What's The Secret To Finding Cheap Auto Transport Quotes?

One of the negative points that customers see in auto transport is the cost to ship a car. While itís true that shipping a car costs a bit more than mailing a box of chocolates, it doesnít mean that an affordable auto transport quote is out of reach. However, not all car shipping companies can offer affordable auto transport quotes to their customers. Youíll have some digging to do when youíre looking for cheap auto shipping quotes online, and here are a few things to keep in mind: The cost of your auto transport quote has many variables. You wonít receive the same quote for your shipment in July as you will in December. You also wonít receive the same quote for a shipment thatís traveling 800 miles vs. 1,800 miles. This is one of the very basic concepts youíll need to understand when youíre searching for cheap auto transport quotes. When you need cheap auto transport quotes, the first step is to consider shipping a car during the winter. Demand is typically lower during this season, and auto transport companies are competing for your business. However, if you choose to ship a car during the winter, keep in mind that you may experience delays due to weather. Another method of finding cheap auto transport quotes is to consider your shipmentís destination. If youíre looking to save a buck (or maybe even $100 or more), ship to the biggest metro area thatís closest to you. Itís going to cost a lot less to ship to Atlanta, Georgia than a rural area thatís hundreds of miles away. If youíre able to travel to your destination, you can save significant money if you ship to a populated area. Another tip is to schedule your shipment as far in advance as possible. This will help you lock in competitive rates, and give the auto shipping company plenty of time to find an affordable carrier for you. Although auto transport generally isnít cheap, it can save you a lot of time and hassleóand even money if you play your cards right. To learn how much itíll cost to ship a car, use our auto transport quote calculator or call 800-266-2202.

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