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Auto Transport Services for Car Dealerships

Dealership Auto Transport That Delivers The Perfect Trifecta of Speed, Reliability and Safety

As a dealership, you already have a lot on your plate, from handling customers, and maintaining inventory, to paying the bills and scaling your business. You don’t want the hassle of scheduling car shipments and ensuring they are transported safely and on time. We know that the time it takes to get an important shipment to its destination can be critical, which is why it is crucial for us to deliver your inventory with speed and reliability. Easy Auto Ship is here to help you with A-Z dealership car transport.

We Know Exactly What Auto Dealerships’ Shipping Needs Are:

Being in the car transport industry for a decade, we know exactly what businesses need to ship their inventory. We understand that every dealership is different and will require a customized shipping solution tailor-made just for them. With our vast network of thousands of carriers across the U.S and experienced staff, we can provide top-notch services for the price unmatched by any other auto transport company in the industry.

Plus, we use business technology to make the process even easier for you, from using our portal to track shipments in real-time to checking ELDs. We ensure every mile is accounted for. We incorporate advanced technologies in our business solutions so that you can do what you do best; run and scale your dealership business.

Priority Car Shipping Between Dealerships Across the Country

Our team understands that car shipping between dealerships can be time-consuming and expensive, which is why we always handle their shipments on priority. Knowing that your important inventory will be moved quickly and efficiently between your dealerships gives you peace of mind.

Easy Auto Ship is your go-to source for dealership car transport, whether you need to move inventory to and from a local dealership or across the country. We understand how critical it is to offer a reliable service to our customers because their investment is at stake, which is why we continuously work to exceed our customer’s expectations.

You can also count on us to deliver inventory from the manufacturers to your dealership promptly and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer – call Easy Auto Ship today for a free consultation!

Effortless Car Delivery from Dealerships to Customer’s Doorstep

Dealerships are the main source for people to buy and sell cars. However, not every customer is willing or has the time to drive the car to and from the dealership. This is where our dealership customer shipping services can help.

Besides offering dealer auto transport services, we also provide shipping for their customers. If you have purchased a car from a dealership anywhere throughout the U.S., we can help. Our network of transporters ensures your car is transported to your doorsteps safely and on time.

Streamline Your Car Transport with Our Fully-Equipped and Trained Staff

Easy Auto Ship is staffed with highly qualified and experienced representatives familiar with all the ins and outs of dealership car shipping. We take pride in our team’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service, which is why we always equip our vehicles with state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our team also has years of experience transporting large fleets of cars, so you can be sure your inventory will arrive safely at its destination. That said, here are the main transportation methods we use to move vehicles for dealerships and their cars:

Open Carrier

This is the most common and cost-effective car transport method. Open carriers use large trucks to transport vehicles from one location to another, making it the ideal option for dealerships with a limited budget. From single-car, single-level, to multi-car, multi-level open carriers moving 7-10 vehicles at once, we have the transporters to meet your demands no matter the inventory size.

Enclosed Carrier

This type of carrier is perfect for dealers shipping highly expensive vehicles like classic vehicles, sports cars, luxury automobiles and the likes in safe and secure locations. Enclosed carriers use tightly boarded trucks and are closed off from the outside world, ensuring that your cars arrive in pristine condition. From small-scale car transports to large-scale vehicle movements, we have the enclosed carrier options to meet your highly-secure auto shipping needs.

Why Use Truck Shipping When Dealerships Can Use Transport by Rail?

Dealerships have been shipping automobiles via trains for a long time. However, this system moves bulk quantities of cars from manufacturers. These automobiles may come directly from a cargo ship or beyond-border locations as not all manufacturers are local to the U.S. These vehicles are loaded onto the train to commence transit.

However, special auto racks are required to move vehicles on rails. Plus, trains deliver the shipments to different ‘hubs’ and then vehicles are distributed to local dealerships using open carriers.

This is a more costly and time-consuming process than carrier shipping and is mostly suited for people who want to ship and ride cars. The extra step of transporting from the hub doesn’t make it cost-effective.

