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Golf Cart Transport

Tee-rific Golf Cart Transportation: Take Your Ride to the Green (and Everywhere in Between)

A golfer’s life isn’t all about hitting the perfect birdie, especially when faced with the challenging task of moving their beloved golf cart from one course to another or carting it cross-country to new greens. The struggle is all too real for passionate Pin Seekers, as they often find themselves weighted down by the cumbersome logistics of golf cart transportation.

Say you’re relocating, and your treasured golf cart has to travel from Florida’s pristine greens to the rolling hills of a Californian fairway - can you imagine that undertaking? Lifting that heavy cart onto a truck, securing it on a trailer, and navigating through traffic with something so precious in tow—all while keeping a close eye on gas cost—can be more nerve-wracking than sinking a putt on the 18th green. Enter Easy Auto Ship - the premier company that promises to make golf cart shipping a ‘hole-in-one’ experience.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Golf Cart?

To all the passionate golfers out there, we understand how crucial timely cart deliveries are in keeping your game strong. Golf cart shipping companies like Easy Auto Ship are committed to providing quick, efficient, reliable golf cart transport services. Generally, it takes about 1-9 days for the whole golf cart delivery process, including golf cart pickup and transport. Here’s a quick snapshot of what to expect when shipping carts within the US:

Although the timelines mentioned above are the most typical, delays can happen. While it’s tempting to believe that golf cart shipping companies operate like clockwork, life doesn’t always cooperate. Here are a few factors that could derail your cute little cart’s pickup and transport:

But worry not! We’ve got all these pesky delay-makers figured out at Easy Auto Ship. We work tirelessly to ensure smooth and swift golf cart delivery service to your desired destination. We monitor weather patterns and choose the most reliable routes, while our dedicated team coordinates with only the most dependable truck drivers.

Well maintained golf cart pickup truck? Check! Carefully planned transport route? Check! Secure the trailer ready and waiting? Check! You can rely on EASY AUTO SHIP to check all the boxes and promptly ship golf cart to your destination. Our seasoned professionals understand that timely availability of your golf cart is the key to pumping your golf game up a notch or two, and we strive to deliver it in the finest condition.

Our company offers both open and enclosed trailers (though we recommend enclosed for added protection), so no matter what you need or when you need it, we’re here to make enlisting our golf cart transport services a seamless experience. Whether you’re sending the humblest of carts or a stunning luxury model fit for royalty, our golf cart shipping service is designed to treat every beloved caddy with the utmost care.

Say goodbye to golf cart transport anxieties and delays, and greet our commitment to speedy shipping with a swing that’ll make even the most seasoned golfers swoon!

The Cost to Ship a Golf Cart

When you’re involved in the fine art of golf, the luxuries of the course extend beyond a flawless swing and manicured greens. Your trusty golf cart must tag along too! But how much does it cost to ship a golf cart? The cost per mile ranges from $0.4 to $1; some factors can affect the price of golf cart transport, including:

Now that we understand those core factors, let’s peek at seven specific situations that might cause you to tee up extra expenses:

Now that you know almost everything about golf cart shipping costs, here are some estimated costs for moving your cart based on our past experiences:

