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One of the most successful and famous models by Bugatti, the Chiron was introduced in 2016 and it has been produced by the company ever since. The car belongs to Sports Car S class and comes in a 2-door coupe body style. Chiron has a mid-engine, all-wheel drive and is a two-seater car. The heavy look with a very distinctive body makes this car stand out from other sports cars out there.

To know more about the Chiron, read the next section of this guide. Furthermore, towards the end of this article, you will learn some useful tips about getting vehicle shipping service for your Bugatti Chiron or any other supercar for that matter.

Specifications of Bugatti Chiron

The Chiron has come out in different variants ranging from Chiron Sport, Chiron Super Sport, Chiron Put Sport, Chiron Noire and a special, one time edition called LA Voiture Noire. Though these variants have slightly different body styles and color tones, when it comes to powertrain, you will find the same 8.0L quad-turbocharged W16 engine that sends out a baffling 1479hp and 1577hp for Super Sport model. All of these cars come with a 7-speed dual-clutch auto transmission.

The angry front look and the sporty spoiler at the back with a straight LED backlight make this car really stand out from the rest of the super vehicles. The interior is made of a blend of premium quality materials including titanium, leather, carbon fiber and aluminum and offers ample space for the driver and the sole passenger.

Car Shipping of Bugatti Chiron

Whenever you get a vehicle transport service, whether for your Bugatti Chiron or any other super car, make sure to work with a broker and not a local carrier. The carriers are the truck drivers while the brokers are the companies that manage them. There are various reasons why you should avoid working with carriers. Firstly, you are not aware of their background or how experienced they are. What if someone posing as carrier disappears with your car? You will not have anybody to blame. But with brokers, you always have someone to go to and hold accountable.

Secondly, you need good insurance for your vehicle which is mostly not the case with carriers. This means that if you go with the local carrier and not a car transport broker, then there is a high chance that your car will not be insured in case of any accidents. Broker is a registered entity that has a vehicle shipping insurance policy in place. So in case any or all of the cars getting transported get damaged, their owners can get compensation for that.

Lastly, car transport brokers have a team of experts who will better handle your vehicle and also keep you posted of the day-to-day shipping progress. All in all, shipping of any super car should be done via vehicle transport brokers and not local carriers.

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