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11 Expensive & Exotic Car Shipping Precautions Checklist

11 Expensive & Exotic Car Shipping Precautions Checklist

Car shipping is a popular choice for people who want to transport expensive, exotic cars. However, if you’re not careful enough, your car can suffer. Everyone should take a few precautions when shipping a luxury car.

This article will discuss 11 of the most important precautions to take when using premium car transport. By following these tips, you’ll ensure that your car arrives safe and sound. So let’s dive right in.

Checklist for Using Premium Car Transport Service:

1. Make sure the car is packed securely to avoid damage during transport:

An idle car on a trailer could be dangerous as the car may slip or roll off during transportation. It is essential to make sure your car is adequately strapped on the trailer with chains and ropes. Make sure the car is as far away as sharp edges; otherwise, there will be a chance that those edges will damage the paint of your exotic car.

2. Be careful of the weather:

When shipping, you must keep track of weather forecasts during the trip and through whichever routes your car will pass. Shipping during snow in the north can be dangerous as the trailer carrying your car could get into an accident. Sand storms in the southwest mean your car will be in constant contact with the sand, and that would damage the car’s paint. The sand could also get in the car parts and damage them. Rain could also lead to rusting on your expensive vehicle, so it is better to reschedule your shipping date when there are no rain or snow forecasts so that the trip is safe for your car.

3. Always check with previous clients:

Before committing to a car transport service, ask their previous customers about their experience shipping their car. Not only does this help you get a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into, but this also helps you gather information on what precautions to be taken when shipping your car from one place to another. Ask at least 3 to 4 previous customers to get a clearer idea of what you want to do.

4. Check for open areas on the truck that could cause damage:

11 Expensive & Exotic Car Shipping Precautions Checklist
Some cargo trucks are directly linked with the driver’s cabin; this makes your car unsafe for the people shipping your car as they have access to it during the entire journey. This can lead to the theft of your belongings inside your car. Make sure to choose a trailer with no openings that give the driver easy access to your car; also, try to take out all the valuable things from inside your car.

5. Get insurance for the car:

Expensive car shipping is pretty frustrating as you’re constantly under stress regarding it getting damaged or stolen, so it’s better to have your car insured so you can spend your time stress-free. Hail could damage your car significantly during the shipping, and the paint of your car will also be a risk as debris on the road could bounce and hit your car; what insurance does is take care of the damage caused during the shipping, and you will be at ease knowing that your care is protected.

Make sure to have all your insurance and car documents intact to be safe and ready for any possible outcome.

6. Choose a reputable shipping company:

Luxury car shipping can be a lengthy process. However, it is essential to do all your research when transporting your exotic cars as they cost you a lot. Remember to choose a reputable shipping company, and the only way to determine that is to ask people and check the company’s reviews and people’s past experiences. Also, research the company license and management so that you have a clear view of what you’re getting yourself, as luxury car transport can be tricky sometimes.

7. Prepare Car Inspection Report:

Have a car inspection report before shipping your car to know what’s wrong with it and its overall condition. This enables you to call out the company if there is any new damage to the car, which is not included in the car inspection report, meaning the car got damaged on its way. These reports can also be made for after the shipping has been completed so that the two before and after reports can be checked together and all the problems can be highlighted.

8. Know the loading procedures:

This might be something you will need to learn, but it’s something you would have to do to ensure your car’s safety. Learn the loading procedures so that if you spot someone making a mistake, you can fix it or complain about them to the company. You need to know how your car will be loaded so all the preparations are done before, like removing the side mirrors or checking whether your car has any additional modifications that would make it harder to fit in the carrier.

9. Go for Enclosed Car Shipping:

Enclosed car shipping is necessary when it comes to premium car transport. Enclosed car carriers give your car a separate and closed area that the drivers cannot access; this makes the car safer from the climate and theft. It’s better to reschedule your shipping if the enclosed shipping is not available for the time being.

10. Document its Condition Before Shipping with Lots of photos and videos and compare it after delivery:

Make sure to take loads of pictures of the car and get a report from your mechanic about any problems, as your car is quite expensive, and anyone can damage it and claim that it was already damaged; pictures can provide evidence of the condition of your car before it was shipped so there will be no lies.

11. Take Your Vehicle to a Mechanic:

It doesn’t matter if your car looks like it’s in excellent condition, make sure to get your car checked before shipping it so that minor problems (if any), such as oil leaks, can be fixed rather than becoming an even bigger problem during shipping. Checking it after delivery would also be a clever move, as you do not know what engine parts could be missing or whether anything in the suspension has been swapped. If there are problems your mechanic tells you before shipping the car, you can complain to the shipping company and ask them to fix it at once, as the parts on your exotic cars are costly, and you can’t afford to keep paying for them.

Should You Hire Single Car Transport Companies Specializing in Premium Vehicle Shipping?

Yes, you should hire companies specializing in shipping premium and exotic vehicles, but they don’t have to be single-car transporters. Go for companies that ship other vehicles as well but also offer exotic car transport services like Easy Auto Ship because of the following reasons:

  • They have a massive network of fleets and enclosed containers, so there won’t be delays in finding the right enclosed container for your vehicle.
  • Since they are not single-vehicle transporter, they will also have enclosed containers that can accommodate 2-4 vehicles. The protection and security level will be the same, but the cost will be This means you and other vehicle owners can share the cost of shipping the cars.
  • These general companies have more experience in handling vehicles on a day-to-day basis. This is because single-car shippers that specialize in exotic vehicles don’t get as many orders, so their crew is not as field-ready.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if my car is fit for enclosed shipping?

Cars that are not meant to be shipped in an enclosed environment, such as RVs and trucks, should not be transported in this way unless they’re super expensive. Furthermore, small and medium-sized luxury and exotic cars should always be transported in enclosed containers.

Can I use my own vehicle transporter?

Using your own vehicle transporter can be a good idea if you have experience transporting vehicles and know how to secure them properly; otherwise, consider using an enclosed transport or else a single dent or scratch in your exotic car can cost you a fortune.

What should I do if my car arrives damaged?

If you receive your car and it has noticeable dents, scratches or other damage, take pictures of the damage before the carrier leaves your premises and email them to [car shipping company] along with a description of what happened. If necessary, you can then file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and it will stay on the company’s profile until they don’t resolve it. You can also take legal action if they’re not cooperating. As a precautionary measure, make a video of the car when it’s being loaded and unloaded so you can capture any damages made during this time.

Parting Words:

It can be daunting to let someone you barely know take your expensive exotic car and move it hundreds of miles to a new location. However, if the company has good reputation online, there’s no reason to be afraid. Just prepare your car carefully, make complete inspeciton report and have GAP insurance, you should be fine.

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