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When you think car transport, many people picture their car on a flatbed truck going down the road. Most people do not realize when transporting a car long distances, it goes onto a large truck and trailer. Most car transport is done with open-air trailers, but you can also arrange enclosed car transport however the cost is generally about 40% more than open-air. There are a bunch of reasons you may need to arrange car transport. You many have bought your dream car online 2500 miles away and need to have it shipped home to you. You may be moving and can only driver one of the family cars and need to ship the other one. The bottom line is car transport is a very convenient way to save time from driving the car a cross country.

Classic and Exotic Car Transport

Most people that just spent a good chunk of money on their dream car decide to go with enclosed car transport services as it provides the most protection from the outside elements.  Enclosed Car Transport haulers generally carrier a much higher cargo insurance policy also vs and open-air carrier.  Most enclosed car transporter have much more expertise when it come to load, unloading, and strapping down an expensive car so that no damage is done during this process.  Many enclosed car transporters also have the ability for the client to track the shipment via GPS, so you know where your baby is at all times.  If you would like an enclosed car transport quote contact us today at 888-687-3243, or fill our the form on our website for an instant quote and we will get right back with you to go over the details of you transport.

Economy and Open-Air Car Transport

If your looking to arrange car transport at the most affordable price, then open-air is the way to go.  There are also some other advantages to going with an open car transport.  There are about 20 times more open car carriers than enclosed car carriers meaning pick up times can happen much quicker in most cases.  The main disadvantage to going with an open-air car transport is that the car will generally show up quite dirty due to the weather on the trip.  You also risk the chance of a small chip in the paint or windshield just as if you were driving your car down the road.  97% of the time your car will be delivered in the same condition as when it was picked up.  However, if you should ever have damage during your car transport Easy Auto Ship has a full-time claims department that will help walk you through the process of filing a claim with the carrier’s insurance.  Not only do we verify the carrier’s insurance is up to date, but we request that we become a named policy holder before we dispatch that carrier out to pick up one of our client’s cars.  If you would like to get an open-air car transport quote you can go online and fill out our instant car shipping calculator, start a live chat, or call us at 888-687-3243 and speak to a live car transport specialist.

Final Mile Car Transport Delivery

This is a service that we provide for that white glove car transport experience.  The vehicle will usually go on a open-air carrier to one of our local drop off yards where it will then be cleaned and detailed then put on a flat bed truck to make the final delivery trip.  This also allows for exact drop off times for the client vs the big carrier coming through town giving you a range or window you will need to be available for drop off.  This type of car transport service is generally used by relocation firms transferring an employee, or a Carvana type buying experience where the customer is paying for that shopping on the couch and it showing up at your door like amazon experience.

Car Transport, Different Types of Car Transport

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Car Transport, Different Types of Car Transport

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