Shipping RouteTotal DistanceTransport CostDelivery Time
Shipping a golf cart from Birmingham, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia146 mi via I-20 E$1501-2 Days
Transporting a golf cart from Augusta, Georgia to Jacksonville, Florida255 mi via US-25 S$2552-4 Days
Hauling a Golf cart from Miami, Florida to Charleston, South Carolina583 mi via I-95 N$4372-4 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Greenville, South Carolina to Charlotte, North Carolina102 mi via I-85 N$1501-2 Days
Moving a Golf cart from Raleigh, North Carolina to Richmond, Virginia170 mi via I-95 N$1701-2 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Richmond, Virginia to Charleston, West Virginia317 mi via I-64 W$3202-4 Days
Golf cart shipping from Morgantown, West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio204 mi via I-70 W$2002-4 Days
Golf cart Transportation from Cleveland, Ohio to Frankfort, Kentucky327 mi via I-71 S$3302-4 Days
Golf cart shipping from Lexington, Kentucky to Nashville, Tennessee213 mi via KY-9002 W$2152-4 Days
Golf cart transport from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi383 mi via I-59 S$3992-4 Days
Golf cart  Shipping from Gulfport, Mississippi to Little Rock, Arkansas418 mi via US 49 N$4202-4 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Fort Smith, Arkansas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana498 mi via I-40 E$5002-4 Days
Move a Golf cart from Lafayette, Louisiana to Houston, Texas217 mi via I-10 W$2202-4 Days
Shipping a Golf cart from San Antonio, Texas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma466 mi via I-35 N$4702-4 Days
Hauling a Golf cart from Lawton, Oklahoma to Wichita, Kansas246 mi via I-44 E$2502-4 Days
Transporting a golf cart from Topeka, Kansas to Grand City, Nebraska263 mi via US-75 N$2702-4 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Lincoln, Nebraska to Sioux Falls, South Dakota236 mi via I-29 N$2502-4 Days
Hauling a Golf cart from Rapid City, South Dakota to Fargo, North Dakota495 mi via I-94 E$5002-4 Days
Golf cart transportation from Bismarck, North Dakota to Billings, Montana415 mi via I-94 W$4502-4 Days
Golf cart  Shipping from Helena, Montana to Boise, Idaho486 mi via I-15 S$4992-4 Days
Moving a Golf cart from Boise, Idaho to Cheyenne, Wyoming735 mi via I-84 E$5503-5 Days
Golf cart shipping from Jackson, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado511 mi via US-191 S$3832-4 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Boulder, Colorado to Albuquerque, New Mexico475 mi via I-25 S$4802-4 Days
Golf cart  Transportation from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Phoenix, Arizona479 mi via I-40 W$4802-4 Days
Golf cart shipping from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada412 mi via I-10 W$4202-4 Days
Move a golf cart from Reno, Nevada to Los Angeles, California472 mi via US-395 S$4802-4 Days
Ship golf cart from Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon579 mi via I-5 N$4352-4 Days
Golf cart  Shipping from Eugene, Oregon to Spokane, Washington460 mi via I-84 E$4602-4 Days
Golf cart Shipping from Seattle, Washington DC to Anchorage, Alaska2,260 mi via Alaska Hwy$1,1306-8 Days
Ship a golf cart from Anchorage, Alaska to Honolulu, Hawaii2,782 mi from Port of Alaska to Honolulu Port$1,1126-8 Days
Golf cart transport from Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida1,187 mi via I-10 E$7124-6 Days
Golf cart  shipping from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Tampa, Florida1,270 mi via I-65 S$7624-6 Days
Ship golf cart from Buffalo, New York to Los Angeles, California2,532 mi via I-80 W$1,0127-9 Days
Transport a golf cart from Columbia, South Carolina to San Francisco, California2,696 mi via I-40 W$1,0787-9 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Boston, Massachusetts to Seattle, Washington3,044 mi via I-94 W$1,2178-10 Days
Ship a golf cart from Salem, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California3,113.2 mi via I-80 W$1,2458-10 Days
Ship a golf cart from Richmond, Virginia to San Diego, California2,601 mi via I-40$1,0407-9 Days
Haul a golf cart from Houston, Texas to Sacramento, California1,931 mi via I-10 W$1,1585-7 Days
Golf cart shipping from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to San Jose, California2,199 mi via I-80 W$1,0996-8 Days
Golf cart transportation from Olympia, Washington to Miami, Florida3,365 mi via I-80 E$1,3468-10 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Newark, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida1,065 mi via I-95 S$6394-6 Days
Golf cart shipping from Juneau, Alaska to Tacoma, Washington1,742 mi via BC-37 S$1,0455-7 Days
Shipping a golf cart from San Oakland, California to New York City, New York2,899 mi via I-80 E$1,1597-9 Days
Golf cart  Transportation from San Diego, California to Miami, Florida2,655 mi via I-10 E$1,0627-9 Days
Ship a Golf cart from Los Angeles, California to Houston, Texas1,547 mi via I-10 E$9285-7 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Honolulu, Hawaii to Los Angeles, California2,554 mi via Port of LA to Port of Honoulu$1,0217-9 Days
Golf cart  Moving from San Francisco, California to Chicago, Illinois2,132 mi via I-80 E$1,0666-8 Days
Golf cart Transportation from Pensacola, Florida to Columbus, Ohio821 mi via I-65 N$6153-5 Days
Golf cart Shipping from Tampa, Florida to Detroit, Michigan1,178 mi via I-75 N$7064-6 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Destin, Florida to Denver, Colorado1,495 mi via I-20 W$8974-6 Days
Golf cart  Transportation a Golf cart from Florida City, Florida to Cambridge, Massachusetts1,517 mi via I-95 N$9105-7 Days
Golf cart Shipping from Jacksonville, Florida to New York City, New York930 mi via I-95 N$6973-5 Days
Shipping a golf cart from Madison, Wisconsin to Tallahassee, Florida1,111 mi via I-65 S$6664-6 Days
Transporting a golf cart from Vancouver, Washington to Austin, Texas2,057 mi via I-84 E$10286-8 Days

Golf Cart Transportation Methods

If you thought transporting a golf cart was as easy as throwing it on the back of a pickup truck, well, think again! At Easy Auto Ship, our game plan for having your golf carts shipped includes three main plays:

Open Golf Car Shipping

If you want to know the cheapest way to ship a golf cart, look no further – open golf cart transport is your answer. Just like the popular image of a person in a convertible cruising down the street with the wind in his hair, open golf cart transport exposes your beloved cart to the elements—but hey, that’s part of the adventure, right?

