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New Mexico Car Shipping

In New Mexico, the used car dealership industry continues to thrive, boasting a collection of 177 established sellers. In the heart of this vibrant industry, Albuquerque stands as a prominent hub. This growing market has seen an impressive 6.6% increase over the past year, with 8.36 dealers per 100,000 residents. The rising auto industry in Albuquerque has also led to a 7.6% boost in employment, currently providing jobs for 939 individuals at used car dealerships across the state.

Navigating the vehicle buying and selling process can be a challenging task, filled with complexities. This is where the best dealerships in New Mexico step in. They provide vehicles for every buyer, with favorable loan terms and warranty options. This dealership’s Kia and Hyundai offerings have garnered rave reviews for their excellent condition and competitive pricing.

Whether you’re eyeing a Mercedes or a Kia, EAS can facilitate the transportation of your newly purchased vehicle from the best car dealerships to your doorstep. Our professional vehicle transport service caters to various vehicles, from high-end BMW to everyday-use Ford and Hyundai models and even heavy or oversized cars. We offer open flatbed and enclosed trailers to ensure your car arrives safely and within your budget.

Even if you’re selling your vehicle, EAS can assist. We’ll transport your car to the best dealerships in New Mexico, making the sales process that much easier. So, remember that Easy Auto Ship is your reliable vehicle transport partner in Albuquerque or any other part of New Mexico.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional vehicle transport specialists, ring us at (888) 687-3243 today!

Dealership NameRatingsAddressPhone Number
Melloy Nissan4.67707 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States+1 505-545-6420
Reliable Chevrolet4.59901 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114, United States+1 505-216-2993
Power Ford4.41101 Montaño Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107, United States+1 505-234-1131
Larry H. Miller American Toyota Albuquerque4.55995 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, United States+1 505-796-4282
Perfection Honda4.72603 The American Rd SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124, United States+1 505-221-5084
DriveTime Used Cars4.8700 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123, United States+1 505-332-2580
Auto Solution NM4.85200 Alameda Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, United States+1 505-856-6252
Mercedes-Benz of Albuquerque4.58920 Pan American Fwy NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113, United States+1 505-821-4000
Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque4.38800 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, United States+1 505-404-0136
Fiesta Kia4.47400 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States+1 505-999-2700

Top 10 Used and New Car Dealerships in New Mexico

Melloy Nissan

Melloy Nissan, located in the heart of Albuquerque, is renowned for its extensive range of new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Whether you’re seeking a compact car for the city or a rugged SUV for outdoor adventures, they offer a vehicle type in NM that caters to every need. With the added benefit of their warranty forever program, your investment is well-protected.

Reliable Chevrolet

For car enthusiasts, Reliable Chevrolet in Albuquerque is a trusted name. With a large selection of new and certified pre-owned inventory, this dealership is ideal for those seeking Chevrolet or other brand vehicles. Moreover, they offer a hassle-free purchasing experience and the lowest price guarantee, making car buying a breeze.

Power Ford

Power Ford, a popular car dealership in Albuquerque, is a one-stop shop for new and used Ford vehicles. They also offer a stress-free buying experience with their online browsing facility, various finance options, and value trade service. With consistently positive reviews, this dealership ensures a satisfying customer experience.

Larry H. Miller American Toyota Albuquerque

Larry H. Miller American Toyota Albuquerque is preferred for those who prefer Toyota vehicles. With a large selection of new and used vehicles and a comfortable waiting area, this dealership ensures a smooth and enjoyable buying experience. Plus, their team of Master Diagnostic and Hybrid technicians ensures your Toyota stays in peak condition.

Perfection Honda

In Rio Rancho, near Albuquerque, Perfection Honda provides a clear and straightforward process for buying new and used vehicles. This dealership’s vast selection of cars is renowned for its reliable service and high customer satisfaction, evident from the positive reviews.

