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Sick of Winter? Here's how to Ship a Car to Hawaii in a Nutshell

Blizzards, freezing rain and frigid temperatures make most of us want to pack up and head to The Aloha State-the beautiful island where the weather feels like paradise all year long. Even though Hawaii is very small, you'll still need a car to get around the island. One option is to rent a vehicle, but why rent when you can take your very own car to paradise?

Shipping a car to Hawaii is a bit more complex than shipping a car to the lower 48 states. When you ship a car anywhere else in the US other than Alaska or Hawaii, an open or enclosed carrier will simply transport your car from point A to point B.

But when you're shipping a car to Hawaii, there are several other steps to the process that you'll need to keep in mind.

Step #1: Get Your Free Auto Transport Quote With DIY's Calculator

The first step when you ship a car to Hawaii is to get your free quote. You'll receive a series of bids, where you can select the best fit for your budget.

Step #2: Transportation to The Shipping Port

Once you establish your pickup and delivery dates, you'll need to figure out how you are getting your car to the shipping port. Your port designation will likely be located in Long Beach, California. You can opt to have a carrier pick up your car from your driveway and transport it to Long Beach, or you can drive it yourself-whichever you prefer.

Step #3: Transporting Your Car to Hawaii via Cargo Ship

Once your car arrives at the shipping port, it will be transported to Hawaii by way of cargo ship. Your car may also spend some time in storage until a ship becomes available. Keep in mind that the entire process of shipping a car to Hawaii can take a lot longer than shipping a car to a place such as Florida or New York. This is due to the limited availability of cargo ships, and the extra time that it takes to transport your car to the island by sea.

Ship Your Car to Hawaii With DIY Transport DIY Transport offers auto shipping services to Hawaii, Alaska, and even international destinations. Use our innovative auto shipping quote calculator to get the best auto shipping rates in the industry, or call us at 800-266-2202 today.

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