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Going away to college is an exciting time and it’s easy to overlook many aspects of what is to come. You’ll be leaving behind many of the comforts you have grown used to but will be stepping out on your own for one of the most exciting times of your life.

When you have your own vehicle that allows you to get around campus easily and explore the area nearby, a whole realm of possibilities open. However, using auto transport to major universities is far more preferable than driving your vehicle to your new location.

Each major university is different, but we can provide quotes for getting your car shipped to whichever university you choose.

More About Auto Transport to Major Universities

With so many universities around the country ranging from well-known major campuses to smaller community colleges, you might think that there are only a few that a car could be shipped to. In fact, auto transport will be available to most destinations, and we can provide quotes for shipping to and from any city and college.

Vehicles are shipped on trucks that are 80ft long. Certain locations will prohibit entry to these vehicles, but most vehicle carriers will be able to pickup and deliver your vehicle close to the campus of your choosing.

In all cases, the carrier will work with you to establish the best locations for picking up your car and delivering it.

Why you Need a Quote for Auto Transport to Major Universities

Your car gives you freedom and flexibility, and when you go to university, you only have three choices relating to your car:

  • Leave it at home
  • Drive it to your university
  • Ship it to your university

If you leave it behind, there is no cost attached, but it will be that much more difficult for you to get around while you’re studying. There might be great public transportation in your new city…and there might not be. If you don’t live on campus, you may have issues getting to and from campus every day.

Should you choose to drive to the university, you’ll need to factor in fuel and maintenance costs and be aware of the hazards that are associated with driving long distances.

Shipping is a better solution, as it can save you time and money, and you’ll get the benefit of the experience of professional shippers who have moved vehicles to new university or college towns many times before.

Get a quote for auto transport to major universities today to find out how easy it is.

Auto Transport to Major Universities, Auto Transport to Major Universities

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Auto Transport to Major Universities, Auto Transport to Major Universities

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