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Factors to Consider for Car Shipping Cost

Oftentimes, customers struggle with finding the right car shipping company to fit their wallet. Easy Auto Ship understands just how difficult it is trying to ship a car without having the proper knowledge on cost. Researching about car shipping cost is imperative to give you an accurate price. There are factors that must be considered before you begin to think about the exact price of your auto transport.

The first factors to consider are distance and how quickly you need your vehicle delivered to you. It is important to note that your price varies with each traveled mile in transport. This means that if you travel 200 miles, your price will be less than traveling 2000 miles. However, the price of the pickup and price of the drop off remain the same. Below is a car shipping price chart to help give you a few examples for average costs of vehicle shipping.

Distance Base Price Per mile Example Distance Example Price
1-500 Miles $1.00 400 miles $400
500+ miles $0.75 900 miles $675
1,000+ miles $0.60 1,200 miles $720
2,000+ miles $0.50 2,400 miles $1,200
2,500+ miles $0.40 3,600 miles $1,440

If you need expedited shipping, expect to pay more.

Expedited shipping gets you your vehicle quickly, but also gives you a smaller delivery window to work with. Finding a driver can be difficult in smaller time frames. Only choose that option if you are certain your transport must be completed fast.

The next factor to consider is whether you will use open or enclosed transport. Open air car shipping is the most common choice, as it is 40% less than enclosed shipping. Enclosed car shipping costs more because the carrier has less cars and majority of the transports are luxury vehicles. Open air carriers can carry much more. It’s essentially like supply and demand. The more product you have, then the easier it is to drop prices. The less product you have, then the harder it is to drop prices.

You also must keep in mind that if your car is inoperable, you risk paying more money.

Inoperable vehicles are more difficult to transport, because not every transport truck or vehicle has winches to get your car where it must go with ease. Most companies will charge you around $150 for inoperable vehicles. If a company charges you more than that for an inoperable vehicle, learn why. You can also find a company that is willing to work with you for the right price. Easy Auto Ship will always be there for you and help you find the best quote for car shipping.

The next factor to keep in mind is the vehicle’s specifications, such as size and weight. A car that weighs 7000 pounds is going to cost you double the price of a car that weighs 3500 pounds. Always remember to inform the driver of anything specific about the vehicle. If your truck has a ladder attached to it, the driver can deny the pickup because they were not informed previously and may not have room for those extra dimensions. Details are key to a successful and smooth auto transport.

The location and time of year you are shipping are determining factors of cost, as well. Most drivers do not want to drive out to the middle of nowhere for pickup or drop off. Drivers could charge more if that happens. It is better to choose a location that is easily accessible to save yourself extra money. Also, if you are trying to plan out a transport location when moving, you may want to deliver to a more populated location, as drivers delivering to larger cities tend to charge less than if they deliver to smaller cities.

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Easy Auto Ship believes in helping you find the easiest way to get quality results for car shipping. We have developed our own free, online car shipping calculator to assist our potential customers in finding the best price for their auto shipping needs. Our car shipping calculator allows customers the ability to find their best car shipping cost without needing to call our transport specialists directly. All you need is basic vehicle and personal information, as well as pickup and drop off postal codes. Once you have that information, go on our company’s homepage and fill out our calculator for an instant car shipping quote. You will be provided a quote within minutes.

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