Backlot Car Auctions

Backlot Car Auctions, Backlot Car AuctionsDo you want to handle your car sourcing right from the comfort of your office or home? Are you tired of visiting car auction houses every few weeks and want to source inventory while working from your dealership? Well, this is exactly what you can do with the help of Backlot Car Auctions; they have an incredible platform to help you sell and purchase car inventories of your choice. Let’s see how they work and what they have to offer:

How Does Backlot Car Auctions Work?

The process is pretty simple and straight forward and involves only four easy steps from joining the platform to getting your cars delivered.

Step 1: Registration

This is the simple process where you will have to sign up on the platform and wait for your application to get approved.

The sign up is completely free and the buying fee is very low. Starting from $100 to up to just $400 depending on the type of car you purchase and what its final cost is.

Step 2: Browse and Bid

Once you are registered on their platform, you can then start browsing different cars that are up for sale. Dealers and companies from around the U.S put vehicles for sale so you can easily find what you are looking for.

Even if you don’t see your preferred cars at the start, just use the search feature with various filters in place to dig deeper and get to the car you want. Bid on the vehicle just like a regular auction and buy when you win bidding.

Step 3: Checkout

Lastly, you just need to fill in the payment information on their secure checkout page and the process is done.

It will hardly take a few minutes from start to finish and you will be ready to have your lot of cars transported, which brings us to:

Step 4: Transportation:

Once you purchase the inventory, you will need car transport company to safely get it to your location. For this, you can simply use a professional car shipping service provider who has experience of auto auction transportation.

Backlot also offers car transport but they don’t offer any discounts on multiple car shipping, plus you don’t know which car shipping company they are dealing with, so there’s not much transparency.

Using 3rd party vehicle shipping companies ensure direct dealing and these companies also give discounts on multiple vehicle shipping.

Benefits of Using Backlot Car Auctions:

  • Pre-Inspection: One of the main benefits of using the Backlot Car Auctions platform is that they have their own certified mechanics that inspect all the cars that are listed on their platform. This eliminates the cost of hiring a mechanic for inspection or worrying about getting a bad deal.
  • Fresh Trades: They have a network of new car stores allowing you to source fresh inventory without worrying about the age of the car.
  • Mobile App: You can control everything ranging from the bidding to the purchase of vehicle right from the palm of your hand using their mobile application.
  • Title Transfer: The company handles payment for better security and also the transfer of titles so that both the seller of cars and the buyer are happy at the end and no one has any trust or security issues.

Using Backlot Cars Auction gives you a lot of benefits especially if you want to get clean, fresh and fully working vehicles so that there are no surprises waiting for you when you receive the vehicle.