For this method, our golf cart hauler secures your cart on an open carrier that can also fit several other carts (it’s like a party bus for golf carts!). What’s terrific about this option is that it significantly cuts the overall cost while ensuring your cart reaches its destination safely. After all, getting your golf cart from point A to point B shouldn’t break the bank.

Enclosed Golf Cart Shipping

If you love your golf cart like it’s your own child (or at least more than some family members), then enclosed golf cart shipping could be the ideal method. In this process, our company securely tucks away your prized possession inside a covered transport trailer, protecting it from pesky weather conditions and road debris.

Our enclosed golf cart transport service guarantees that even if your cart hits a “bunker” during transportation, our enclosed carrier will ensure it gets out of the sand trap in one piece.

Expedited Golf Cart Shipping

Let’s face it: we live in an age where things need to happen yesterday. If you need your golf cart pronto, our expedited shipping service has you covered.

It’s like having a personal caddy devoted to transporting your golf cart at lightning speed. With a pickup window of just 24 hours, our company ensures that your golf cart is on its merry way as quickly as possible.

We Move All Kinds of Golf Carts

At Easy Auto Ship, we pride ourselves on being a versatile and flexible golf cart transport service, providing expert solutions for all kinds of golf carts, regardless of their type or brand. Our professional movers ensure a smooth journey from pickup to delivery, keeping your precious cart in perfect condition.

Got a sleek Club Car? Our golf cart hauler has got it covered, just as we’re equipped to handle your rugged E-Z-GO. From all-purpose Garia carts to luxurious ICON EVs, our mission is simple: we’ll ship your golf cart with the utmost care, avoiding any potential hazards along the way. As one of the top nationwide golf cart transport companies, we specialize in both local golf cart transport and long-distance journeys.

When shipping custom, modified, or vintage carts, look no further than Easy Auto Ship’s carrier services. Our specially-designed golf cart transport trailer ensures that even the most unique features of your prized possession stay intact throughout its journey. Even those of you who prefer to tee off in your reliable Star EV or Tomberlin – fear not! Our golf cart transportation service caters to every enthusiastic golfer out there.

Do you own an RV and need your golf cart shipped to vacation destinations? We’ve got your RV-friendly golf carts taken care of too! No matter the size or utility, we will haul it all the way. We are one of the handful of companies that can provide a complete package for every golfer’s dream getaway.

Whether it’s straight from the dealership or rental agency, our team will pick up your Yamaha, Cushman, or any other golf cart brand and securely deliver them to their destination. For each golfer’s unique needs, our hauler offers different quotes based on factors such as pickup location, delivery address, and cart dimensions.

Planning a big move and need assistance shipping multiple carts at once? Our golf cart transport service is flexible enough to accommodate large-scale moves. Whether for your country club or a corporate event, we always deliver the utmost professionalism.

Our golf cart transport trailer setup ensures nothing short of exceptional care for your cart throughout its journey. As golfers ourselves, we understand how vital your caddy is to you – and we’ll treat it with the same level of love you would.

Here’s a quick list of the various types, brands, and models we transport:

  1. Club Car
  2. E-Z-GO
  3. Garia
  4. Yamaha
  5. ICON EV
  6. Star EV
  7. Tomberlin
  8. Cushman

And many more!

So next time you need to ship a golf cart or seek quotes from golf cart movers, remember that Easy Auto Ship is your one-stop solution for top-notch local and nationwide golf cart transportation services.

Reach out to us today for a hassle-free experience, and let us be the golf cart hauler you can trust! Your beloved carts are in safe hands with our unparalleled dedication to security and convenience. Keep calm, and let the game go on!

Why Hire Easy Auto Ship to Move Your Golf Cart?

When moving golf carts, there’s no better choice than Easy Auto Ship. Here are eight unbeatable reasons why our capabilities make us the perfect golf cart hauler for you:

BBB Accreditation

We’re proud to boast an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). This seal of approval shows that we’re a golf cart transport company you can trust to handle your precious cargo.

