Shipping A Car To Puerto Rico? Here's What You Need To Know

Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that considered as a Commonwealth of the United States. Itís known for its lush landscape, tropical rainforests, waterfalls, and white sand beaches. Puerto Rico is a popular destination for those who are looking to go snorkeling, diving, surfing, and sailingóand itís helpful to have a car on hand to transport your sea gear, luggage, and more. This island is located 1,014 miles from Miami, Florida, and itís only accessible by boat or air. If youíre shipping a car to Puerto Rico, it will be a longer and more expensive process than if you were shipping a car within the continental United States. What Transport Companies will Ship a Car to Puerto Rico? The truth is that not many transport companies will handle car shipping to Puerto Rico. This is mostly because these companies arenít equipped and donít have the resources to transport a car overseas. However, DIY Transport can ship a car to nearly anywhere on the planet, and that includes Puerto Rico. How do You Ship a Car to Puerto Rico? Shipping a car to Puerto Rico involves several steps. First, youíll need to contact a company such as DIY Transport for auto transport quotes. Let your representative know that youíre shipping a car to Puerto Rico, and also mention your pickup destination. Youíll also need to give information such as your vehicle make and model. Once youíve secured your auto transport quote to Puerto Rico, the next step is to get your car to a shipping port. You can choose to have an auto transport company ship your car to the port, then transport it via cargo ship to Puerto Rico. The other option is to drive your car to the port yourself, and the transport company will take it overseas. There are several shipping ports around the country where your car can be loaded onto a cargo ship. Where Will You Pick up Your Car? The capital and major port in Puerto Rico is San Juan. San Juan is located on the northern portion of the island and has a population of nearly 390,000 people. This is where the cargo ship will arrive within your window of delivery, and you can pick up your car and ask any questions to the carrier company. Make sure that you inspect your vehicle for any damageówhile itís rare that your vehicle will become damaged during shipping, itís something that you should keep in mind when you pick up your car. Shipping a Car to Puerto Rico? Contact DIY Transport for Your Quote Shipping a car to Puerto Rico has never been easier than with DIY Transport. To learn how much it will cost to ship a car to Puerto Rico, contact us today by calling 800-266-2202.

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