Can I Get Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Times for My Auto Transport?

My Auto Transport, Can I Get Guaranteed Pickup and Delivery Times for My Auto Transport?Are you wondering if there is a guarantee on pickup and delivery times of your car? Well, getting car shipping, especially for a long-distance can be hectic and your need to have a good idea of the dates so your plans don’t get messed up. However, do you get an exact date or do you need to improvise on every step of the way? Let’s discuss these things in the guide below:

You’ll See Pickup and Delivery Windows:

One thing that you will get to see when working with most of the car transport companies is something called ‘Delivery Window’. This basically means that you are not promised an exact date, but a duration from one date to another and your car will be picked up in that duration and similarly, delivered in a different delivery duration.

Since a lot of variables are involved in the whole car shipping process, it is fair to get ‘windows’ instead of specific dates. For instance, when you book car transport service, your car is not instantly connected with a carrier. The auto transport companies have a network of carriers and they find the best match for your specific needs and then connect that carrier with you.

So depending on the availability, time of the year, weather and other variable factors, it can take a few days in this process. This is the main reason why most of the companies don’t guarantee pickup times. Now if we talk about the delivery times, then when the carrier is on the road, a lot of things can happen.

Unexpected weather changes may cause the driver to stop at a motel for a day or two, flat tire, fuel issues or mechanical problems in the truck can also cause delays. Therefore, the delivery date is also not guaranteed and a delivery window is provided.

So What Should You Do in This Case?

Now the question is, how can you tackle this issue and ensure that your plans are not ruined because of these ‘windows’? Well here are a important few things that you can do:

  • Plan Ahead: Best way to deal with unexpected delays is to plan ahead of time. You will be given a time frame so we suggest that you make your plans around it. Whether you need to change flight times or rearrange work schedules, doing this can help you avoid unpleasant experiences.
  • Ask for Guarantee: Some companies offer guaranteed pickup and delivery dates as well. However, they then do a lot of work to meet the deadlines which is why you will have to shell out a few bucks extra to get guaranteed dates. Ask your auto shipping company about this.
  • Keep Tracking: Virtually all good car shipping service provider offer tracking of the shipment. So you can make plans based on how far the car is from the destination. As for pickups, you can always call the carrier to check how soon he can arrive to pick up your vehicle.
  • Consider Expedited Shipping: If you cannot change your plans and guaranteed pickup and delivery are also not offered by the vehicle transport company, then you should opt for expedited shipping. Here, your car will be transported on a smaller, faster car hauler that will deliver the vehicle. The pickup and delivery times will also be prioritized so you can enjoy better pickup/delivery times. However, the cost to ship a car will increase for expedited shipping.

It is always a good idea to plan around the pickup and delivery dates even if you are getting guarantees because being extra careful doesn’t do any damage. Plus, most of the car shipping companies live up to the dates they provide and delays only occur when there are weather issues, road blockage or busy season, so we suggest you take these things in account when planning.