How Dealership Car Shipping Works in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Get a Dealership Car Logistics Quote

You can use our instant car shipping quote calculator or talk to one of our representatives to get a close estimate of the dealership car shipping cost. Whether you need logistics for 2-3 vehicles or a whole fleet of tens of cars, you can count on us to calculate close estimates to the final quotes. Plus, the more vehicles are shipped, the better rates we can offer.

Step 2

Your Vehicles Are Picked Up for Dealership Transportation

Once you give a green signal, our dispatch will find and assign the most suitable carrier(s) to your fleet. They will contact you a few hours before your scheduled pick-up time to confirm the fleet details and availability of someone at the pick-up site. Make sure the vehicles are ready at this point. Once that’s done, they’ll arrive, load the vehicles and take off.

Step 3

Your Vehicles are Delivered

You will be provided with the carrier’s details and tracking number, which you can use on our tracking portal to keep an eye on the real-time location of your shipment. Once the transporter is near your delivery location, they will call you and ensure you are available to receive the delivery or someone else who is 18+ of age can do that on your behalf. You can check the vehicle’s condition, make the rest of the payment to the carrier and finish the transportation process.

Best Logistics Costs For Dealership Car Transport Services

The cost to ship a car to a dealership depends on several factors, some of which include:

Depending on these factors, the average dealer car shipping costs can be the following:

DistanceBase Cost Per mileExample DistanceExample Price
1-500 Miles$1.00400 miles$400
500+ miles$0.75900 miles$675
1,000+ miles$0.601,200 miles$720
2,000+ miles$0.502,400 miles$1,200
2,500+ miles$0.403,600 miles$1,440

Remember that these are just averages. The cost can go down if you ship more vehicles in one shipment.

We Work With Every Type of Dealer and Broker for Vehicle Transport

High-End Automobile Dealers

Do you specialize in moving luxury, exotic, premium and high-end vintage cars? We have the men, tools and enclosed carriers to ensure maximum safety. From VIP handling to transportation in airtight carriers, we’ll ensure your investment stays protected from every hazard during the transit.

Online Dealership Sales

With skyrocketing vehicle prices, customers are turning to the internet to find the best deals, and they often land on dealership websites far from their locations. If you receive orders from online or offline clients, you can count on us to move automobiles to them across the U.S. and even beyond borders.

Dealer Trades

Dealerships are always doing trade-ins with customers and other dealers, so they need someone reliable to move the automobiles while optimizing delivery routes to save logistics costs. We can help facilitate your exchanges with our inbound and outbound car shipping services, where two local carriers go each way, delivering cars directly from the origin to the delivery point, saving money and time.

Dealership Auction Transports

Whether you’re selling or purchasing inventory through auto auctions, we can handle shipments from any car auctions across the country, including Copart, Manheim, IAA, Adesa and more for you.

Big and Small Dealers

Whether you’re a large dealership with several branches across the country or a mom-and-pop store with a limited inventory, we can move your cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles to and from wherever you want. Plus, you can always track your car shipment with our portal to stay aware of the progress.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our Car Dealers Transport

⭐Review From Luke Sensebe’

“I heard of this company from my good friend who had his cars shipped from the Bay Area to south FL. Lindsay, my EAS rep was SUPER HELPFUL, very friendly, always available through text or email and answered any and all of my questions even after hours (sorry about that Lindsay)!! When my out of state purchase process was delayed Lindsay & EAS were very flexible in rescheduling to later in the week. My car arrived clean, on time as expected and was already parked at my house when the driver called me for the final update, to my surprise when I came outside everything had already been taken care of. The driver also kept me updated during his trip. The whole experience was fast and easy and the cost was more than reasonable. The out of state BMW dealership was so impressed with the speed and punctuality that they are also going to start using the company for their future shipping needs. I am also recommending their service to my wife’s client who is moving out of state. I cannot recommend them enough. The customer service alone is worth the recommendation but when you factor in their pricing and quality they simply cannot be beat. Plus your vehicle is insured for the trip for peace of mind! Thank you Lindsay for being so awesome to work with and for getting my car to me quickly and in perfect condition!”

