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Families and Movers

Don’t Let Moving Stress You Out - Our Car Transport Will Do The Heavy Lifting

Picture this: you finally found the perfect American house for your family. It’s spacious with a lovely patio and backyard for kids, in a great neighborhood, and has that beautiful little garden you’ve always wanted. But as you start packing up your belongings, one daunting aspect of moving hits you hard — transporting your beloved vehicle(s).

You know all too well that driving your car on a long-distance trip can be tiring, time-consuming, and expensive, especially when added to the already stressful process of moving house. On top of that, entrusting your precious cars to unprofessional movers can be nothing short of a nightmare, with potential damages and delays looming around every corner.

Thankfully, Easy Auto Ship is here to save the day! As industry-leading transporters dedicated to moving cars of all kinds across the American landscape, we understand the importance of a smooth relocation for you and your family.

Hiring a Dedicated Car Transport Company Like Easy Auto Ship is 10X Better Than Trusting Regular Movers:

We are not just some new kids on the block. With years of experience in the American moving industry and nearly 5,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers, Easy Auto Ship has built a strong reputation for being trustworthy, reliable, and efficient.

Our specialty? Moving all types of vehicles! From family sedans and SUVs to luxury sports cars or even motorcycles, there’s no challenge too big or too small for our skilled team. Simply sit back and relax as our professional movers ensure that every stage of the transport process is handled meticulously.

Now let’s talk about safety. When moving your car(s), we make it our mission to treat them as if they are our own. Our advanced fleet of carriers is designed with features such as hydraulic lift gates, soft-tie downs, and advanced suspension systems to guarantee your car’s safety and protection. Moreover, our extensively trained movers will conduct a thorough inspection before and after transport to alleviate any concerns you may have.

But our dedication to exceptional customer service sets us apart from the competition. Moving can be incredibly stressful, and we strive to make your experience seamless. From the moment you request a quote until your car is safely delivered to your new house, our team will work tirelessly to ensure open communication, timely updates, and complete transparency.

So why let car transport add more stress to your big family move? Trust Easy Auto Ship’s expertise to do the heavy lifting for you.

BenefitsEasy Auto ShipRegular Movers
EquipmentSpecialized trailers and equipment designed for car transport.Standard moving trucks and equipment, not designed for car transport.
ExperienceYears of experience and specialized training in car transport.May lack experience and training in car transport.
Insurance CoverageAt least $100k insurance coverage specifically for carsLimited insurance coverage that may not include vehicles
Tracking and MonitoringReal-time tracking and monitoring systems to ensure safe and timely delivery.Limited tracking and monitoring systems.
Transit TimeFaster delivery due to an extensive network of 15,000 car carriersThey may take longer to move cars as they prioritize other household items.
CostGenerally more cost-effective due to economies of scale and specialized equipment.They may be more expensive due to a lack of specialized equipment and experience.
SafetyFocus solely on the safe and secure transport of cars.They may not have the same level of focus on car safety.
Customer Support and ServiceDedicated customer support for car transport customers.They may not have the same dedicated customer support for car transport customers.
Additional ServicesOffer additional services, such as enclosed transport, door-to-door delivery, and expedited moving.Limited additional services beyond essential moving services.

We Understand Moving is Challenging & Tedious - Let Us Help With Your Cars or Even Your Whole Move!

Moving can be an incredibly daunting experience, especially for families. As the American dream of owning a house becomes a reality for many, the seemingly endless list of tasks that come with moving can quickly add a bitter feeling to that dream. From looking after children to packing every last belonging and managing dealings with movers, realtors, storage unit providers, and so on, it’s no wonder moving consistently ranks among the most stressful life events.

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand how challenging and tedious moving can be. Our team is made up of people who have experienced the trials and tribulations of moving firsthand, and we know how important it is to ensure the process goes smoothly..

Your car deserves the utmost attention and care during the transportation process. With so much on your plate already, the last thing you want is to worry about whether your car will arrive at its destination without any damage or issues. That’s where we come in! At Easy Auto Ship, our specialized drivers and dedicated carriers are fully equipped to transport your car safely from point A to point B.

We’re not just limited to moving cars either. Our team at Easy Auto Ship can also move heavy equipment, making us a one-stop shop for all your transportation needs during this busy time. Forget about dealing with multiple moving companies - our professional movers will work with you every step, ensuring you have a seamless experience from start to finish. Some of the things our movers are well-versed in moving include but are not limited to:







Bed Frames

And so on!