DriveTime Used Cars

Renowned for its high-quality, low-priced inventory, DriveTime Used Cars in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers an approach to car buying that takes the stress out of the entire process. With their no-haggle pricing and comprehensive financing options typically sorted within 15 minutes, it is no wonder they have gathered a wealth of positive reviews. Their service extends to online browsing and arranging for a test drive, ensuring the convenience of their customers at every turn.

Auto Solution NM

Auto Solution NM is well-known for its extensive inventory of pre-owned vehicles and is proud of its pressure-free sales environment. The dealership offers varied financing options and boasts an vehicle service center recognized among the top three in Albuquerque. It aims to provide the best automotive buying and ownership experience, reflected in the numerous positive reviews it has garnered.

Mercedes-Benz of Albuquerque

The company showcases a diverse selection of new and pre-owned Benz vehicles. The dealership is known for its satisfactory customer service and affordable pricing, ensuring that acquiring a luxury Benz doesn’t have to break the bank. They offer various services, such as online inventory browsing, quotes, service appointments, and financing, without the pressure of upselling or high-pressure sales tactics. This commitment to customer happiness is evident in their glowing reviews.

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque

Larry H. Miller Southwest Hyundai Albuquerque boasts a wide selection of new Hyundais, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Every car on their lots is thoroughly inspected to meet their high standards. They offer online inventory viewing and purchasing, making buying a Hyundai a breeze. Their finance options and trade-in valuation services provide a stress-free and comfortable experience for customers securing a loan, as reflected in their numerous reviews.

Fiesta Kia

Fiesta Kia in Albuquerque offers an extensive array of brand-new and pre-owned vehicles. Their knowledgeable and friendly sales staff are always ready to help customers find the perfect Kia for their needs. Services such as trade-ins, online pre-approval, and a dedicated service and repair center make them a one-stop shop for all Kia-related needs. Their commitment to meeting transportation and road adventure needs is reflected in the numerous positive reviews they have received.

Benefits of Hiring Easy Auto Ship For Dealership Vehicle Transport in New Mexico:

Versatility in Vehicle Transportation

Whether you’re dealing with a compact sedan, a luxury collectable, or a hefty pickup truck, EAS can handle any vehicle. Our expertise isn’t limited by the size or value of your vehicle, ensuring that every car gets the care and attention it deserves during transportation.

Broad Distance Coverage

From local deliveries within New Mexico to state-to-state movements, EAS has you covered. We even cater to international shipments, so you can rest easy knowing your valuable vehicles are in capable hands, no matter the distance.

Efficient Dealer Trades

We understand the intricacies of dealer trades. If you’re swapping vehicles with another dealership, our two-carrier system ensures simultaneous transport in both directions, guaranteeing a seamless and efficient process.

Expert Auction Transporters

Our service extends to vehicles purchased from online auctions. No matter the platform, be it Copart, Manheim, IAA, Adesa, eBay Motors, Auction Auto, ACV, or others, we ensure the secure transport of large inventories or individual high-value vehicles.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We offer a minimum of $100k insurance coverage for open carrier transport, with higher limits for enclosed transports. This gives you the peace of mind that your vehicles are covered against unexpected mishaps during the journey.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end with the successful transportation of their vehicles. We offer round-the-clock customer support, ensuring that all your queries are addressed promptly and professionally.

BBB Accreditation and Positive Reviews

Our excellent service has earned us an A+ rating from the BBB and the Forbes Home Best of 2022 award in the Car Shipping Companies category. With over 5,000 positive reviews across multiple platforms, including BBB, Transport Reviews, Google, and social media, our reputation speaks for itself.

Loan and Purchase Deliveries

If you’re a dealership in New Mexico offering loan services or selling high-end vehicles, our services ensure your customers get their vehicles in pristine condition. We understand customers’ trust in your dealership, and we guarantee to uphold it.

If you’d like to speak to one of our professional vehicle transport specialists, give us a ring at (888) 687-3243 today!

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