Moving From Coast to Coast? Hereís How to Prepare

Moving is a big deal, especially if weíre talking east coast to west coast, or vice versa. As youíre packing up your moving boxes and contacting an auto transport company for cross country auto shipping, youíre probably looking for all the advice that you can get to make for a smooth transition.

The good news is that youíre in luck. DIY Transport is an expert on shipping automobiles to California, Massachusetts, and other coastal states on both sides of the country. However, we can also help you avoid unwanted surprised when youíre moving from coast to coast.

1. Timing is Everything

If your move date can be flexible, choose an off-peak time to move across the country. This can help save you as much as 10% on your move.

2. Ask Your Company About Relocation Expenses

If youíre moving across the country for work purposes, you might not have to foot the entire bill. Some companies are willing to pay your way to move from coast to coast, while others may split the costs with you.
The worst-case scenario is that theyíll tell you that they wonít cover any relocation expenses, but you wonít know until you ask, and it can save you a chunk of money if your new company agrees.

3. If Itís Dusty, You Donít Need it

When youíre shipping from coast to coast, you want to haul the least amount of your belongings as possible. A good rule to follow is that if the item has collected dust or has not been touched in a year, youíre probably safe to toss it or donate it.

4. Donít Forget About Your Auto Transport Arrangements

While moving your household belongings is first on your mind, you donít want to forget about moving your vehicle, too. You can get your car shipped from coast to coast quickly and economically with a company like DIY Transport.

5. Find Out if Your Move is Tax Deductible

Itís no secret that moving can be a big budget buster. However, if youíre moving from coast to coast for work purposes, you might be able to deduct some or all of your moving expenses. Check with your CPA for more details.

Need an Expert Auto Transporter to Take Your Car Coast-to-Coast?

Whether youíre moving to another coast or one state over, DIY Transport offers expert auto transport services for shipping vehicles. Use our auto transport quote calculator for your free estimate, and get in touch to get booked and on the road.

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