and concern. Enclosed car shipping is the best option for classic car shipping. Shipping your classic car enclosed allows you to protect your car from unwanted weather, debris and dirt. It also keeps your car protected from the fumes of the trucks that ship your car in open carriers.

Open car carriers can emit toxic fumes when driving, which can stick to cars being shipped on that carrier. In order to protect your car from unnecessary damage, choose Easy Auto Ship for classic car shipping. Backed with a double insurance policy and good rates, we are the best option for classic auto transport.

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Door to Door Transport

Easy Auto Ship can transport your classic vehicle from one place to another when you use door to door auto transport.

Expedited Transport

Some auto transports have to be shipped at a much quicker pace. With expedited transport, you are sure to have a fast transport.

Open Transport

Open car carriers for classic car transport can be risky. You must be cautious in order to not face unwanted damages to your special vehicle.

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed auto shipping helps you have peace of mind for your classic car. You have all the protection you need for your special vehicle.

International Transport

Easy Auto Ship can perform international shipping to transport your classic vehicle across the borders and oceans.


Hemmings helps Easy Auto Ship provide enclosed auto shipping for classic cars easily. Customers want inexpensive, reliable and quality service for their classic cars. Buying classic cars from far away can be a tad expensive, and nobody wants to spend unnecessary money to get that car shipped to them. Customers want a reliable transport company similar to the reliability found on hemmings.com. Easy Auto Ship is the best option for classic car auto transport.

Our transport specialists are trained to give you expert customer service for classic car auto transport. Easy Auto Ship has decades of experience. We also have a lot of reviews that are five star, as well as an excellent A+ rating with the BBB. Easy Auto Ship understands how much your car means to you, and we would never wish to damage your precious cargo. Our auto carriers will take excellent care of your classic car. Trust us for all your auto transport needs for classic car shipping.

Classic Car, Hemmings Classic Car Shipping with Easy Auto Ship


Easy Auto Ship gets how hard auto transport is with special automobiles. Some vehicle shipping companies try to hassle you with unwanted prices and fees for your classic shipment. Easy Auto Ship always makes it our upmost concern to ship your classic automobile with quality care and reasonable costs. We will never provide problems or unnecessary fees once you're contracted with our company. Utilize our online instant car shipping quote calculator to determine an good price for your classic vehicle shipment. You may also call our vehicle shipment specialists at (888)687-3243. Our auto transport brokers are available seven days a week and up to twelve hours a day to help you with your auto transport needs.

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