Of course, we understand that trusting us with such important assets isn’t something most families will take lightly. That’s why we encourage you to check out the reviews from our many satisfied customers who have entrusted us with their cars and heavy equipment during their moving process.

Our attention to detail and commitment to providing a truly personalized service sets us apart from other movers. We know that every family has unique needs and preferences when it comes to moving house, so we take the time to get to know your specific requirements and tailor our services to suit you. From devising the most efficient transport method for your car to carefully coordinating the routes and logistics of moving your heavy equipment, we go above and beyond to ensure your move is as stress-free as possible.

At Easy Auto Ship, our wholehearted understanding of how tough it can be for American families to move houses inspires us to provide unparalleled moving service. With countless people singing our praises in reviews, it’s no wonder many consider us their go-to choice for all their moving and car transport requirements.

So, why make an already challenging task more complicated than it needs to be? Let Easy Auto Ship take care of all your car and house transportation needs, allowing you to focus on settling into your new house and enjoying your fresh start with your family. Reach out to us today - we’d be delighted to

Trust Easy Auto Ship to Save Time, Money, and Hassle on Your Family Move:

Moving can be daunting, especially when your family is relocating across the United States. But with Easy Auto Ship, the moving experience becomes much more manageable and almost stress-free!

As an industry-leading car transport company, we’ve helped hundreds of foreign and American families move their prized possessions—be it their cars or entire households—from within the U.S and Internationally.

Our dedicated car shipping team understands that moving is more than just relocating belongings; it’s about ensuring your family’s peace of mind.

If you need a car moving or heavy equipment moving service that puts your family first, look no further than Easy Auto Ship. Here’s why trusting our car shipping services will make your moving experience a smooth one:

BBB Verified with A+ Rating

Easy Auto Ship is not just any run-of-the-mill moving company; we hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This means we’ve consistently demonstrated our commitment to fair business practices and excellent customer service. Our reputation in the moving industry precedes us in the best possible way!

Nearly 5,000 Reviews Online

We understand that online reviews can make or break your trust in a moving company. That’s why Easy Auto Ship takes pride in having received almost 5,000 glowing car transport reviews from our satisfied customers. Simply put, our past clients’ happiness is a benchmark for what future American families can expect from our exceptional car shipping and moving services.

Experience in Moving Houses, Offices, and Businesses

With years of moving experience, you can trust that your family’s belongings are safe when choosing Easy Auto Ship as your movers. Our highly trained carriers and movers are well-versed in moving countless houses, offices, and even businesses—across both short and long distances—ensuring top-notch transportation every step of the way.

Industry Competitive Rates

Moving can be expensive, but with Easy Auto Ship, you’ll find our moving rates highly competitive. We believe in providing American families with top-quality car transport services without breaking the bank. And with our free online quote calculator and upfront pricing model, you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or unexpected costs. Plus, we can move your heavy equipment such as pianos, paintings, furniture and so on so you can get a discount for moving everything with us.

24/7 Support and Live Tracking

We understand that moving your family’s car can evoke a mixture of worry and excitement. That’s why Easy Auto Ship offers 24/7 support and live tracking of your car during transport - through GPS and phone call updates. This way, you’ll never feel left in the dark about your car’s whereabouts as it travels to your new home.

Moving can be an overwhelming experience for any family—whether relocating within the United States or moving from abroad. But with Easy Auto Ship by your side, moving your family’s car becomes one less thing to worry about. Our expertise, commitment to customer satisfaction, and keep attention to detail are unmatched in the moving industry, ensuring a smooth transition.

So go ahead, trust Easy Auto Ship with your family’s next move—and rest easy knowing that we’re dedicated to making your house relocation a success!

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Families and Movers Transportation

⭐Review From Alise

“We moved from California to Massachusetts this May. I originally scheduled 1 car to be shipped, but then added 3 more cars on short notice. Gary Nichols took care of everything quickly and efficiently while dealing with my brand of crazy. The prices were good, the cars delivered sooner than expected. Not that I ever want to move again, but I would definitely call Gary.”