10+ Years of Exprience

We have perfected the art of transporting a golf cart over the past decade. Our experienced team knows that each cart is unique, and we understand how to cater to size-specific requirements while keeping costs as low as possible.

88K Happy Customers

We’ve helped over 88,000 happy customers quickly get their vehicles shipped. And while you may think that transporting a golf cart is a niche need, we can assure you that each one of those customers was just as passionate about their precious cargo as you are!

Over 123k Vehicles Shipped

We specialize in golf cart transport and have transported all kinds of vehicles over the years. From RVs and trucks to short-distance travel with small-sized cars, we’re true masters of the transport game!

At Least 100k Cargo Coverage

Safety is our top priority with our PRO movers and haulers involved in the process. That’s why we provide at least $100,000 coverage for every golf cart we move, ensuring your prized possession is protected.

Skilled Carrier Selection

We select only the finest carriers for our transport services. Whether it’s a small pickup for a quick haul or a larger truck for long-distance golf cart transport, we ensure the right carrier is chosen to suit your needs and keep costs low. Our golf cart transport companies are experts in safely handling your golf cart, providing a smooth ride from pickup to drop-off.


We don’t discriminate between the variety of golf carts. From mini carts to luxury models, our golf cart transport service accommodates every type, brand, and size before and during the move itself.


Cost-conscious golfers can rest easy knowing that Easy Auto Ship offers competitive prices for golf cart transport services. With customized quotes based on the pickup location, delivery address, and cart dimensions, we provide budget-friendly solutions that won’t break the bank.


We understand the importance of comfort when transporting a golf cart, so we offer door-to-door pickup and delivery for our clients. Say goodbye to unnecessary travel or short trips – with Easy Auto Ship, your cart is in safe hands from start to finish.

RV-Friendly Hauling

Do you own an RV and need your cart shipped as well? At Easy Auto Ship, we can haul both your RV and golf cart simultaneously!

When transporting a golf cart, trust Easy Auto Ship to do it right every time! As a leading golf cart transport company, we bring a wealth of experience, professionalism, and expertise to the table. Our dedicated team ensures that your golf cart arrives safely and securely – so all you have to worry about is getting ready for your next round on the green.

Give us a shout for a quote today, and experience the difference. With Easy Auto Ship, your golf cart is in good hands.

Golf Cart Transport - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load a golf cart into a trailer?
Loading a golf cart in a trailer involves using ramps or a liftgate to roll or lift it onto the trailer bed safely. Secure the golf cart with straps or ratchet tie-downs once successfully loaded to prevent any movement during transport.
What size trailer do you need to transport a golf cart?
An ideal trailer for golf cart transport should be at least 6 feet wide and 10 feet long. This will provide enough space for most standard-sized golf carts while allowing for secure strapping during transport.
How do I load a golf cart onto a pickup truck?

To load a golf cart onto a pickup truck, follow these steps:

  • Position your truck and ramps on level ground
  • Lower the tailgate of the pickup truck
  • Align the ramps with the wheels of the golf cart
  • Slowly push or drive your golf cart up the ramps and onto the truck bed 
  • Secure the golf cart with straps, ratchet tie-downs, or wheel chocks
What is the cheapest way to ship a golf cart?
The most cost-effective method of shipping a golf cart depends on various factors such as distance and timeline. In general, open transport with a multi-car carrier can be cheaper than enclosed transport since more golf carts can be shipped at once, reducing individual costs. Or, if you’re shipping more than one vehicle such as your RV or regular car along with golf cart, you get multi-vehicle shipping discount.
Do I need special insurance for my golf cart's transport?
While many auto transport companies offer insurance coverage for your golf cart during its shipment, it’s wise to double-check your existing insurance policy to ensure that it covers your golf cart during transport.
Can I have my RV and golf cart transported together?
Yes! Many transport companies including Easy Auto Ship can accommodate both your RV and golf cart. Speak with your chosen transport company or our agents about their specific requirements and any additional charges for transporting multiple vehicles.
How long does it take to have a golf cart transported?
Your golf cart’s transport timeline varies depending on distance, weather, and route. On average, nationwide transport could take anywhere from 1 to 10 days. Be sure to ask for an estimated delivery date when requesting quotes.
How do I prepare a golf cart for transport?

Prior to transporting your golf cart:

  • Remove any personal belongings or loose items
  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged and securely fastened
  • Disconnect any accessories that aren’t permanently attached
  • Remove windshield
  • Properly inflate your golf cart’s tires
  • Check and document any existing damage before loading
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