The Beginners Guide To Understanding Auto Transport Services

As an international transportation company, DIY Transport runs millions of routes every year all over the world. Although we pride ourselves in delivering vehicles to nearly any doorstep on the planet, there are some roads that just shouldnít be traveled. This is a list of some of the most dangerous roads in the world, and you probably wonít find many auto transport carriers cruising along these routes: The Himalayan Road The Himalayan Road is located between India and Tibet. Itís dubbed as the highest road in the world and is located at an altitude of 11,578 feet. This road is a highly traveled dirt lane that is a popular pass-through for tour busses, with terror around every corner. Skippers Canyon Road This road is so dangerous that itís countyís car insurances wonít offer coverage on it. Skippers Canyon Road is located in New Zealand and is amazingly beautiful, but donít let the scenery fool you. This road is perched along jagged cliffs, and there is no room to allow any oncoming traffic to pass by your car. Skippers Canyon Road is by far one of the most dangerous roads in New Zealand, and quite possibly the world. Stelvio Pass Stelvio Pass is a high-altitude road in Italy that is designed in a zigzag pattern. Itís 15 miles long and has 180-degree corners with nearly 50 hairpin turns. The road is so dangerous that itís only open from June to September. This is to keep drivers off of the road during the winter, when icy conditions can turn deadly. James Dalton Highway James Dalton Highway is located in Alaska, and itís one of the most icy and dangerous roads in the world. It stretches 414 miles and is primarily used for shipping oil. Trucks are known to wipe out on this road in a matter of seconds, and itís so far out from civilization that you can wait hours for any help to arrive. Death Road The most dangerous road in the world is officially named North Yungas Road, but it has earned its nickname of Death Road. Death Road is located in Bolivia, and itís a 12-foot wide path that wraps around the edge of the Cordillera Oriental Mountain chain. The hot and humid Amazon climate causes heavy rains, fog, mudslides, and tumbling rocks. Itís estimated that 200-300 people are killed on Death Road every year. While DIY Transport prefers to avoid deadly dirt paths and frightening mountain roads, weíll ship vehicles to nearly any place else on the planet. Contact us today to learn more about our international auto shipping and get a quote at 800-266-2202.

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