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Las Vegas Car Shipping

Unlock the Winning Hand in Vehicle Shipping: Easy Auto Ship Deals the Aces in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas isn’t just any city; it’s “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” a shining oasis of neon lights, thrilling casinos, and show-stopping entertainment - an absolute paradise for over 647,000 residents and countless visitors alike. Las Vegas is truly unique when compared to other cities across America. From breathtaking attractions like the iconic Bellagio fountains, High Roller observation wheel, and Fremont Street Experience to world-renowned cuisine options and top-notch service industry – it’s no wonder that several thousand people flock to this desert gem every year.

Indeed, the magnetic pull of Sin City is undeniable, but so are the challenges when it comes to shipping your vehicle to or from this Mojave Desert destination. Moving automobiles in and out of Las Vegas can be a gamble, with unique challenges not found in other U.S. cities. However, the right Las Vegas car shipping companies can make all the difference. That’s where Easy Auto Ship comes in! As experts in vehicle transport, we specialize in dealing with Las Vegas auto transport - ensuring that your investment is safe and sound throughout the entire process.

Our auto transport network of 15,000 carriers offers competitive Las-Vegas car shipping rates without compromising on quality or reliability. To get started, simply visit our online quote calculator and obtain a free, no-obligation quote for shipping your vehicle. For more personalized assistance or to discuss additional details, call our knowledgeable account executives, who will help you find the perfect transport solution for your needs.

Remember, when shipping your prized possession across the vast desert landscape of Las Vegas, don’t gamble on just any car shipping companies – put your trust in Easy Auto Ship! After all, life’s too short not to enjoy every drive down the neon-lit boulevard! Contact us today to experience the best in Las Vegas car shipping companies, and let us help you ship your car to Las Vegas with complete peace of mind.

How Much It Costs For Car Shipping To and From Las Vegas, Nevada

Let’s talk turkey! To provide an overview of the cost to ship a car to Las Vegas around the city, consider the following examples:

Vehicle Transport Within Las Vegas City Limits or Nearby Cities (at an average price of $1 per mile):

Vehicle Shipping From Las Vegas to Other Nevada Cities (at varying rates between $0.75 and $0.40 per mile):

Remember that these are general estimates for the cost to ship a car to Las Vegas, and your specific vehicle shipping costs at the end may differ based on factors such as vehicle size, type of transport, and seasonal fluctuations.

From/ToRoute TakenEstimated CostDelivery Time
Las Vegas, Nevada to Albany, New York2,550 mi via I-80 E$1,0207-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Anchorage, Alaska3,372 mi via I-15 N$1,3488-10 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Annapolis, Maryland2,427 mi via I-70 E$1,2136-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Atlanta, Georgia1,962 mi via I-40 E$1,1775-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Augusta, Maine2,867 mi via I-80 E$1,1467-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Austin, Texas1,269 mi via I-40 E$7614-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Baton Rouge, Louisiana1,634 mi via I-40 E$9805-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Billings, Montana966 mi via I-15 N$7243-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Bismarck, North Dakota1,318 mi via I-15 N$7904-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Boise, Idaho624 mi via US-93 N$4683-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Boston, Massachusetts2,715 mi via I-80 E$1,0867-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Charleston, West Virginia2,099 mi via I-70 E$1,0496-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Cheyenne, Wyoming833 mi via I-15 N$6243-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Chicago, Illinois1,747 mi via I-70 E$1,0485-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Columbia, South Carolina2,176 mi via I-40 E$1,0886-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Columbus, Ohio2,005 mi via I-70 E$1,0026-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Denver, Colorado748 mi via I-15 N$5613-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Des Moines, Iowa1,414 mi via I-70 E$8484-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Detroit, Michigan2,012 mi via I-80 E$1,0066-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Dover, Delaware2,488 mi via I-70 E$1,2446-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Frankfort, Kentucky1,907 mi via I-70 E$1,1445-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania2,372 mi via I-70 E$1,1866-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Hartford, Connecticut2,623 mi via I-80 E$1,0497-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Indianapolis, Indiana1,830 mi via I-70 E$1,0985-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Jackson, Mississippi1,627 mi via I-40 E$9765-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Kansas City, Missouri1,349 mi via I-70 E$8094-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Little Rock, Arkansas1,454 mi via I-40 E$8724-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Los Angeles, California270 mi via I-15 S$2702-4 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Madison, Wisconsin1,699 mi via I-70 E$1,0195-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Manchester, New Hampshire2,752 mi via I-80 E$1,1007-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Miami, Florida2,534 mi via I-40 E$1,0137-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Minneapolis, Minnesota1,657 mi via I-70 E$9945-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Montpelier, Vermont2,682 mi via I-80 E$1,0727-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Nashville, Tennessee1,792 mi via I-40 E$1,0755-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to New Orleans, Louisiana1,713 mi via I-40 E$1,0275-7 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma1,115 mi via I-40 E$6694-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Olympia, Washington1,075 mi via US-95 N$6454-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Omaha, Nebraska1,283 mi via I-70 E$7694-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Phoenix, Arizona301 mi via US-93 S$3012-4 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Pierre, South Dakota1,211 mi via I-15 N$7264-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Providence, Rhode Island2,700 mi via I-80 E$1,0807-9 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Raleigh, North Carolina2,330 mi via I-40 E$1,1656-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Richmond, Virginia2,405 mi via I-40 E$1,2026-8 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Salem, Oregon922 mi via US-95 N/$6913-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah420 mi via I-15 N$4202-4 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Santa Fe, New Mexico636 mi via I-40 E$4773-5 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Topeka, Kansas1,286 mi via I-70 E$7714-6 Days
Las Vegas, Nevada to Trenton, New Jersey2,493 mi via I-70 E$1,2466-8 Days

