Car Safety Tips: How To Handle A Tire Blowout

You’re driving down the highway and suddenly, it happens—your tire blows out and you’re swerving to maintain control of your car. A tire blowout is a scary situation for any driver, and the reality is that a blowout can occur at any speed. Even though modern cars are required to have an automatic tire pressure monitoring systems, it doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience a blowout. Here are the few key sights and sounds to watch out for when you’re experiencing a tire blowout: If you’ve never experienced a tire blowout before, you can expect to hear at least one of three sounds: a loud boom, a whooshing noise, or a flapping sound from the deflated tire. The sound that you hear varies depending on your specific situation, but these are the key sounds you can expect to hear during a typical tire blowout. The next thing you’ll want to pay attention to is the feel of your tire blowing out. Your vehicle will begin to pull toward the side of the burst tire. If the front tire blows out, you’ll feel the force while steering your vehicle. If it’s your back tire, you’ll feel it within the seat or body of your car. How Do You Drive Through a Tire Blowout? When you’re experiencing a tire blowout, the National Safety Council recommends some best practices to get through the situation as safely as possible. These practices include: Firmly grip the steering wheel Don’t slam on your brakes Gradually slow down Once you have slowed down to a reasonable speed, pull over to a safe place and turn on your emergency flashers Don’t attempt to exit your vehicle until you’re sure that you’re out of harm’s way. Change your tire if you are in a safe spot—but if you can’t change the tire, call for roadside assistance. If at all possible, don’t attempt to drive long distances on your spare tire. A spare tire is only a temporary fix until you can safely get a new tire on your car. Avoid Tire Blowouts by Shipping Your Car with DIY If you plan to drive your car a considerable distance, you can avoid tire blowouts by shipping your car with DIY Transport. Skip all the hassle of breakdowns and tire tragedies with reliable auto transport. Call today for your free quote at 800-266-2202.

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