How We Transported Luke Sensebe’s BMW from Out of State

When you offer something truly excellent to your customers, they spread the word, and that’s exactly how Luke came to us through a friend who used us to move his cars from the Bay area to South FL. Luke got in touch with us and talked to Lindsay, who helped him understand the whole process and was available throughout the process, even after hours. We were in contact with the dealership that Luke had bought his BMW and due to some issues in the car purchase process with the dealer, Luke asked us to reschedule, which we did gladly. Once he gave us the go-ahead, we collaborated with the BMW dealership, picked up Luke’s car, and moved his brand new car to his driveway; he was surprised to see it parked outside when he came out. Although we were done moving Luke’s BMW, the word-of-mouth chain only got bigger; the out-of-state BMW dealership wanted to work with us to move their vehicles as well. Luke even suggested our name to his wife’s client, who is relocating to a different state, so that’s another win for us. We know how impactful it is to offer an extraordinary experience to clients, so we always go the extra mile (pun intended) to do just that.

⭐Review From Mark Goodall

“I am a classic car dealer and travel all over the US buying cars! So we have shipped 12 plus cars with Lynsey and easy auto. No problems at all. Thank you”

How We Help Ship Vintage Vehicles For Mark Goodall’s Classic Car Dealership:

Mark is a traveling classic car dealer, so he travels across the US, buying classic cars and shipping them back to his location. Since classic cars are super expensive and require expertise and careful handling, as they are also very vulnerable, we connected Mark with Lyndsey. She’s one of Easy Auto Ship’s most responsive and responsible transport agents. She has helped Mark move 12 classic vehicles without a single complaint.

⭐Review From Vershawn Wright:

“The only company I use to ship cars. I own a small auto dealership in Florida but I purchase vehicles from all over the country. I have tried several carriers but Easy Auto Ship is the best. They are always prompt to respond to any concerns. They offer great service and competitive rates. I only recommend Easy Auto Ship.”

How We Moved Several Vehicles For Vershawn Wright’s Dealership:

Easy Auto Ship loves to collaborate with dealers from all over the US because they give bulk orders, which helps us give more work to our carriers and negotiate better deals with them. Vershawn is also one of the hundreds of dealers we closely worked with on many occasions. He has a dealership in Florida, and he often needed us to move vehicles for his customers to various parts of the US. He’d also get our help to move vehicle inventories he purchased from manufacturers across the US. Vershawn tried several carriers before us, but they all came short of meeting his needs or sometimes being fully professionals. So when he found Easy Auto Ship, he was more than happy with our prompt responses, great service, and competitive rates.

⭐Review From Southern Hot Rod Motors

“I own a classic car dealership in Louisiana. These guys do all my transport…. Thanks again from Southern Hot Rod Motors.”

How We Help Southern Hot Rod Motors Dealership Transport Vehicles:

Southern Hot Rod Motors is a classic car dealership based in Louisiana. We understand that vintage car dealerships frequently need someone with large flatbeds and enclosed trailers to safely move the bulk of their inventories. They contacted our support, received our custom quotes, and hired us as their official movers to transport all of their vehicles.

⭐Review From Ricky Butler

“I highly recommend Easy Auto Ship, ask for Christie. She has shipped two cars for my business recently. I called Christie needing 2 classic cars shipped to Maine from Madison, Virginia. Both cars were shipped right away for two different customers. I plan to let Christie know about all my classic car shipping needs from now on. Thank you Christie. Butler Automotive Sales. Madison, Va.”

How We Relocated Multiple Classic Cars for Ricky Butler’s Dealership From Maine to Virginia

Ricky needed to move two classic cars for his business, Butler Automotive Sales, in Madison, Virginia, from Maine. He contacted Easy Auto Ship and was connected with Christie, one of our excellent customer reps. She listened to all of his requirements and booked the shipping. We understand shipping classic cars requires an extreme level of careful handling as these vehicles are fragile, and if damaged, finding their parts can be a big pain. Plus, he needed each car to be shipped to a different customer, so there were two drop-off points. So, we ensured the driver understood the task. Ricky’s vehicles were moved on time, and he was happy with the service.

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