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Seasonal Car Transport

All Season Car Transport - From Snow to Sun, We’ll Get The Shipping Done

The need to move your wheels can arise any time of the year; it doesn’t wait for the snow to clear up on the roads or for the rain to stop. Whether you’re going on vacation to another state in hot summer, a snowbird moving to the South from the North on snowy days, or anyone needing car shipping at any time of the year, Easy Auto Ship can help transport your vehicle. We offer the one of the best, BBB Accreddited seasonal car relocation services 24/7, 365 days a year.

What Are Seasonal Auto Relocation Services?

At Easy Auto Ship, we understand that life has a rhythm of its own and that rhythm often involves moving between changing seasons. That’s why we offer specialized seasonal auto relocation services to handle the unique needs of our clients who find themselves moving between different climate zones.

Our seasonal auto relocation team is equipped and ready to ship your vehicle in the face of blazing sun, heavy snowfall, or torrential rain – taking great care to keep your precious car safe and secure along the journey. Here’s a small glimpse of the types of seasonal auto transport services we offer:

Snowbird Car Transport

Our seasonal auto relocation services are particularly popular among snowbirds from Canada, Alaska, or colder states such as North Dakota, Michigan, and Minnesota. These intrepid travelers opt to spend their winters basking in the warmth of alternative, sunnier states like California, Arizona, and Florida, as well as Texas, Nevada, and New Mexico. These seasonal auto shippers trust us to transport their vehicles safely and securely while they take flight like migratory birds toward warmer lands.

Vacation Vehicle Relocation

We also offer our services to vacationers who love exploring attractions in various states. Planning a family trip? No problem, let us handle the car relocation service for you. From beach destinations like California and Hawaii to mountain retreats in Colorado or bustling cities like Texas and New York, you can trust us with your car wherever you are headed. Our drivers are trained professionals, so they will treat your vehicle like their own, ensuring its safe arrival at your destination.

Holiday Auto Transport

Moreover, we know that holidays with family and friends are cherished occasions, and many people choose to move their vehicles during winter or other festive seasons. Our seasonal auto relocation services have covered you in every scenario, so you can focus on enjoying those precious moments with loved ones.

Boat Transport

And guess what? We even go the extra mile to cater to the needs of boat owners! Whether you prefer sailing in Florida’s sparkling waters or cruising Lake Michigan – our transport team can handle your boat’s journey safely and smoothly. We provide a seamless experience from start to finish, ensuring your prized possession is in perfect condition as it is transported from one location to another.

All our services are affordable, and we even offer free quotes to help you make an informed decision. Our commitment to excellence guarantees peace of mind for our clients, knowing their car relocation is being handled by experienced professionals who understand the importance of seasonal auto transportation.

Cost of Seasonal Auto Relocation Services:

Depending on the time of year, the seasonal auto relocation services can fluctuate in costs increasing or decreasing anywhere from $100 to $200 from the regular quote. For instance, transport from Michigan to Florida (1350 miles) typically costs $800 and takes 4-6 days when there’s no backlog, no seasonal extremities, or high/low demand for car transport services. However, when there are seasonal extremities, the costs and timelines can look like these:

SeasonEstimated CostEstimated Delivery TimeReasons
January$900 - $99910-14 daysBacklog of trucks waiting to be shipped shortage due to truck drivers and carriers taking time off during the holidays.
February and March$650 - $7504-6 daysSlow season with fewer cars being shipped.
April and May$750 - $9506-10 daysDemand increases due to snowbirds returning north, making shipping to warmer states more affordable but shipping out of them more expensive.
June, July, and August$900 - $9998-10 daysPeak season with increased demand. The Fourth of July can cause a temporary backlog and longer shipment wait times.
September, October, and November$600 - $7503-5 daysCompared to summer, there is lower demand and better service due to the warm weather, with fewer transport shipments.
December$850 - $9508-10 daysIncreased orders with carriers taking time off. The last ten days of December and the first ten days of January are particularly stressful for the auto transport industry.

