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Five Tips for Auto Shipping During Coronavirus

Five Tips for Auto Shipping During Coronavirus

Let’s face it. The coronavirus is a detrimental disease that has impacted many people all over the world. Not only have numerous people been diagnosed and/or died from the epidemic, but people are also at risk of losing their jobs. Companies are struggling to keep finances in check in the brink of all the shut downs and illness. Stores are running out of much-needed products on their shelves as people stock up for quarantine. But what is truly scary is how this epidemic is not only impacting lives, but also the overall economy.

How Coronavirus Impacts Businesses

Various businesses are missing out on sales that could keep their company alive in the midst of fear and death. Small businesses, including many auto transport companies, are facing sales being cut down to a fraction of what they might be used to in order to keep their company afloat. To help guide these companies in ways that will help protect their transport businesses, we have compiled five tips to follow. 

Tip One: Be Cautious of Clean Work Environments

Encourage all sick employees to stay at home. Instruct all sick employees at the office to go home to prevent germs from spreading. Distance all employee work stations at least 6 feet apart if able to. Provide all cleaning supplies that your employees may need, including disinfecting wipes, soap, water, disposable gloves, masks and hand sanitizer. Instruct all employees to keep a clean work environment in their personal spaces. And finally, allow all employees who are able to work from home to do so. Doing all of these steps will help stop the spread of unwanted germs from getting around your work spaces, and also ensure that all the employees working for you are able to complete their jobs successfully and safely.

Tip Two: Protect from High Risk Transport Locations

There are many places around the world that are facing higher risks than other locations. Some of these locations include high traffic auto industry countries, including China, Italy, and Spain. To better protect yourself and your business from the illness that could potentially spread from these areas, ensure that the vehicles are properly cleaned before and after transport. Instruct the driver to wash their hands to prevent germs from spreading before and after they load the vehicle. The driver should also wear protective items, such as disposable gloves, should they have to touch a surface on the potentially infected vehicle.

Tip Three: Keep Track of All Company and State Shut Downs

Numerous companies have been shutting down to help prevent the spread of germs and illness. You don’t want to waste time calling companies that may be closed. To prevent this, make sure you are keeping track of any businesses you may be used to working with or could potentially work with in the near future. Monitor online all the company shut downs and state lockdowns to ensure transports can still take place without any problem. Doing this will ensure there are less refunds from potential dispatches with companies that closed after a transport is scheduled to take place. You don’t want to risk losing the sales you are able to make during the epidemic. 

Tip Four: Focus on the Business You Do Have

Everyone is scared of what is going to happen in the near future from this tragic epidemic. Ensure you keep a clear head with each customer you are able to continue serving. Reassure each customer that you can still safely transport their vehicles or equipment. Let them know you will provide the highest level of protection and cleaning necessary to prevent germs from spreading. Inform all customers that they can help you out by keeping their vehicles clean and tidy. We don’t want illness to spread from anyone during transport, so inform the customers that they are free to wipe down and clean their vehicles before and after a transport takes place. 

Tip Five: Keep Pushing Forward with Business as Usual

There are plenty of snowbirds still looking to transport their vehicles to their homes in states that are not shut down. There are numerous dealerships across the country still looking to sell vehicles and get them transported to customers. Hospitals are still in dire need of heavy equipment and ambulances that could be transported. There is still plenty of business out there. You just have to be willing to find it and do it with caution and protection.


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