ACV Car Auctions

ACV Car Auctions, ACV Car AuctionsIF you are a car dealer and need a top-notch online car auction platform to buy or sell cars, then ACV car auctions is just what you need. Now you can conveniently buy cars online and have them safely shipped to your location without having to even stand up from your seat. Let’s see what ACV car auctions is and how it can help you get the bang for your buck.

What’s ACV Car Auctions?

ACV car auctions is a digital marketplace for car dealers. Here, car dealers buy and sell tens of thousands of cars on a monthly basis via the auction model. Dealers from around the U.S leverage ACV platform to find and purchase the cars they need at wholesale prices, ensuring good profits on retail prices.

The best part of using ACV car auctions is that once you have purchased a car lot using their platform, you can just hire any professional auction car transport service provider to get your car lot from the auction house to your parking space.

Benefits of Using ACV Car Auctions:

  • Condition Reports: One of the best parts of using the ACV platform is the condition reports that you can access for complete transparency. You will know exactly what the vehicle has to offer and where it lacks by viewing its pictures from different angles and reading condition logs.
  • AMP: The Audio Motor Profile allows you to listen to the engine sound in high definition audio. This will help you determine if the engine is healthy or if it is making strange noises that might just mean underlying problems with it.
  • Virtual Lift: Want to inspect the car with a closer look? Well why not just use the virtual lift feature that ACV has to offer? You can have an HD view of the undercarriage of the car right at your desktop or mobile phone. Carefully inspect the car and determine if the condition is good enough for you.
  • Various Filters: ACV has loads of filter options to offer to help you reach the right car for your needs. Tell them exactly the inventory you are searching for and they will show it to you. You can also save the searches to view later and even get notified when the car you want becomes available in future.
  • Market Reports: ACV offers precise market research reports allowing you to clearly see everything about the type of car inventory you want to buy from market’s perspective. You can see the market price of a particular vehicle and set your bids or selling prices accordingly.
  • MyACV App: A mobile app allows you to control everything from setting bids, watching multiple bids, or inspecting vehicles right from the palm of your hand. No need to open up your laptop to access the platform.
  • Run List: If you are planning on selling your vehicles, you can launch a Run List to give a sneak peek to the bidders of the car and its condition report. They can also make proxy bids one day before your list goes live.
  • Title Transfer: Once you have won bidding or selected a buyer to sell your car to, the payment transfer will be handled by the ACV team for better security and transfer of title will also be done right away so that both sides are happy and satisfied.

ACV car auctions has without a doubt, changed the online auctions and eliminated the need to even physically check the car at the site of auction. Everything can be done right from your mobile phone from car inspection to transfer of title.