How We Relocated Alise’s Family’s Cars from California to Massachusetts

Alise had to relocate her family from California to Massachusetts and wanted to move just one car initially, but as a last-minute decision, she added 3 more cars, so we had to move 4 vehicles across the country, which was handled well by our excellent agent, Gary Nichols. Gary provided Alise with a competitive rate, booked her transport, and assigned the driver. The driver picked up her 4 family cars and moved them from California to Massachusetts ahead of the expected date, leaving Alise happy with the service. Although she hopes never to move again, she said if she does in the future, she’d hire Easy Auto Ship without a doubt.

⭐Review From Steve Prentice

“Moving a family of four across the country requires much planning, appointments and scheduled events. Easy Auto Ship made the process of shipping 2 vehicles simple, and worry-free. Very friendly staff, and competitive pricing helped make our move that much easier. No doubt I’ll use EAS again for my auto shipping needs.”

How We Shipped Steve Prentice’s Vehicles from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina

Steve was moving his family of four across the country from Glendale, Arizona, to Cornelius, North Carolina, so he needed to move 2 vehicles. He required a transporter that’d free him from all the hassle so he could focus on other areas of his cross-country move. He contacted East Auto Ship Easy Auto Ship, and being the customer-friendly auto transport company we are, we made the entire move of his multiple vehicles completely hands-off and at an affordable price. Steve was left fully satisfied, and he even said that he’d use Easy Auto Ship again if needed.

⭐Review From Ron H.

“Easy arranged for 3 of our family cars to move from Seattle to North Carolina. Quote was competitive, transporter was polite, conscientious and all vehicles made it with only a little dirt to show. Good experience.”

How We Transported Ron’s 3 Family Cars from Washington to North Carolina,

Ron wanted to ship 3 family cars from Seattle to North Carolina. We provided him with a quick quote, which he liked, so he made the booking. Since it was a long haul (2,800 miles) and we needed to move 3 of Ron’s family cars, we ensured a responsible carrier was assigned. We found a polite and professional driver from our dispatch network of over 15,000 carriers who handled the job responsibly and moved the vehicles without any hiccups.

⭐Review From Jackie

“Overall great experience! I found it cheaper than other places I quoted and it was so easy! We moved west coast to east coast and were so thankful to not have to drive our cars middle of winter. Great driver, great experience! Would recommend.”

How We Hauled Jackie’s Family Cars From West Coast to East Coast on a Budget:

The key to finding the best carriers with the lowest possible rates is negotiation skills and that’s what our reps at Easy Auto Ship are best at, resulting in cheap quotes for our clients. When Jackie approached us to move multiple vehicles for her in the dead of winter from Salt Lake, Utah, to Maine, it was a little tough to find a driver with cheap rates because we all know the condition of roads to Maine in the middle of winter. However, we did find an expert carrier who was willing to take one for the team and ensure our customer was satisfied with the rates, service, and professionalism. He completed the route, and Jackie was more than happy with the service and glad her family didn’t have to drive all the way.

⭐Review From Megan M

“I recently moved from Washington State to Illinois I worked with Omar Elsheik and his team during the booking process he was wonderful I called him many times with questions always happy to answer and quick to respond and explain the process never having transported cars before I had no idea really about the process I researched and chose easy auto-ship I’m glad I did as the whol world of shipping cars is confusing to a customer they dispatched my order with Roadrunner my driver’s name was Anthony I would say he was been the most professional and courteous part of my entire move not knowing what to expect I was so happy he kept in contact and showed up when he said he was going to I truly had Door to Door Service if I have to do this again I will not be so scared the next time as everything was smooth and on time payments were processed when they said they were going to be and no extra charges thank you very much to the team that helped me and my family get across country payments were processed when they said they were going to be and no extra charges Thank you very much to the team that helped me and my family get across country Sincerely “

How We Helped With Megan M’s Cross-Country Move from Washington to Illinois

Megan was moving from Washington to Illinois and wanted a transporter to take care of her vehicle shipping so she could focus on her move without any worries. Since she didn’t have any prior car hauling experience, she was a little worried about trusting a stranger. However, when she contacted Omar Elsheik from Easy Auto Ship, her worries were alleviated quickly. Omar guided her through the process, booked the best available carrier for her, answered any questions Megan had, and was responsive throughout the transit. Megan’s driver, Anthony, was super courteous and kept her updated throughout the move. With our door-to-door service, we ensured Megan’s complete auto shipping experience was hands-off.

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