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Alaska is the most northern of the United States, and Anchorage is to be found in the southern part of Alaska. Just over a quarter of a million people live in Anchorage, which is surprising when you consider it is a major city within one of the largest states. Car transport companies can help you get to Anchorage with your vehicle easily, and door to door transport is often available.

Originally established in 1914, the small railroad town grew into the city it is today. By the 1950s, Anchorage had several airfields and military bases, but in 1964 development ground to a halt. On March 27th of that year, a 5-minute long 9.2 magnitude earthquake shook the city into devastation. It took another 10 years to rebuild and redevelop the city.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, the city grew bigger than ever before into the 1980s and 1990s. The city itself is north of Kodiak Island and Prince William Sound, infamous for being the location of the 1989 Exxon-Valdez oil spill.

While Anchorage has a seacoast, it is in the majority made of mudflats. These mudflats make walking around the area particular dangerous, and should normally be avoided. The natural beauty of the area is not to be dismissed, as the views at the Turnagain Arm fjord have to be seen to believed. The Turnagain Arm has some of the highest tides for a fjord anywhere in the world.

If you’re moving to Anchorage, a car delivery service can make the move easier. The cheapest way to ship a car can be found when you obtain car shipping quotes online.

Anchorage is further north than many European cities, and due to its location, it also has some of the lowest average temperatures in the nation. Winter, as you would expect, is often below freezing, while in summer average temperatures can hit 65 degrees. Not everything is cold in Anchorage as there are several active volcanoes nearby.

Wildlife can often be seen in and around Anchorage as the growth of the city has brought it near – and sometimes into – existing wild animal habitats. Locals often see bears and moose but don’t consider them to be a threat.

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34078, 34044, 34042, 34038, 34002, 34034, 34035, 34036, 34037, 34039, 34041, 34055, 34060, 34033, 34032, 34004, 34008, 34011, 34020, 34021, 34022, 34023, 34031, 34030, 34025, 34024, 34050, 34098, 34095, 34093, 34092, 34091, 34090, 34007, 34058, 34099


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