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Classic Car Auto Shipping

Easy Auto Ship Offers Expert Handling and Care for Your Classic Vehicle at Every Step

Protect Your Classic Car's Value with Our Safe and Reliable Transport

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand the value and importance of classic cars. Besides the financial value, it’s the sentiment that counts the most, and we aim to preserve it for you by ensuring safe transportation.

With our classic car relocation services, we strive to ensure that your classic vehicle is handled with the utmost care and professionalism throughout the shipping process. We also offer expedited transport if you need your car moved faster with the same level of top-notch care.

Our team of experienced professionals will carefully coordinate every aspect of your classic car’s transportation, from pickup to delivery. Rest assured, it’ll arrive at its destination just as you left it with us.

What's Classic Car Transportation Service?

Classic car shipping is a specialized auto transport service that allows customers to move their classic cars without any hassles. We carefully take care of everything - from picking up your vehicle from your home, auto dealership company, or auction house to making delivery safely.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that your classic car will be treated with the utmost care and respect throughout its journey.

Whether you’re buying a classic car from another part of the country or within your state, we have a solution for every need. From a fleet of customizable classic car haulers to special equipment to load, secure and unload such luxury vehicles from a trailer, Easy Auto Ship’s carriers are well-equipped to make every kind of transport delivery.

Why Get Enclosed Car Transport For Your Classic Car Instead of Open Carrier?

  • Enclosed Car Carriers Offer Security: An enclosed vehicle transporter is covered from all sides, so they’re not exposed to any outside elements or weather conditions.

  • Top-Level Care: Carriers that move vehicles in enclosed carriers are better trained to handle exotic car transport. They mostly transport luxury, sports, classic and high-dollar cars, so they have the special equipment and experience to handle vehicles with care.

  • Guaranteed Insurance: Easy Auto Ship only hires shippers after verifying their insurance policies. This means your vehicle’s coverage during the shipping is guaranteed.

  • Fewer Vehicles: Enclosed trailers cannot hold as many vehicles as open carriers. This means your vehicle doesn’t get moved much when loading or unloading other cars. Plus, if you get expedited shipping, your vehicle will be picked up even faster than getting expedited with an open carrier, as there are fewer cars to pick up with enclosed carriers.

Our transport company offers
global shipping

8 Factors to Consider When Getting Classic Car Transport Services

Before hiring classic car companies, you must ensure the car shipper is responsible enough to handle your exotic vehicle. Here's what to look for

1. How the company handles car transport for vintage classics? Do they have the necessary equipment, such as padding, restraints, hydraulic ramps, covers etc.?

2. Do they offer door-to-door pick and drop for exotic car transport?

3. Are their exotic car transport services reviewed by people online?

4. Is their trailer fleet well-maintained?

5. Do they check the car transporter's background and experience before hiring?

6. How does their car shipping quote compare to other companies? Does it hold better or similar value to the other car shipping companies service?

7. Do they offer expedited transport service for classic cars?

8. Can they make car delivery across the country?

Easy Auto Ship checks all the marks and offers excellent value compared to other car shipping companies. You can talk to one of our representatives and ask these and any other questions you have.


Classic Car Types We Transport

Easy Auto Ships all kinds of classics ranging from the oldies such as the 1903 Cadillac Model A, 1921 Hudson Super Six Phaeton, and Bugatti Type 57, to more recent models like the Jaguar E-Type, Aston Martin DB5, Volkswagen Beetle, Porsche 911, Pontiac Firebird Trans AM, Ford Ranchero and AMC Hornet Sport to name a few. Here's every type of exotic car transport we offer

Antique cars

Sport Utility Vehicles

Sports cars

Coupe Utility Vehicles

Muscle cars

Station Wagons

Collectable cars

Hot Rod Vehicles

Vintage cars

Classic Cars Transport Service Cost

Transporting classic cars anywhere in the country would depend on factors such as total distance, vehicle type, enclosed or open shippers, regular or expedited service, terminal or door-to-door pickup, gas prices, time of year, shipping conditions (weather and holidays) and so on. However, you can get a general idea of car shipping costs below

From & ToDistanceCostDays in Transit
New York, NY to Boston, MA215 miles$2151-2
Dallas, TX to Memphis, TN425 miles$318.752 - 4
Denver, CO to Dallas, TX750 miles$562.503 - 5
Los Angeles, CA to Denver, CO900 miles$6754 - 6
Denver, CO to Columbus, OH925 miles$687.504 - 6
Phoenix, AZ to Memphis, TN1,200 miles$9004 - 6
Detroit, MI to Las Vegas, NV2,200 miles$1,1005 - 7
New York, NY to Phoenix, AZ2,200 miles$1,1005 - 7
Seattle, WA to Memphis, TN2,250 miles$1,112.505 - 7
Miami, FL to Seattle, WA3,150 miles$1,5756 - 8
Boston, MA to Miami, FL1,100 miles$8252 - 4
Memphis, TN to Columbus, OH425 miles$318.752 - 4
Dallas, TX to Phoenix, AZ600 miles$4502 - 4
Los Angeles, CA to Detroit, MI2,200 miles$1,1005 - 7
Denver, CO to New York, NY1,800 miles$9004 - 6
Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA1,500 miles$1,1254 - 6
Las Vegas, NV to Miami, FL2,550 miles$1,0206 - 8
New York, NY to Dallas, TX1,500 miles$1,1254 - 6
Seattle, WA to Denver, CO1,200 miles$9004 - 6
Miami, FL to Phoenix, AZ2,000 miles$8004 - 6
Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN400 miles$3002 - 4

Note: These are just estimates, and the total shipping distance and prices can vary depending on the routes taken and other factors mentioned above. Moreover, additional services like expedited shipping will further increase the cost.

Here's Why You Should Get Easy Auto Ship's Classic Auto Shipping Service

Car Transport Carriers' Due Diligence

We constantly check the insurance and background of the car transporter before hiring them. So rest assured, you'll get the absolute best shipping service.

Talk to Your Car Transport Driver

Once the car transporter is assigned, we'll share the phone number of the transport driver so you can stay in touch with him.

Personalized Car Transport

Whether you need expedited transport, remote pickup, ship inoperational car, or guaranteed pickup, we can provide custom shipping solutions.

24/7 Shipping Support

Our car transport representatives can assist you from A-Z whenever you need them. Rest assured, you are not alone in your car relocation process.

Should I transport my classic car with enclosed auto transport?
We recommend you use enclosed auto shipping to move your car as it offers better protection.
When to get expedited transport for my classic car?
Expedited car transport is best when you are in a rush and want the vehicle to be picked up fast. However, ’expedited’ is only limited to picking up a vehicle sooner than other cars in the shipment. It doesn’t mean fast transport of your vehicle. So with just a small fee, your vehicle can get expedited pickup.
Can I get a classic car transported from another country?
Yes, we can help you transport your car safely to and from another country. We can transport from the port, railway platform or airport to your door and vice versa. Since international car transports are time-consuming, you can reduce days by getting expedited car transport. This will reduce the number of days in the car pickup
Can I get top-load for my classic car?
Yes, we can get you top-load, whether it’s open or enclosed. However, just like expedited car transport, there’s a small fee for top-load.
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