The best way to get accurate pricing for your unique shipping needs is by requesting a free quote from us at Easy Auto Ship using our free calculator or calling (888) 687-3243!

How Long It Takes for Car Shipping To and From Las Vegas, Nevada

For shorter distances, such as 200 to 500 miles within Las Vegas or nearby cities , shipping typically takes around 2-4 days. Longer distances — 600 to 2,000 miles to and from distant states/cities from Las Vegas, Nevada — could require 4-9 days for shipping. However, certain factors could affect these timelines:

  • Unpredictable weather conditions
  • Traffic congestion
  • Road construction or closures

Below are some examples of close auto transport timelines in and around the Las Vegas area:

  • Shipping a vehicle from Corn Creek to North Las Vegas: Same day
  • Transporting a car from Indian Springs to Downtown Las Vegas: 1-2 days

And here are examples of Las Vegas Auto Transport timelines for service within Nevada:

  • Ship Your Vehicle from Las Vegas to Reno: 2-4 days
  • Ship Your Car to Las Vegas from Mesquite: 1-2 days
  • Las Vegas Car Shipping to Elko: 2-4 days

Remember that these estimates may vary depending on the factors above influencing delays. Reach out to Easy Auto Ship at (888) 687-3243 for more information on our top-notch Las Vegas Auto Transport services, and get ready to hit the road!

Las Vegas Car Shipping Services We Offer:

If you’re looking for vehicle shipping solutions in the City of Lights, Easy Auto Ship provides Car Transport Las Vegas services that will dazzle you. Our two main methods – Open and Enclosed Car Transport – cater to various vehicle types and preferences.

Open Vehicle Transport

In Open vehicle shipping, we put your ride on a deck, allowing the world to admire it as it travels across the landscape. This method is perfect for standard vehicles or those who appreciate an open-air experience. For example, while shipping your family minivan from Henderson to Summerlin using Open Car Transport, we’d secure the vehicle on an open trailer to provide safe yet affordable cost to ship a car to Las Vegas.

Enclosed Vehicle Transport

This one is our VIP service, providing private and secure shipping for luxury, vintage, or high-value vehicles needing extra protection from external elements. If transporting a classic convertible from North Las Vegas to Boulder City, our Enclosed Car Transport Las Vegas services would tuck your prized possession away in a cozy cocoon, shielding it from prying eyes and potential hazards.

So whether you’re relocating or need to book a one-way ticket for your vehicle in the heart of Nevada, Easy Auto Ship has got you covered. Our Las Vegas Auto Transport services will guarantee a smooth journey for your beloved automobile every mile of the way. Call at (888) 687-3243 to get started right now!

Easy Auto Ship will never call you from our toll free number. Any emails from our company will from an ""email address. We are an auto transport broker, and we do not sell any products on our website or any other website. We will never ask for payment through Western Union, Zelle, CashApp, Venmo, etc. unless previously discussed, and the name on the account that you would be sending to will always be Easy Auto Ship.

If you are unsure about a correspondence you've received regarding your order or payment, please call us directly at 888-687-3243 to confirm the information that you received.

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