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Best Place to Buy a Car Online

Best Place to Buy a Car Online
If you have decided to buy your car from the internet this time and save the whole tiresome process of visiting dealer to dealer finding the car you need, then you are at the right place. Here, we will suggest you the best places to buy a car online, so if you are ready, then let’s dive right in:

For Individuals:


If you are an individual who just wants to sell their car or purchase one from a platform dedicated to the sale and purchase of vehicles then Edmunds is perhaps one of the best platforms you can ever use. Not only you can find used cars but they also have new cars listed on their platforms.

So even if you don’t want to buy a new one, you can check out the difference of prices between new and used cars and get a pretty good idea of the price you should pay for a deal.

They also have a Car Appraisal tool that you can use to find out the value of your car or the car that you are going to purchase to ensure you get a better deal. You can read this detailed guide to find out how to buy the car using Edmunds.

Bring a Trailer:

If you have a thing for rare or collectible vintage or supercars then Bring-A-Trailer is just the platform you might want to check. They have a range of the rare cars listed by individual sellers looking to get a good deal.

The best part of purchasing from the platform is that they vet all the cars they put on their website to ensure you have a bang for your buck.

Furthermore, they have an online car auction model where you do bidding for a particular car model. If you win the bidding, you can take the car home. The site takes $99 fee from the seller.


Who doesn’t know about the good ol’ Craigslist? From getting someone to do your homework to purchasing your very own car, you can get anything from this website. Just go to their search bar, search for the car model you want to purchase, and you will get a list of all the sellers who have the exact vehicle.

You can then deal with those sellers, negotiate, inspect the car physically and then make the purchase. You can even use a car transport company to safely have the car delivered if the distance is a couple of hundred miles.

For Dealers:

ACV Auto Auctions:

Car dealers can benefit from the incredible dealership auction platform, ACV Auto Auctions. They have a range of tools specifically available for dealers to search, inspect and purchase the car quickly. We have a review of them on our website, have a look at it here.

Backlot Car Auctions:

Another incredible platform for buying cars online if you are a licensed dealer. They offer fresh vehicle lots so you can get your hands on the best inventory possible. Plus, the wholesale rates of auto auction platforms ensure you have a high profitability at retail price. You can read more about them on this detailed review that we have done here.

Final Words:

No matter whether you buy a car online for individual use or to sell at your dealership, you need a good car transport company to ship it to your location in one piece.

A professional car shipping service provider has the experience and equipment to properly handle your vehicle and ensure it arrives safely.

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