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Everything is bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no exception. Just over 1 million call the metropolis home, and locals enjoy arts and entertainment ranging from museums to botanical gardens. Dallas has a relatively low cost of living with plenty of jobs and affordable housing. Whether you're wanting to relocate or visit, auto transport services can get your vehicle to Dallas just in time for you to catch a Cowboys game or admire the amazing skyline.

Brief History:

Dallas was formally incorporated in February of 1856. As it morphed into a business and trading mecca, Dallas become a booming metropolis by the end of the 19th century.

Today, Dallas continues to be a thriving and vibrant city with lots of historic significance.


If you're heading to Dallas, hopefully you can tolerate the heat. In the summers, temperatures can range from 102 to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other side of the coin, Dallas typically receives freezing rain a couple times per year. Overall, the climate of Dallas is hot, humid, and prone to thunderstorms.

Reasons to Visit:

Dallas' A&T Stadium is home to the Dallas Cowboys, one of America's most popular NFL teams

Dallas Heritage Village is a great spot for history buffs who want to check out 19th century pioneer homes and historic commercial buildings

You won't have to worry about snow

You'll be able to easily visit Pioneer plaza, which contains a waterfall, man-made cliffs and 50 bronze steers, horses and cowboys.

If you love horseback riding, endless skies and unlimited ranches, you'll feel right at home

Government, Education, & Tourism Links:

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