Constantly Raising The Bar

Diy Transport currently has a team of 36 employees who are dedicated to providing our customers with an excellent shipping experience from the first phone call to the last. Our network of carriers is constantly growing, but still held to the high standards that our customers have come to expect.

Ecommerce Store

Diy Transport is currently developing and expanding their ecommerce store, providing branded merchandise and apparel, collectibles, and useful tools to our customers.

Inspections On The Road

Buying a used or classic car online can be risky, as some wear and tear is not visible in pictures. Always on the lookout for ways to improve the auto shipping experience for our customers, Diy launched our Inspection Services Division to provide our customers with a reliable inspection before they buy online.

Joining Forces with ClassicCars

Diy Transport joined forces with ClassicCars.com in order to provide customers with instant, accurate, international shipping quotes for their online classic car purchases through ClassicCars.com with the Easy Auto Ship Quick Quote Calculator.

Going International

DIY Transport releases their international shipping platform, Easy Auto Ship.


Growing Again

By the end of 2017, Diy Transport had expanded to 29 employees, with thousands of vetted, reliable carriers shipping thounsands of cars, motorcycles, heavy machinery, and more every month.

Advancing Technology

Determined to make the auto shipping process even easier and more technology-based, Diy Transport introduced Digital BOLs, as well as GPS tracking and timestamping for shipments, allowing customers more control and expediting the process of pickup and delivery.

Shipping Widget

Diy Transport released the industry's first interactive shipping widget, making it easier for dealerships, car auctions, moving companies, and other frequent shippers to provide their customers with an instant quote to ship cars directly from the website to their home, as well as capture web traffic and increase revenue.

Get Our Shipping Calculator Widget

Diy Portal

Diy Transport launched the Diy Portal for dealerships, car auctions, moving companies, and other frequent shippers. The portal allows users to post their own shipments to loadboards through Ebot, automate load bidding, and ship multiple cars at a discount.

Virtual Broker

Shortly after the new website launch, Diy Transport launched Ebot, the virtual broker. Ebot allows those who are familiar with the industry to truly Do It Yourself and save money. By posting your shipment to Ebot, the money that would normally go to the broker goes right back into your pocket

Website Launch

After months of development and testing, Diy Transport launched the new and improved website. With it's latest upgrades, the website can not only provide faster and more accurate auto transport quotes, but also includes many informative pages and articles, as well as a help center.


Joining Forces with Hemmings

Diy Transport joined forces with Hemmings.com to provide all of their visitors with instant auto shipping quotes through the Diy Shipping Widget.

Expanding Again

The Diy Transport office undergoes remodeling, providing the team with a modern, tech-friendly workspace, as well as dedicated rooms for the Dispatch Team, Human Resources & Customer Service Team, Business Development Department, and Digital Strategy Department. With the new office and 25 employees to keep it running smoothly, Diy Transport quickly became a titan in the auto transportation industry.


Broadening Horizons

In order to handle the influx of customers, Diy Transport expanded to 13 employees.

Leading the Industry

Diy Transport partered with TAQ, a web-based auto shipping software that connects brokers and carriers, to become the leaders in instant quoting technology.

The Future of Auto Transport

After realizing that the ability to provide instant, accurate quotes for auto transport was the future of gaining market share and trust within the industry, Diy Transport took steps to make it a reality.



After bringing in our first 5 employees, we acquired our first official office space to accomodate the growing business.

Moving Up

The company moved north, relocating to Boardman, Ohio.


Starting Out

Diy Transport started out with just CEO Eric Ray and one employee operating out of a home office in Miami, Florida. They focused on learning the best practices for shipping cars and filling the technology gaps in the industry.