Common Misconceptions About Auto Transport

common misconceptions, Common Misconceptions About Auto Transport

We hear it all the time. A customer read an article online that said their task can be done in an arbitrary way, all because an non-reputable transport company gave them falsified information. And when you try to explain that the task cannot be done in that manner, the customer refuses to believe you because they saw it online, so it has to be true. We even notice other brokers or carriers believing these false facts. Most of the time, the information has not been updated, or is just entirely fabricated to sound like they are the in the know brand to go with. To help you understand what is real and what is not, we decided to debunk some of these claims.

Myth #1: Enclosed Transport is the Only Option to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Okay, so we know that enclosed transport has its merits. Your car is encased in a closed carrier to protect it from potential debris or weather. However, open air transport can be safe for your vehicle as well. Sure, it doesn’t encase your vehicle away from weather. But it can protect your vehicle from unwanted car fluids potentially leaking on your vehicle, or keep debris from scratching your paint or cracking a window. Request top load transport if your vehicle is on an open air car carrier. In this scenario, your vehicle is placed on the top rack of a car carrier. Unless your vehicle is a luxury or exotic car, why spend the extra money on enclosed transport, when open air transport is just as protective?

Myth #2: Brokers are Out to Get You

People constantly have the misconception that auto transport specialists are out to take your money and screw you over. This is definitely not the case. Brokers not only assist drivers in getting the transports they need to fill their carriers, but also help customers in getting connected to these drivers and carriers. Brokers also help keep the cost of your transport to stay as low as possible. An auto transport specialist can negotiate the shipment price so you aren’t stuck booking with a carrier that is giving you a price that is double what you should be spending.

Myth #3: Shipping is More Expensive than Driving

This one might be partially true in some scenarios. However, when you take into consideration the amount of money it will take to keep your car fueled, the wear and tear your vehicle may face, the cost of a hotel each time you have to stop when you are too tired to keep going, and the food to keep yourself fed during the long distance, shipping makes much more sense. Why put yourself through all that hassle when you can just ship your vehicle for a little more money? Peace of mind sounds so much better than long-distance driving does.

Myth #4: Cheaper Prices means Better

This one should be self explanatory. The lower the cost, the less inclined you should want to book with a transport company. Why? Because cheaper is seldom better. Do you want quality? Or do you want cheap? Majority of the time, a cheaper cost doesn’t get a carrier to grab and book a transport. And your car could also be less protected. Only go with a cheap cost if the company can guarantee extra protection should something happen to your vehicle. Or you could just smartly book with a quality transport specialist. Your choice.