Canadian Snowbird Car shipping, Canadian Snowbird Car shipping with the border closed

Canadian Snowbird Car shipping with the border closed

The borders are still not fully open to civilians since the COVID19 hit the world. And because of that, snowbirds are finding it challenging to get away to the warm beachers of Florida with their vehicles to pass the winter there. However, there are still some ways that snowbirds can use to move their cars to the U.S, even if the border is closed, read on to more them.

Here Are the Three Ways Snowbirds Getting Their Cars Across the Border Amid Closure

Using Commercial Car Transport Service:

This is perhaps the most popular and convenient way to get the car across the border. Whether you have SUVs, cars, RVs, or pickup trucks, anything can be shipped using Canadian car transport companies.

Even when the borders are closed for civilians, trade is still allowed, which is why Canadian auto shipping companies can legally move your vehicle to the U.S.

This kind of service is also popular because there’s nothing that you as a snowbird need to do. Everything ranging from car pickup to customs clearance and drop off to your winter destination in the U.S will be done by the transport service provider.

You can also ask the auto shipping company to bring your vehicle back to Canada when winter is over. Or, if the border restrictions are lifted during this time, you can drive the car back to Canada as well.

Using Driveaway Service:

Simply put, driveaway service is where you pay someone to drive your vehicle to its destination. It’s cheaper than the cost to ship a car and also a little faster. Plus, even though the borders are closed to the public, driveaway service providers are allowed to cross the border. In fact, a lot of RVs are moved across the border this way during the winters.

However, there are two drawbacks with this service. First, your vehicle will be driven to thousands of kms and then driven back the same number of kms. This can add a lot of wear and tear to the vehicle. Secondly, you will have to take care of all the paperwork including customs clearance, which can be a hassle.

Shipping Just Across the Border:

This year, another trend is observed among snowbirds; they are shipping their vehicles just across the border. They fly to the nearest airport to the border, go to their vehicle that has just crossed the border, and drive it to their destination in the U.S.

Since the problem is crossing the border, snowbirds use Canadian auto transport companies to do just that and then drive the cars for the rest of the distance.

So What Should You do?

We don’t recommend driveaway services as you need to go through a bit of hassle to get the paperwork in order and deal with the folks at the border. Plus, it adds wear and tear to your vehicle and thousands of kms to the odometer, which can reduce its resale value.

The cost for a drive away usually ranges from $400 to $600. We suggest adding a few hundred bucks more and using Canadian auto shipping company to move the car all the way to your winter destination in the U.S.

Or, you can also go for just across the border shipping but that would require you to drive the car to your destination after it’s across the border, the distance can still be several hundred kms.

Canadian Car Shipping Can Help:

We are one of the leading car transport service providers in Canada with ties to top rated auto shipping service providers in the U.S.

So rest assured knowing your car will be quickly and safely transported to its destination in the U.S and then back to your Canadian destination after winters. Feel free to call us for a free car shipping quote and to talk more.