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How Long Does It Take To Ship My Car?

Transit time depends on the destination point. Most shipments will travel 100 miles a day or more. Weather – good and bad – has an effect, as does traffic – light and heavy. The table below will give you an estimate for how long a typical load may take, but bear in mind it’s only an estimate:

Distance in Miles Calendar Days
0 - 200 1 - 2
200 - 600 2 - 4
600 - 1000 3 - 5
1000 - 1500 4 - 6
1500 - 2000 5 - 7
2000 - 2400 6 - 8
2400 and up 7 - 9
* times are estimated

The actual delivery date depends on your estimated transit time. If you are shipping to or from a rural area, it may take longer. Discuss with the dispatcher the possibility of meeting the trucker in or near a major metropolitan area to decrease the price and speed up your shipment.

Remember to allow for the pickup window. This is the time it takes to pick up your vehicle, starting from the desired pickup date and within the “window” of actual pickup dates, This is not part of your transit time and usually takes 1-5 days.

Need to know exactly when your vehicle will be picked up and delivered? Call our transport logistics specialists to talk about expedited shipping.

What is the First Available Shipping Date?

The date your vehicle is ready to be picked up is not necessarily the exact pick up date – that date depends on truck availability. So if we cannot load your vehicle on your First Available Shipping Date, it should be within our a pickup window of 1 to 5 business days.

Is Transport a Carrier or Broker?

Transport is a fully licensed and bonded transport management company registered with the USDOT. In compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and in contrast to other “brokers,” we do not just hand you a list of compatible truckers and leave you to negotiate the deal -- we have carefully put in place a network of trusted, licensed and insured car carriers to deliver your vehicle. We’ll make the assignment and we’ll be the go-to guys from the day you sign the contract to the minute it’s delivered.

What is the difference between a Carrier and a Broker?

A carrier is the driver who operates the delivery truck. Sometimes he or she’s an owner-operator who schedules all shipments through a broker and serves only a few routes. A broker puts your transport job up for bids from car carriers across the country. Brokers claim to give you a lower rate because they have multiple carriers competing for your transport dollar. Like brokers, Transport also verifies the USDOT authority, federal licenses and cargo insurance of the carrier transporting your vehicle – and we use only hand-picked carriers that we know are trustworthy and capable. We’re experts in the industry – we’ll guarantee that your car is shipped by a legitimate, knowledgeable carrier.

Is your service door-to-door?

If you live in an area where transport trucks may enter, and if your home is not too difficult to reach, our drivers will pick up and deliver your vehicle as close to your front door as safely and legally possible.

Do I need license plates on a vehicle to ship it?

No, only the vehicle and keys are necessary.

Why do you need the year of the vehicle?

Some popular models have been around for several decades; the older models usually weigh quite a bit more than their newer versions, and weight is a big component of the shipping cost.

What details do I need to know to place an order?

We'll need to know:

  • the year of the vehicle and the full pickup and delivery addresses.
  • your phone number in case we need to get in touch with you.
  • the name and at least one phone number for the pickup and delivery contact if it will be someone other than you.
  • a credit card to put on file. We authorize the card at the time you give it to us to make sure e’ve entered it correctly, but there is no charge until we schedule a pickup and provide you with the trucker’s name and number -- this won’t happen until a few days before your first available date. If you are placing an order that is available to be picked up immediately, it can take up to five days until your card will be charged.
  • If you chose to pay with PayPal instead, you’ll have to pay either the partial payment or the pay-in-full option at the time of booking.

Can I place an order if I don’t know the exact address?

We need the full pickup and delivery addresses to place an order online. If you place an order by phone, we can enter the details that you know at the time and update any missing information before pickup.

What types of vehicles do you ship?

Transport ships:

  • all standard types of vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, minivans, and regular cargo and passenger vans;
  • motorcycles, boats, and RVs;
  • farm and construction equiment.

Why do you need my email?

We will email you a copy of the quote, guaranteeing your quoted price for up to 7 days should you choose to book at a later date. If your quote expires, the details are saved and can be brought up if you wish to book after that 7 days. We don’t require a name and phone number to get a quote. We promise not to send you spam or junk mail, and we will never sell your email address to anyone. If you’d ra ther not give an email address, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-266-2202 for a customized quote with no personal details necessary.

What is an operable or inoperable vehicle?

If a vehicle can be steered and driven in forward and reverse gears under its own power, it is considered operable. Otherwise, it is considered inoperable and transport may cost more because the drive must find a way to load it. And pickup may take longer for an inoperable vehicle, because not all transport trucks can accommodate them.

Can I put some personal items in the vehicle?

Yes, BUT: Our rules allow you to have one suitcase or bag of up to 100 pounds in the trunk of the vehicle at no extra charge. (More than that, and we’re in danger of compromising the weight restrictions our carriers must follow!)

If you want to add more than 100 pounds, we must add $100 or more to your total cost, depending on the size of your car. Smaller vehicles will incur lower costs. If you choose to add this weight, be aware of these rules:

  • The driver’s seat MUST be clear at all times
  • Items MUST be loaded below window level
  • You may put items both inside the vehicle and the trunk
Please note, these belongings are not insured, nor is the damage they may cause to your vehicle’s interior; those that are visible are at risk for theft. Transport cannot be held responsible for the risks of shipping personal items in your car.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are Explosives, Guns, Ammunition, Flammable Products, Narcotics or any unlawful contraband allowed in your vehicle during transport.

OOPS, something’s come up. Can I get a refund?

Yes, you can! But the amount depends on the status of your order:

  • If your order has NOT been assigned (dispatched) for loading, we can refund your entire payment.
  • If your order HAS been assigned (dispatched) for loading, your payment is refundable, less a $195 service fee or the amount of your deposit, whichever is less. (Because we’ve already made a reservation for your vehicle before we notify you by email, we are forced to retain the $195 for services rendered.)