The Most Frequently Damaged Items When Moving To A New Home

Summer is in full swing, and many people are planning vacations and getaways over the next few months. If youre someone who is looking for a great seaside spot for a summer vacation, New England offers ample opportunities to spend some quality family time. Furthermore, there are many great places in New England to ship a car that wont cost a ton of money. Here are a few New England hotspots to consider vacationing and shipping a car this year: New Port, Rhode Island Rhode Island might be a tiny state, but it has a lot to offer when youre looking for beautiful ocean views. New Port, Rhode Island is a short 40-minute drive from the capital of Providence. This means that you can have your car shipped to Providence for a low price, and you can simply drive your car to your seaside destination. This will be the best route when you need a car shipped to this community as quickly and affordably as possible. New Port is a popular seaside spot due to its racing yachts, cozy colonial taverns, and Gilded Age mansions. Rockport, Massachusetts If youre in the mood to visit a beautiful fishing village on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, look no further than Rockport. Rockport is located just 1 hour outside of Boston, which is perfect for scoring cheap auto transport quotes for shipping into the city. Once your vehicle is delivered, you can take off to this fishing village with rugged shorelines, hidden coves, and quaint shops. Cape Cod, Massachusetts Cape Cod is a peninsula on the coast of the Atlantic, and serves as one of the most popular summertime destinations in New England. Cape Cod has a population of roughly 215,000, so this is a large enough metro area where you can ship a car during the summer without much issue. You might pay a slightly higher price than if youd ship to a major metro area such as Boston, which has a population of 645,966. Mystic, Connecticut One of the last coastal New England destinations to consider is Mystic, Connecticut. Mystic is half way between New York City and Boston, and its home to the historic town of Mystic Seaport. It also has a very impressive aquarium complete with beluga whales, seals, penguins, and lots of other marine life. The only downside to shipping a car to Mystic is that this is a very small area, with only 4,000 people living in this community. For the cheapest and fastest rates, you might want to consider shipping to Hartford and driving 1 hour to Mystic once you pick up your vehicle. Shipping a Car to New England? Contact DIY Whether youre heading to New England to vacation by the sea or simply enjoy its culture and scenery, DIY Transport can deliver your vehicle to just about any seaside town. Contact us today by calling 800-266-2202.

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