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It's Fast!

No need to write out quotes or type in a lot of information. Quotes can be generated in seconds.


It's Easy!

There is no long learning curve. This intuitive portal allows bookings to be generated with a few simple mouse clicks.


It's Convenient!

The portal can be accessed via computer, tablet or phone anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.


It's Informative!

The portal allows you to quickly and easily generate reports and track and assess employee and business performance.


Introducing the Diy Shipping  Portal

Our Shipping Portal is an easy auto shipping solution for Dealerships, Auctions, Moving Companies, and Corporate Relocation Firms. When you become a Portal Customer, you'll be assigned your own dedicated account representative who will go through a demo of the portal with you, as well as having a conversation with you to learn your needs and how to set up your account to best suit your business.

Along with your account representative, you'll also get access to the latest technology in the auto transport industry, as well as access to our direct Portal Chat feature. You'll also have the option to enable Ebot, your virtual shipping assistant, to help you save money on every shipment you book.

Efficient Checks & Balances - Introducing  Epod

The days of guessing where carriers are and when your vehicle will be delivered are over, as is the age of the paper BOL. Our Epod cloud platform allows real-time tracking of shipments, as well as digital BOLs delivered instantly. This means faster and more reliable information and more accountability for every auto transport. You (and your customers) will benefit from the complete control and visibility of your auto transport from pickup to delivery.

Digital BOLs allow you to speed up the pickup and delivery process, as well as do away with lengthy paperwork. You'll never have to worry about keeping track of your BOL documentation, because it will be fully accessible through your desktop, phone, or tablet in our cloud storage.

Carriers can also take advantage of Epod, and will get access to more loads and our cloud technology and mobile apps to manage their loads more efficiently and stay organized easily, even on the go.



For  Dealerships

High-volume dealerships with many employees often require multiple users and extra features. The Diy Transport Shipping Portal allows you to create user accounts for all of your sales representatives, limit or increase their permissions, set custom commission rates, and more. This also allows you to monitor performance for individual employees with ease.

If you run a low-volume dealership with only a few employees, or if you have a small department dedicated to shipping and only need minimal features, we can turn extra features off to provide you with a slimmed-down, simplified version of the Auto Shipping Portal.

For more experienced shippers, we offer access to our advanced shipping tool, Ebot.

For  Auctions

You're in the business of selling cars, not shipping them. Let us take the guess work out of auto transport for you. Get an auto transport quote for your highest bidder instantly, and we'll take care of the details. Once you place your order, we'll work in the background to get your vehicle shipped to your customer, answer any questions they may have about the car shipping process, and deal with any issues that may arise.

Saving you time and money is our priority, and our Diy Shipping Portal makes the process simple and quick. Giving your customers an easy vehicle transport option will open up new possibilities for online sales and give them one more reason to choose your auction over the competition.


For Moving Companies & Corporate Relocation

Moving is a daunting process, especially when it's across multiple states. If your customer is moving far, or if they have multiple vehicles to move, the best option may be to ship the cars. We understand that you move people, not cars. That's why we've designed the Diy Shipping Portal with moving companies in mind. Give your customers an instant auto transport quote with their moving quote, so they can do all of their business in one place. Keep track of your orders, give your customers email updates, and more through your customizable Dashboard.

Corporate Relocation often involves the transport of company vehicles or equipment that your business isn't equipped to move. Combine your Relocation price with an auto transport quote and let us do the work for you! We can ship tractors, trailers, heavy equipment, boats, motorcycles, and more!

Technology Solutions

With our industry-leading technology and advanced quoting system, we provide out Portal users with the fastest, most accurate auto transport quotes possible. Our easy-to-use Quick Quote Calculator allows you to get an instant quote on the go, so you can give your customers the best price for their auto transport needs and close the deal in the first conversation. Don't let them leave your office, website, or phone call without an instant quote!

We've designed our Portal platform for everyone, no matter what your experience with technology is. Our intuitive design is easy to navigate, but you'll also get a one-on-one demo with your dedicated Account Executive to go over all the features of the Portal and make sure that it's customized to meet your needs. You'll also have access to our Technical Support team, and you can reach out to your Account Executive for any unique situations or troubleshooting.


To Meet Your Needs

Whether you're just looking for better efficiency and checks and balances with your current carriers and auction services or want to tap into our network of thousands of carriers nationwide, we're here to help.

Our system allows you to import your preferred carriers and take advantage of our Epod technology and secure payment systems or use If you have preferred carriers that you use, we can include them in our system for a flat rate.

If you don't currently have any working relationships with carriers, don't worry! Our expansive network of carriers is at your disposal. Every carrier in our network is heavily vetted, with insurance documentation on file. We rate our carriers internally based on performance, and always pick the highest rated carriers available for your routes.

You Decide!

Every business is different. That's why we designed our Shipping Portal to be universally compatible with nearly any business model. You can choose your preferred payment method from options such as site checkout, COD, ACH, Paypal, checks, and iTruckPay. You can also choose which booking options you want to enable. We offer Book Now booking with a flat rate that we stand by no matter what, as well as the Ebot tool.

Your Portal also includes an Accounting page, which displays a rundown of your orders, how much you paid for each, and how much you saved. You can choose to view all orders, Book Now orders only, or Ebot orders only, and they're separated by time periods ("this week", "this month", "this quarter", etc.) for easy bookkeeping.


Introducing the Diy Shipping  Widget

Not only do we offer modern, customized technology to help your business run smoothly, but also provide our portal customers with our Shipping Widget. The Shipping Widget is a small, light-weight module that we send you to include in your website that allows customers to get instant auto shipping prices without leaving your site. It takes up very little real estate on your site, and won't hinder load times. As a bonus feature, we'll also notify you when someone is looking for shipping prices on your site so you can contact your potential customer to close the deal.

Because not every business has an in-house technology team, we also have a technical support team that can install the widget on your site for you or walk you through the process step-by-step.

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Diy Transport, Inc. is a 3PL Logistics Firm specializing in Nationwide Auto Transport and Freight Commodities for businesses as well as private individuals. We are a young, growing, progressive team of individuals that love working together to provide our customers the most innovative technology and service that the auto transport freight industry has to offer. We are a 5 star rated company on Transport Reviews and hold an A+ accreditation rating with the BBB nationwide.

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