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Exotic Cars of 2020

Exotic cars have many definitions. The most basic definition is that they are luxury cars that people are more inclined to protect. At Easy Auto Ship, luxury cars are taken care of with the upmost respect. We understand how valuable these cars are to you. Below we have listed some of our favorite luxury cars being released in 2020.

Top 10 Exotic Cars of 2020

2020 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera: $300,000

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
Aston Martins have always been known as go-to luxury cars, mostly due to their overall design, their speed, and their incredible power. With the Superleggera, this is no exception. The term Superleggera is derived from the Italian language. It means “superlight”, which has to do with the carbon fiber it is made with. Carbon fiber is similar to steel but is a fraction of the weight.

2020 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+: $3.9 Million

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
The Bugatti is truly a work of art. It is known as the fastest production car and most powerful in existence. It is known as the 300+ because it can reach speeds of over 300 miles per hour. This is probably one of the most luxurious cars on our list, as there will only be 30 of them in existence. It is certainly considered one of the most extreme of the luxury cars being released this year.

2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale: $600,000

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
Formula One cars are where Ferrari are experts. This Ferrari is a plug-in hybrid using similar expertise as Formula One. Formula One cars use hybrid drivetrains that are turbocharged. With a top speed of 211 miles per hour, it is an exceptionally fast vehicle. The car can even reach 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. It has a beautiful exterior design and has three electric motors. A beautiful addition to this list.

2020 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster: $600,000

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
Like the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, this Lamborghini can reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The highest speed it can reach is 217 miles per hour. This Lamborghini is a convertible that is like its limited-edition counterpart and comes in a beautiful matte bronze shade that is new for the company. The name SVJ stands for “super veloce jota”, which is an Italian variation of the phrase “super-fast”.

2020 Polestar 1: $156,500

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
The Polestar is certainly a more uniquely styled luxury car. The Polestar is a plug-in hybrid like the Stradale. Unlike the Stradale, the Polestar has an electric motor that drives each of the rear wheels. It also is both supercharged and turbocharged. The uniqueness doesn’t stop there, however. It also has fine leather interior, and a crystal gear shift. This car will only have 1,500 in existence.

2020 Porsche Taycan: $152, 250

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
This car is also a uniquely styled luxury car, because it is the only Porsche that is electrically charged. This car is the rival of the Tesla Model S, for obvious reasons. But what makes this car differ from Tesla is that the Porsche has shorter recharge timeframes, causing the car to be able to accelerate more quickly. Like many cars on this list, the Porsche Taycan can reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in less than 3 seconds. A beautiful car for the fraction of the price as some other cars on this list.

2020 Tesla Roadster: $200,000

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
Known as the quickest car in the world, it is no wonder why it was added to our list. If you’re a car person, you know that electric motors tend to be great at acceleration, and this car has two of them for each axle. This car can reach the speed of 60 miles per hour in less than two seconds and can reach a quarter mile marker in less than 9 miles per hour. With its sleek design and quick speeds, it will surely be one of the top selling luxury cars this year.

2020 SSC Tuatara: $1.625 Million

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
This car has been in development for nearly a decade now, and this year marks its official debut. It is a very fast car that can reach speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. While the price is just under $1.7 million, it can reach the price of just under $2 million when equipped with a High Downforce Track Pack. This car may be considered the fastest street-legal car on the market.

2020 Hennessey Venom F5: $1.8 Million

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
Those who love modified Camaros and Corvettes certainly know the name Hennessey. There will only be 24 in existence, making this car the most luxurious in units on this list. A beauty in its own right, this car is built entirely of carbon fiber. This car can reach just under a maximum speed of 312 miles per hour. The Hennessey has a lightweight structure, despite its strength, and reaches an astonishingly small weight of 190 pounds.

2020 Rimac C_Two: $2 Million

exotic cars, Exotic Cars of 2020
With a maximum speed of nearly 260 miles per hour, the Rimac C_Two is certainly a fast car. This car is a luxury mostly for its two-person comfort and the fact that only 150 of them will exist. When driving this car, you can reach a speed of nearly 190 miles per hour in less than twelve seconds. It can also be charged to 80 percent capacity in less than 30 minutes. A great car for both novice drivers, and the most professional.


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