Can You Ship An Rv Overseas?

An RV is a large vehicle that creates temporary living quarters for camping and recreational purposes. From national parks to the beautiful landscapes of the northwest, there are endless places around the country to travel with an RV. But what happens when you want to take your love for camping and your RV on an overseas adventure? Just like nearly any other vehicle, DIY Transport can easily ship an RV from the United States to anywhere on the globe. If you dream of exploring Europe or want to take in the scenery of South America, DIY Transport can ship your RV as quickly and cost effectively as possible. So how can you prepare your RV for its journey overseas? Here are a few things to keep in mind before shipping day arrives: Unload Your RV Before Hauling Your RV will be transported overseas by way of cargo ship. Before you bring your RV on board, its important that you unload it of any belongings. Although keeping your RV full of items seems like an easy way to ship what you need overseas, it isnt advised to use this method. RVs are heavy vehicles, and adding extra weight can make the process slower and more expensive for you. This is especially the case when youre looking at the vehicle that will be hauling your RV. Tie and Lock Down Doors and Cabinets Once your RV is emptied, the next step is to tie and lock down anything that can come loose or swing open during transportation. This includes cabinets, doors, refrigerator doors, oven doors, as well as any hanging items. Prepare the Exterior for Shipping One of the last steps youll want to take for preparing your RV to ship overseas is to lock down loose items on the exterior. This includes items such as awnings and pop-ups, and youll also want to be sure that all of the electrical components of your RV are working before you ship out. Need to ship an RV Overseas? Contact us for Your Free Quote Getting your RV overseas is easy with DIY Transport. Contact us today to ship an RV overseas by using our auto transport quote calculator, or call 800-266-2202.

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