Is All Season Car Transport Safe?

At Easy Auto Ship, we know you care about your car and want the best auto relocation services. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure all-season car transport is efficient and incredibly safe. How, you ask? Well, here are some safety measures we have in place:

Whether you’re heading off for temporary relocation or need a professional team to move of your beloved wheels while somewhere permanently, Easy Auto Ship’s auto relocation services have got your back. Not only will we treat your car like royalty, but we’ll also face any seasonal challenges that come our way.

We know that entrusting anyone with your prized possession is a big decision, so we go above and beyond to offer an unparalleled level of care when it comes to seasonal auto transport. We are proud to deliver a professional service that keeps your car safe no matter what the weather has in store for us. Trust Easy Auto Ship - we’ve got this!

Fully Inspected Carriers

We meticulously inspect every nook and cranny of our carriers thoroughly before they can set out on their journeys. For instance, we check the braking systems, trailers’ structural integrity, and even the tires for wear and tear - just like a doting parent ensuring their kid has everything they need before heading off to school.

Special Trailers

We use top-of-the-line climate-controlled trailers to keep your baby – ahem, car – at a comfortable temperature while transporting it through scorching deserts or icy tundras. And enclosed trailers? You bet! After all, exposure to the elements during transport could damage your car’s exquisite paint job or interior. Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep their beloved ride hidden from envious eyes?

Special Equipment

The cherry on top of our deluxe car sundae is our hydraulic gates for smooth loading and unloading and strong covers that protect your vehicle from any unfriendly environmental factors. Let’s not forget the rugged tires on our trucks that can power through rough terrain and roads like nobody’s business. Our vehicles also have special ties in place to ensure your precious investment remains securely positioned throughout its journey.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance really sets Easy Auto Ship apart from other seasonal auto transport providers. In the rare event that things go sideways (but it rarely happens), all of our carriers come with at least $100k cargo insurance – which should give you peace of mind that your investment is safe.

Professional Drivers

Of course, none of these precautions would mean much without a team of highly-trained professionals at the helm. Our drivers are like modern-day superheroes, fearless in the face of snowstorms, torrential rains, and gale-force winds. They’re no strangers to navigating treacherous roads and highways throughout the year, ensuring your car reaches its destination unscathed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Time of Year is Best to Ship a Car?
The best time of year to ship a car depends on your specific situation and requirements. Generally, spring and fall are ideal for auto relocation services, as the weather is typically mild, and there’s less demand than in winter or summer. Shipping your car during these lower-demand seasons may result in lower costs and faster transport times.
How do I Prepare My Car for Seasonal Car Shipping?

To prepare your car for seasonal shipping, follow these steps:

  • Clean your car thoroughly, both inside and outside.
  • Remove any valuables or personal items from the vehicle.
  • Check the car’s tire pressure, fluid levels, and battery.
  • Note any existing damage or issues with the vehicle for reference upon arrival.
  • Turn off alarms or security systems.
  • Ensure your gas tank is around 1/4 full.
How Can I Save Money on Seasonal Car Shipping?

To save on seasonal auto shipping costs:

  • Request multiple quotes from different companies.
  • Choose a reliable auto relocation services provider with competitive pricing.
  • Ship your car during lower-demand seasons, such as spring or fall.
  • Opt for terminal-to-terminal shipping instead of door-to-door if possible.
  • Be flexible with pickup and delivery dates to take advantage of better rates.
  • Book at least 10-15 days in advance to get the best rates
Is it Cheaper to Move a Car in Winter or Summer?
Moving a car in winter can sometimes be cheaper due to decreased demand; however, there can be increased risks due to weather-related delays and road conditions. In contrast, summer generally has higher demand and prices but offers more predictability regarding weather and scheduling. Choosing spring or fall for car transport may provide a balance between cost and reliability.
Why Hire Easy Auto Ship For All-Season Auto Transport Services?
Hiring Easy Auto Ship for your all-season car transport needs ensures you’ll receive professional service from an experienced team. With a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, Easy Auto Ship provides timely and cost-effective solutions for your vehicle transport requirements. No matter the season, Easy Auto Ship will take care of your car’s transport with dedication and expertise, ensuring a smooth and worry-free experience.

