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Athens is a city built mostly around The University of Georgia, with a younger crowd population and interesting things to do. It's a very creative community has been recently growing in terms of film culture. The area is great for raising families and contains wonderful schools and neighborhoods. If you're wondering how to ship your vehicle to Athens, we get your vehicle transported just in time to catch a game at University of Georgia.

Brief History:

The history of Athens seemingly began at the birth of University of Georgia in 1785. It became the first state-chartered university in the nation and ranks 21st in universities in the United States. However, Athens was officially incorporated in 1806, becoming known as the Manchester of the South for its pioneering cotton technology.

Today, Athens is the sixth-largest city in Georgia with a population of 116,000.


Athens receives approximately 218 days of sun per year, with the average July high of 91 degrees. It receives a bit more rain than the national average, totaling in at 49 inches. Athens can become very humid during the summer months, making staying outdoors for long periods of time quite uncomfortable.

Reasons to Visit:

While you're looking for fast and easy ways to ship a vehicle, you can request an auto transport expert to assist in your adventure to Athens. These 5 good reasons to visit (or move to) Athens will have you packing your bags in no time:

Athens is an interesting city with a lot of quirks

One of the best vegetarian restaurants in the south, The Grit, is located in Athens

The city rallies around UGA events and pride for their team runs deep

There's no shortage of bars and pubs, especially downtown

Athens is most famous for its music scene from the 1980s

Government, Education, & Tourism Links:

Need a bit more information before using auto transport services to ship your vehicle to Athens? Check out these links:

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The Best Auto Transport Company to Get You in (or Out):

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