Shipping A Car To The United Kingdom? Here's What You Need To Know

International auto shipping can be a lengthy process, but itís a convenient way to ship your vehicle to the United Kingdom so you wonít need to worry about transportation. Even though shipping a car to the UK can take a bit of time, the good news is that DIY Transport can help streamline the process and transport your car overseas as quickly as possible. As youíre preparing to ship your car to the UK, here are a few things that youíll want to keep in mind: When you ship a car to the UK, thereís a good chance that your car will be transported via a 20ft or 40ft shipping container. This container will be watertight and resistant to wind, and will keep your vehicle properly protected as itís being transported overseas. Itís not recommended that you ship personal belongings in your car during overseas shipment, but your auto transport broker can give you more information. One of the least expensive options of shipping a car to the UK is by way of roll-on/roll-off. This is another way to transport your car via cargo ship, but this time it is driven onto the boat and left out in the open. Your car will not receive the same protection as it will if you were shipping inside of a container, but this option is more budget friendly. The time that it takes to ship a car from the US to the UK depends a lot on your initial drop off location. If youíre shipping a car from the west coast to the UK, your shipment will take around 30 days. However, if youíre shipping your car from the east coast, itíll take about 3 weeks. Several of the major shipping port destinations include Liverpool, Southampton, Thamesport, and London Galway. These are the big ports in the UK that are serviced by major transportation companies worldwide. If you need to ship a car to the United Kingdom or anywhere else in Europe, DIY can transport your car as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Learn more about how to ship a car to the UK by calling 800-266-2202.

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