With Nearly 5,000 Online Reviews — Including Google, BirdEye, and BBB— People Vouch For Our Services - Here’s What They Say About Our All-Season Car Transport

⭐Review From Yuriy Londarenko

“Great experience. Submitted a quote request online and received a quote within a day from Lindsay. I was shipping a car from a Copart auction facility in Wyoming to California so my situation was a bit unique. Had a conversation with Brandon afterwards, where he in all honesty explained the process and that he thought the initial quote might be a bit low and they might have trouble getting a driver out to pick up my vehicle. He suggested that if we increase the bid by $100 it would be a lot easier to find willing drivers. You can see how the WY to CA route might not be the most popular in the middle of winter, so I could easily see his point about increasing the bid. Brandon also explained my options of waiting of opting for an expedited delivery, and again he honestly suggested that in my situation it is better to wait a few days and pay fees for storage at auction than to pay extra on expedited shipping. In the end, they have found a driver for me the next day and my car got delivered 2 days later. Throughout the whole process, Lindsay and her team, Gillian in my case, kept updating me on the progress of my order. I knew when they found the driver, when he was going to pick up my car, and when they were planning to deliver it. The driver in my case was also fantastic. Big thanks to David from Andrew Ashton trucking. Overall, I could not be happier and more satisfied with the service provided by Easy Auto Ship and would highly recommend them."

How We Shipped Yuriy Londarenko’s Auction Car From WY to CA

Yuriy needed to move a car from the Copart auction facility location in Wyoming to California. He established first contact with Lindsay from our support team, and Lindsay fetched a quote for him the same day. Once Yuriy gave us the go-ahead, we moved fast and connected him with Brandon from our team, who typically oversees the process involving auction transports. He explained to Yuriy that since the situation is a little unique, if we increased the quote by $100, we could find the driver willing to collaborate with the auction house faster because it was also wintertime and the snow-covered route from WY to CA was not very truck-friendly. Yuriy happily agreed, and we were able to find a hauler the next day, which resulted in his vehicle being delivered to him within 2 days.

⭐Review From Laura Milani

“We just used Easy Auto Ship to ship my car from Chicago to San Francisco. I had the incredible pleasure of being assigned to and working with Brendan Boyle during the process. The window I wanted my car shipped was a challenging one due to the ice storm and the holiday timeframe however Brendan did an excellent job keeping me updated, being honest about the situation and doing everything he could to find a driver. Most importantly, he always answered his phone or would call back right away. I will absolutely ship with them again because of the customer service he provided.”

How We Transported Laura Milani’s Car from Chicago, IL, to San Francisco, CA

Sometimes, customers approach us to do the most challenging moves, and being passionate about hauling loads; we try to push our limits by taking on those challenges. Laura asked us to move her vehicle from Chicago, Illinois, to San Francisco, California, which is not that challenging. However, the specific transport window during holidays that Laura needed made it challenging, and on top of that, the ice storm weather made things extremely difficult as the roads became slippery and visibility decreased drastically as well. But we didn’t back down. Brandon Boyle (our daring customer rep) booked the transit for Laura and spent hours behind the desk to find the best driver for the job; we typically look at transport experience and hauling rig’s condition for such demanding jobs. Brandon found the perfect match, connected her to the driver by providing his number and details, and the job was done well, leaving Laura glad she hired Easy Auto Ship.

