Door to Door Transport

door to door transport, Door to Door Transport

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if your car could be transported directly from your home to your new one? Well, it can, but not in the sense many people might think of when they hear the term “door to door auto transport”. The carrier driver doesn’t walk to your door and grab the keys before transporting the vehicle to its new location. There are many steps involved in the process of getting your vehicle from one location to another.

Things to Keep in Mind about Door to Door Transport

Open air car carriers are built large to ensure many cars can be placed on it at once. If the carrier is filled, they aren’t going to want to drive on narrow roads or in debris-filled places. The debris could make the cars dirty. The narrow roads could cause an unwanted accident if the space is too small for the carrier to drive through. A low-hanging branch could also affect the tops of the cars on the top rack of the carrier. Always be cautious when choosing your pick up and drop off location so that your car is safe.

How Door to Door Auto Shipping Works

When the transport company assigns a carrier to your vehicle, the driver then is instructed to pick up your vehicle. The location is not your home, but rather a location nearby that isn’t near debris or narrow to drive through. Once the car is transported from your location, the driver then takes the car cross-country to the new location. This new location is a location chosen by you as well. The drop off location is like the pickup location and is chosen based on a location near your new home. It is free from debris or narrow roads.

How to Get Your Car

A way to help get your car is to have someone take you to the designated drop off location. If that does not work, then services like Lyft, Uber, or a general taxi service is usually fairly cheap. The best time to leave to get your car is when the driver messages you and say they’re on location. You certainly don’t want to go early, and risk being stuck if the driver is late. In some cases, you may have no other way of getting to your vehicle. The driver can take the car off the car carrier and transport it directly to your home in this instance. However, this form is considered to be unsafe, especially if you are female. Plus, you would have to transport the driver back to their car carrier. Be cautious of this form and always prepare to have someone with you.

Pay Your Driver

When you choose door to door shipping, you have the ability to pay the driver once the transport is complete. A deposit is paid to the auto transport company you booked with, and the rest is paid to the driver. You are able to pay with cash or a money order or check. Make sure you receive a receipt when you pay them, so you have paper proof that the payment took place. Once the payment is complete, go over the bill of lading with the driver and ensure your vehicle wasn’t damaged. Then you are free to go on your way to enjoy your vehicle in your new home.