⭐Review From brian peters

“I was a little uneasy at first because the price seemed low. To my surprise they were very informative and kept me in the loop all the time. They coordinated everything with the pick up location. I didn’t have to do anything except sign for it when it got here. Covid-19 and a tropical storm here in louisiana didn’t stop them from delivering before scheduled date. My motorcycle arrived in great shape with no new damages! Thank you Easy Auto Ship and Gary!! Brian P”

How Easy Auto Ship Moved Brian Peters’ Motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas During Tropical Storm

When you come across a deal that’s too good to be true, it mostly is, and that’s why Brian was at first hesitant to hire us because our offered rate to move his motorbike was super competitive. He wanted to move the motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas, and it was also the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, so there were already restrictions on travel and transport. This made Brian reluctant to trust our low prices. However, he decided to trust us and booked the transport of his motorcycle from Louisiana to Texas. Gary from our transport department handled everything for him from start to finish. Even though there was a tropical storm in Louisiana, Gary ensured the delivery schedule stayed intact, and ultimately, the motorcycle was delivered on the promised date.

⭐Review From Vic Smith

“I give Easy Auto Ship five stars. I went on line to find someone to ship my 2016 Cadillac SRX from Palm Bay Florida to Richland Washington. I had several responses but when Gail of Easy Auto Ship contacted me, she was not only pleasant but very knowledgeable. This was on March 28, 2019. I wanted the vehicle picked up by April 4, which was just a few days away. Gail promised to try to get someone by the 4th but really needed a 5 day window to work on. Also I wanted an enclosed carrier. Gail set me up with Showtime Auto Sports. They picked my car up on the 5th of April, only a day off my schedule which was great. I got my car on April 12. I was amazed that I got it so soon, since the whole mid-west was in the grips of a massive winter storm. The driver had to deal with the storm and winds gusting to 60 mph. As far as the cost, it was a little higher than Gail had quoted me, but the quality of the company that did the transport was outstanding. I could not have been more pleased with the service I got from both Easy Auto and Showtime. I would definitely use them again and would highly recommend them to a friend.”

How We Earned Vic Smith’s 5-Star Rating for Shipping His 2016 Cadillac SRX from Florida to Washington

Vic Smith decided to move his 2016 Cadillac SRX from Palm Bay, Florida, to Richland, Washington, but within a specific pickup window that was only a few days away. He wanted enclosed transport for his precious ride and received several responses from different transporters. What made him go with Easy Auto Ship was the responsiveness, knowledge, and pleasant attitude of our rep, Gail. Gail understood Vic’s requirements and promised him a 5-day pickup window and contracted the haul to Showtime Auto Sports, which is a carrier that typically handles luxury cars. Although the weather was challenging due to a massive winter storm, Gail ensured the car was picked up on time and was delivered way before the expected date, which further ensured Vic’s satisfaction, earning us a 5-star rating online.

⭐Review From Melissa Saab Vance

“We worked with Zach to ship our CRV from Indianapolis, IN to Bozeman MT. He was timely, responsive, never dropped the ball on communication, and gave us a fair price on the job. This was an amazing experience, especially when compared with the experience we had just a few months ago shipping my husband’s truck the same distance. Our car arrived safely and a day early despite the snowy route. I can’t complain about a single aspect of Zach’s management or coordination during this process. Hire Zach. Use this company. Do not waste your time or money elsewhere. If you’re paying over 1000 to get a big job done, you deserve first class service, responsiveness, and support! You will get these things with Zach!”

How We Ensured Safe Transportation of Melissa’s CRV Through a Snowy Route From Indiana to Montana

Melissa Saab Vance wanted to ship her Honda CRV from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Bozeman, Montana, and her search for a reliable transporter led her to Easy Auto Ship. Zack from our support team talked to her, explaining everything, offered a competitive quote, and stayed consistent in his communication with Melissa, which left her impressed already. Melissa booked the transport, and since it was a snowy season and the roads leading to Montana were covered with piles of snow, it was a big task to find a reliable carrier willing to go that route. After some combing through the dispatch center, Zack finally found the driver willing to move the CRV from IN to MT. The vehicle was picked up on time and delivered as per the schedule, leaving Melissa glad she hired us. She even compared our service with the recent truck transport service she had to get for her husband for the same distance, and her experience with us was amazing.

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